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Nigerian Online Chinese Dating Scammers Behind Bars in Malaysia    

By John Abbot
4933 Views | 8 Comments | 9/8/2013 4:56:43 PM

Dirty Rat Nigerian Scammers hit the skids in Malaysia.

What I’m about to comment on has been getting substantial attention on the internet in China, but from what I’ve seen so far, only in Chinese. If you readers have seen English language stories about it please provide links in the comments box. I did some searching for English articles before writing this but found none. One of countless reports on the matter in Chinese can be found here.

It seems that working in conjunction the Malaysian police and Chinese police have arrested a gang of 14 Nigerian scammers who have been making Malaysia there home and have been praying primarily on Chinese women, mostly through online Chinese dating sites. This group has been extremely successful in their criminal efforts, and have brought in millions of dollars at the expense of many, many unfortunate victims who thought they had found their lifemates and instead have found a world of grief. More on that in a minute.

If you have been a member of and/or for any time, and have been paying any attention, then you already know that Malaysia is ripe with internet Scammers, and especially Scammers imported from Nigeria. This is especially true if you’re a Chinese woman member, because it is a topic laid out in our extensive Scammer Stories posted in Chinese to help educate our Chinese ladies to the dangers, since they are the primary targets of these vipers, and it is a frequent topic of discussion both in the Forum and in the comment section of Scammer Prison.

To the best of our knowledge none of our ladies are among the victims of this group, but we can’t be 100% certain of that because it is highly probable that many of the Scammers we have placed in Scammer prison who originate from Malaysia were indeed part of this organization. Sadly, on occasion we have had responses from a lady or two who refuse to believe us that a Scammer is a Scammer, and insist on “standing by their man”. One very prominent instance of this refusal to face reality can be seen here, where one lady chose to very publicly defend her “fiancé” even though he refused to defend himself.

If, by any chance, any of you ladies were victimized by this group, or by any Scammer you met on CLM/ALM for that matter, we’d love for you to report it and tell us the details in order to assist us in further warning all members on how and why they must always remain diligent. We promise that your confidentiality will be maintained.

It should not be assumed that by catching this group of Nigerians in Malaysia the problem has been solved, because they were, in fact, only a very small piece of a very large pie. The number of Nigerian Scammers in Malaysia who continue to practice their trade is estimated by the police to be in the high hundreds, if not thousands. And of course, that is just a small number as compared to the total of Nigerians who are scamming out of Nigeria, Ghana and countless other countries including China and the USA. Of course there are countless Scammers from other countries, notably Ghana and Russia, but Nigerians seem to be taking it to such extremes that it may have become an important component of Nigeria’s GDP (gross domestic product).

They seem to be taking the position that it is their God given right to acquire wealth by defrauding others. It reminds me of the Nigerian fellow who was residing in Guangzhou who was one of the first we had caught and thrown into Scammer Prison. In the process, of course, we had notified everyone he had been in contact with to drop him like the proverbial hot potato. That cost him a lot of potential booty, and he was so shocked that a dating site actually cared, and so incensed at the many hours of “hard work” setting up his scams that was lost, that he took the time to phone us to complain. When I explained that we were not interested in having Scammers on our site he said, angrily, “You can’t do that. This is my income!” (Or words to that effect). My response to that was fairly terse.

For you men out there, who are under the mistaken belief that men are the primary targets of online Scammers, give your heads a very hard collective shake. While overall, probably the genders are equally victimized by Scamming online, in the case of Chinese dating women are by far the more victimized. When I say that, I am talking about those Scammers who haunt all the dating sites pretending to be someone else independently of the sites ownership. The websites that are themselves Scamming their own members, such as and, and others, are focused on scamming whoever they can get their hands on, but we would guess are making more money out of their male victims then the females.

But, here is what is so astonishing about this case in which the Nigerians were nailed for once, if the facts as report to me by my Chinese wife are accurate. The woman who reported them and lead to the Scammers demise will herself very likely be spending a substantial portion of her future tucked away in jail. The reason for that is that she was scammed out of far more money than she herself possessed.

Now please hold onto your seat, lest you fall off of it in shock! It turns out that this woman, without ever having met the man of her dreams in person, nor even having participated in a simple video chat with him, so without actually ever having seen his supposedly white and handsome face except in the photos he posted on his profile, sent off by wire to this charming devil a sum in excess of 9 million Chinese RMB or roughly 1.4 million USD.

It seems that he was having business problems just before coming to see her in China, and needed her aid to get things done that would lead to their glorious marriage and happy, wealthy life forever after. This, of course, is an example of one of the most common scams there is. So, after sending everything she had herself, which was a small portion of the overall gift she gave, she borrowed roughly 4 million RMB against property owned by her parents. When that sum failed to achieve the required results she chose to then defraud her employer of the balance of the prize. Hence the expectation she’ll be doing some serious time in jail herself.

Only when that amount still failed to satisfy her true love’s needs did she begin to smell a rat. When she ultimately came down to reality and realized she had been taken she reported it to the police in China, and given the size of the scam, they chose to get seriously involved and pressured/persuaded the Malaysian police to get involved.

What is even more amazing, again assuming my wife’s reports are accurate, is that by the time the police had completed their investigation they had discovered 2 other Chinese women each of whom had been defrauded out of a great deal more than 9 million RMB. It really goes without saying that the reason Chinese women are the primary targets of these slime is the fact that they are under such intense cultural and familial pressure to marry, and to do so at all costs. You men remember that, when you are being pressured on the second chat to fly to China and marry some lovely Chinese lady and are inclined to jump to the conclusion she must be a Scammer, in fact she is far more likely to be the target of such Scammers, so you should treat her with patience and kindness, not anger and disdain. That doesn’t mean you should not keep your eyes open, but just don’t jump to faulty conclusions.

All I will add is that if you think we are getting carried away with our constant and ongoing nagging about watching out for Scammers, and our reporting them to you relentlessly, think again. Clearly we (meaning all of us; owners, staff and members) need to stand on guard at all times and to do so as publicly as possible, so that, fate be willing, no one will ever suffer such a horrible fate on CLM or ALM as these women of China suffered at the hands of internet dating site Scammers roaming freely on other Chinese dating sites.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2013-09-08 20:01:19 by prana @prana


#2013-09-09 07:05:16 by anonymous7304 @anonymous7304

If a woman has 9 million RMB to toss around so casually...does she really need a man?

#2013-09-10 08:06:02 by musicmugger @musicmugger

First mistake, never trust an African. Scamming originated there, and the authorities couldn't care less. Their anti-scam unit is a waste of time because they do nothing.

#2013-09-10 09:02:40 by musicmugger @musicmugger

Perhaps a nice person could translate this into Chinese.

If you read this information you will be a lot more aware of scammers. There are many things you can do, but being forewarned is best.
The first thing that's a give away. Only one picture, and that is rarely genuine unless they are a fool. some are though, fools I mean. The address is never where they list them self; always try to use the service supplied here to check their email address; sadly if they use a proxy you may never know, but as these people are greedy and cheap, they may not have a good proxy, and it will show them not to be where they say they are. Always demand to see them on cam, but do not think that's always safe. They use videos now, so make them do hand movements when you demand, or hold up a book when you tell them, not when they want to. Some wave their hands a lot to make you think they are doing your bidding. Make them stop. and only do it when you tell them to. These things will determine if they are live. Most scammers, especially the women use models pictures, and will refuse to go on cam, and like the men will run a video of someone else if they do; do not think all African scammers are black, I know white women who are from there doing the same thing, but a lot of the women are actually men using fake pix, and video to con men. Never, never be fooled into sending money, all the bleating about needing a mobile phone to talk to you, and money for plane tickets and visas to come to you, forget it. If they want a mobile phone, tell them you have a spare one you will send them, then listen to them say. OH! They will not allow me to accept a phone from abroad. Plane tickets. Tell them you have a friend in the business and he will arrange for the ticket to be picked up at their local airport, and that it's non transferable. When they know they will not be able to cash it in, and you are not sending money they will squeal like stuck pigs, and act hurt as though you don't trust them; well you don't, until you know they are genuine. Play them at their own game once you have found out they are not genuine, ask them for money and you will go to them, then watch how quickly they disappear. You should not show you are a business owner in your profile, if a person really cares for you he will not care if you are rich or poor, and that applies to ordinary people. Do you really want a gold digger to spend your money, and once gone find he has too? Keep you wealth if you have any to your self.
I have over 400 letter from Russia and Africa in my files with pictures and some that were once working cell phone numbers; I send copies every time to all the anti scam units in operation.
Check out to find out all the tricks used, and a list of the worst culprits, Russia is very high on the list, and there are some idiots in the Philippines who try it, but they are more like beggars compared to the Africans and Russians. The more people who report scammers to the authorities the more action will be taken, but don't be surprised when some countries are not interested, they could well be on the payroll, this is still a very lucrative business.

#2013-09-10 11:23:18 by Helenluo63 @Helenluo63

Thank you, John, for your repeated reminding and warning. You are in deed a kind and responsible owner. We Chinese women are so lucky to have such friends like you. We are proud of you. And I will take your advice to watch out on the way of looking for tue love.

#2013-09-14 18:49:11 by sandy339 @sandy339

haha I like this picture. Whenever I see it, I cann't stop laughing, it is so cool.
yes, it is so great to know some scammer stories here to warn us, I have learned a lot here, thanks.

#2013-09-16 12:24:33 by mariagee18 @mariagee18

mariagee18@ mariagee18

haha.Thank you john and musicmugger, l like your comments about the African scammers..they are the worst human born to earth as l should say..they are not ashame of using the whitemen photos to attract women in the side...yes l agreed with John that mostly scammers are African from Malaysia they are like the cancer multiple living there. So my advised to all our ladies and gentlemen in the dating site by careful..any men or women asking for money are scammers...don't get attracted by their Beauty or Appearance.....thanks

#2013-09-16 16:53:46 by 345 @345

thank you

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