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New Chinese Dating Success Story and Gold Membership Giveaway    

By John Abbot
2385 Views | 7 Comments | 9/14/2015 3:40:31 AM

A Great New ChinaLoveMatch Chinese Dating Success Story!

This blog today is basically about three announcements.  First, another couple has provided us with their CLM Chinese Dating Success Story and it has been posted today.  Second, Barry has awarded his 1 year Gold upgrade and the winner is busy enjoying it now.  See details below…

1. Members zhangsonghui USMCbandito73 have contacted us and provided their Success Story, which is always a real treat for us. Not many of our members who marry come forward and give us their photos and story because of a perception that they will be frowned upon by friends or family for having found each other on a Chinese daating site. Traditionally this has been especially true of the Chinese ladies.

That makes us appreciate it all the more when people to come forward because it is the most important thing we have to help members be strong and persevere in their quest for true love in a cross cultural atmosphere between Chinese or Asian women and Western men.

But in addition to being grateful, we are also extremely happy for all people who meet and develop life long relationships on CLM and ALM, none more so than these two because they have created not just a great relationship, but a great expanded family.  You can read their success story here…

 2. Barry has announced his choice for the best comment made on the content of his Day 22 portion of his My Trip to China blog series.  The member who made the comment did so anonymously but has graciously allowed us to post his username for our members to know who the winner was.

So congratulations go to Saja57 for posting a great comment, and who is now enjoying his 1 year Gold Upgrade thanks to Barry, who won it in our photo contest but did not have a use for it due to his current relationship with Tina. Check out all Barry’s great blogs here… and have a look at Saja57’s award winning comment (as Anonymous13245) here…

When asked for his thoughts Barry had this to say:

“Not many normal dating websites give out free memberships.  It’s somewhat akin to a playboy giving away one of his nice shirts that otherwise he could quite happily wear.  But CLM thank heaven is not a normal dating site.  It’s one that’s unusual in its content; expansive in its outlook; and accommodating to its membership.

"I was fortunate enough to win a free CLM Gold membership but happily I didn’t need it.  It was thus decided to pass it on to a deserving person, someone who wrote the most interesting comment on any of the eight articles pertaining to Day 22 of my China trip blog series.  As it turned out, if I’d had ten prizes to give away, all ten could quite easily have been awarded to different members, such was the gratifying quality of many of the comments made over time.  But a decision had to be made on just one person.  The deserving winner turned out to be Saja57 (Anonymous 13245) who in my eyes showed an admirable mix of empathy and understanding of my ongoing situation in China as it slowly unraveled.  Well done and thank you, my friend!”

Saja57 graciously accepted the prize with these words:

"Please give Barry my thanks for his acknowledgement of my comment and tell him I appreciate his gift of the gold membership. This will encourage me to comment further in the future."

We wish Saja57 the best of success meeting a great Chinese Match with his Gold upgrade and thank him for reading and commenting on the blogs.

We also wish to acknowledge Barry’s generosity in passing on his Gold Upgrade to another member and to point out to everyone that Barry is not only a great blogger, as is evidenced once again by his most recent blog Teaching in China, a Greenhorn’s Perspective, which should be mandatory reading for everyone thinking of going to China to teach English and/or everyone intending to develop a relationship with someone from another culture. Everyone on this site should read this blog.

But don’t forget that Barry is also a great member on CLM and his giving of this prize is just one more piece of evidence of that. 

So, again, congratulations to zhangsonghui USMCbandito73 and to Saja27 and Barry


Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2015-09-14 13:00:37 by melcyan @melcyan

@Barry1 Good to see you make the right choice for best comment on day 22. Like I have said before, it would be a contender for the title of the best first-time comment ever on CLM.
@JohnAbbot Thanks for publishing this latest success story. It is definitely a story that everyone should read.

#2015-09-16 00:15:49 by 1992fiona @1992fiona

dear Barry,is very glad to know you and Tina move on next step. cheer up!

#2015-09-16 17:33:19 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thank you, Fiona.

I have high hopes for the future and am a strong believer that you get out of life, what you put into it.

My very best wishes to you also. (f)

#2015-10-07 14:45:22 by Grace172 @Grace172

haha... Barry is the final winner! Hurrah.....! (clap)(clap)(clap)
I am so happy to hear this good news, Good job, Barry! congratulations!(handshake)
Best wishes to you and your lovely Tina.

#2015-10-08 12:15:43 by Barry1 @Barry1


It is great to hear from you again, Grace.

I have been thinking about you, wondering how you've been going lately. It would be great if you could write a blog article on how your life is going, as I'm sure everyone here would be very interested indeed to learn more about your story of love and romance, both good and bad?

#2015-10-14 08:49:28 by Grace172 @Grace172


Thank you so much for your concerned. I have been working very hard for the minimum living lately. So I haven't had enought time to write. And I don't think that people would like to hear my boring story. If not I would write a book about my love and romance for earning money to live. :P:P
Bye the way, I see the title of your recent series "Teaching in Chine." Even though I still have no time to read it yet, I believe it must be very interesting series. (Barry, a naughty and funny teacher...:D ) I will read it as soon as I am free. We might have a lot of commons too.
Welcome to join our occupation, and I believe the student must like this funny ad kind teacher. I wish you enjoy your life and teaching in China with your love.(f)

#2015-10-16 13:08:45 by Barry1 @Barry1


" I don't think that people would like to hear my boring story"

To the contrary, I feel EVERYONE on this website would love to hear your story, Grace. It would be akin to a breath of fresh air gently wafting its way through the intertwining corridors here, shedding fresh oxygen and - dare I say it? - a sweet perfume where none had previously existed for many decades, maybe since Chairman Mao was still a schoolboy..

"I see the title of your recent series "Teaching in Chine."..... I will read it as soon as I am free. We might have a lot of commons too.....Welcome to join our occupation"

Yes Grace, I believe we do have a lot in common now through our teaching careers. I know you're an extremely conscientious teacher who cares deeply and works very diligently for her students. I respect this greatly and one day I hope to reach your level of ability in these areas.

Teachers I believe in fact are an undervalued segment of society. For often they can have strong influences on the progress and development of their students, through a crucial period of their maturation into adults. I would hate to think how many potentially great people were discouraged or hampered into achieving the very best for themselves through having been saddled with a bunch of so so teachers during their formative teenage years. Teachers who couldn't teach well; teachers who regarded their profession as just another job; teachers who just didn't care. Thankfully, I know you are well above average in all these areas, as far as teaching is concerned.

So from one teacher to another teacher, I salute and congratulate you, Grace, on greatly helping so many students during your career, both in years past and years to come. (y)((clap)(y)(clap)

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