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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Part 6 - Falling in Love 坠入爱河    

By Imi
19977 Views | 93 Comments | 3/13/2014 5:30:18 PM

The last three days were flying way too fast because we were busy shopping. I wanted to buy something for my home, something Chinese.  So, I bought two wooden calligraphies, a small one and a big one. The big one was very expensive, but Lily bargained almost half of the price off. She was good at bargaining.

I remember, when we went to the market, just a few days after my arrival, to buy chicken, fresh eggs and vegetables, she had her own vendors where she bought the nice things from. She told me which of the them were cheap or expensive. It reminded me when I was a child and went with my mother to the market, she did the same. She knew exactly which vendor to go to, to get the nicest, but cheapest things.

When I was at the market with Lily, walking in the mud, stepping on rotten vegetables, jumping over smelly fish heads, I felt homesick a little bit. I missed Hungary, my mother and my childhood. I think that was the moment when I fell in love with China, right there, standing next to her, as the fish head was eyeballing me from the slippery mud, while she was talking to her vendor.

The whole picture reminded me again of my childhood. I began to look at Lily, not just like a Chinese city girl, but a very adroit Chinese woman. She even had her own hand scale in her bag and when she suspected something was not right, she took the scale out and re-measured the weight of the product and showed to the vendor the correct measurement. One day, another buyer saw what she was doing and asked her if she could borrow her scale because she thought she was being cheated by the vendor too.

I was smiling and was proud of her “No one can mess with my woman!”

The last night we ate dinner together. Everybody was there, Mandy who prepared the dinner for us, Sally, Jeff, Lily and me. They all wanted to say good bye to me before my return to Canada. After dinner we talked a little bit and I started to hug, say good bye to everyone and thank them for their hospitality. I shook hands with Jeff and hugged him before I told him to take care of his mother.

They wished me a nice trip and Lily was ready to take me to my hotel.

As we were going down with the elevator to the garage, I saw her being emotional.

“What's wrong Lily?”

“Nothing, just Jeff... I know my son... you hug him and... he cry... almost.”

“That's why you are upset?”


I had gotten close to Jeff; I liked him. He was just a normal kid, if you can say that about a boy who had no father figure in his life. Mandy was his friend, Sally was his teacher and his mother was the person who tried to raise him with her own idea how to raise a boy. A mother can't represent a father figure. That was missing from Jeff's life, a role model, a strong character who would be able to show him how to be a man.

We got to the hotel and Lily came up with me to my room and helped me to pack my bags. When we finished she folded her arms around my neck, I grabbed her tiny waist and lifted her in the air. She wanted to fold her legs around my waist, just like children do with their parents, but half of the way in the movement she stopped. Realizing what she was doing, she stepped back down to the floor.

Our bodies wanted more than just hugging and kissing and holding hands. I didn't really know about her feelings, but my body was yearning for her touch and my hands were burning from desire to touch hers.

We just looked at each other... saying nothing. I was playing with the thought in my head to push her onto my bed, but I was afraid of her getting mad at me. If she was a western woman I would have tried, but I didn't want to lose her because of a wrong move from my part. Instead, we kissed as usual, and she left. I was sad sitting in my room alone. Since Sally told me about Chinese customs and Lily's beliefs, I had been confused about how to behave myself. It would have been better if she didn't say anything. Only tomorrow morning left to try to steal at least one real kiss from her.

We were sitting at her dining table the next morning after breakfast trying to say some last words to each other on her laptop. She picked me up at 6am that morning from my hotel because I had to be at the airport by 8. My plane was leaving at 10.

“Thank you for your hospitality!” I typed.

“Thank you for coming to see me!” she said

“I will miss you!”

“I will miss you too!”

“Take care of yourself and Jeff!”

“I will, you too, take care of yourself and have a safe trip!”

We both felt sad a little. She lowered her head onto the table, she was tired, she said she didn't sleep well last night. I touched her silky hair and stroke her head to make her feel relaxed. Her hair moved as I was playing with it and revealed her neck. I couldn't resist and tasted her skin with a kiss. She stood up, sat on my lap and said “Please, don't!” while looking into my eyes.

We put our heads together and just sat there like this, for a moment. We didn't say anything, but we felt a lot.

Actually, I felt myself like a hungry bear in the cage, someone teasing him with a big jar of honey. Of course, the poor bear was drooling all over the cage. In my case, instead of drooling, I kept feeling butterflies in my stomach whenever she was beside me or, when she put a nice dress on and we went out to eat.

“Poor Imi bear, still has to drool for another 2 hours before a big plane takes his big, hairy bear butt all the way back to Canada”... I was losing my mind. How couldn't I? When she smelled so good sitting on my lap and I wanted to do nothing more, but taste her from the top of her head all the way down to her toes.

Unfortunately, I was stopped by her beliefs and couldn't open the “jar” to satisfy my hunger.

On the way to the airport, both of us were lost in our thoughts. I was trying to concentrate on my trip and she also was getting busy in a few days as well. Jeff, Mandy, her and her ex-husband were travelling to Australia and New Zealand for two weeks during Chinese New Year.

Last October, when they were about to book the tickets, she asked me if she could go with her ex- husband and Jeff to Australia for two weeks. We barely knew each other at that time, but she asked my permission to travel with her ex. She said, she knew that it might hurt me. That's why if I said no, she wouldn't go. I told her, she didn't need to ask my permission, I trusted her and I knew, this was the only time when Jeff's father spent a longer period of time with his son. Last year, they had travelled to Japan during New Year's.

We reached the airport, parked the car and went inside. After checking my bags in, only few minutes left to say good bye.

“Lily, thank you for showing me your life and being with me for my entire trip!”

“Thank you...coming see me!” she said.

“I really enjoyed being with all of you! I will call you when I got home!”

“Take care of yourself...have nice...trip!”

“I will, you too and say good bye to Jeff for me!”

I kissed her on the lips and hugged her tight.

“I like you a lot and I will miss you!” I whispered into her ear.

“Me too”

“Good bye! When you got home, you need to sleep.” I said to her.

“Okay, good bye!”

I went to the line and waited, after a while I looked back and she was still standing there, watching me. I waved at her, she waved me back with a smile.

They checked my passport, got my stamp in it. I went to the place where they had to search me. They asked me to turn, I did so, and saw her still standing there in the lobby looking at me, with her 163cm and 49kg frame she looked to be a tiny Chinese woman, but in my eyes she was bigger than the whole airport.

They finished searching me, I collected my stuff and turned back one more time to look at her. We waved to each other one last time and she disappeared as I started walking towards my boarding gate.

I sat down at the gate, already sending her a message and thanked her for everything again. Suddenly, I lowered my head because I didn't want anybody to see my eyes in full of tears.

I was in love!




最后一个晚上,大家都过来跟我道别,我们一起吃晚饭,Mandy, Sally, Jeff, Lily和我,Mandy下厨。饭后,我们聊了一会,我一一拥抱每个人,感谢她们对我的热情相待。轮到Jeff时,我跟他握手并拥抱,告诉他要照顾好妈妈。




“没什么,只是Jeff… 我了解我的儿子… 你拥抱他… 他哭了… 几乎。”

















“可怜的Imi 熊,再流两个小时的口水吧,飞机一会儿就会把你那毛茸茸的大屁股送回加拿大了。”… 我有些走神,我怎能保持清醒呢,她就坐在我的腿上,她的体香如此清新怡人,此刻我只愿能吻遍她的身体。可是她的信仰阻止了我,我根本不能把蜜罐打开,满足自己的饥饿。

去机场的路上,我俩都沉默着,我在想着我的回程,她马上也要有事情做。Jeff, Mandy, 她,还有她的前夫,过几天也就是中国的春节时,要一起去澳大利亚和新西兰旅行。 早在10月份他们准备订机票时,Lily问我同不同意她和前夫带着Jeff一起去旅行,要知道那时我们的关系才刚刚开始,她却在征询我的同意,她说她觉得可能会伤我的心,所以如果我不同意,她是不会去的。我告诉她真的不要顾虑我,也不用征得我的允许,我信任她,这是一年中Jeff难得的机会和父亲真正在一起。他们去年春节去了日本旅行。


“Lily, 谢谢你,让我了解你的生活,这些日子一直跟我在一起。”














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#2014-03-13 17:46:10 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Imi - if you didn't have all the Chinese women eating out of your hands before this post, you certainly will now. This is amazingly romantic stuff.

My hat is off to you for taking it slow and respectfully with Lily. Lots of men couldn't have been so restrained, but whether or not it worked out for you with Lily, being respectful of a woman's feelings and principles, whether she is Chinese or not, is bound to get a growing relationship off to a better start than pushing her into doing something she is not yet ready to do.

#2014-03-13 19:01:17 by Barry1 @Barry1


In my humble opinion - from the point of view of a normal Western man - I think it would have been entirely appropriate for you and Lily to have made love on the final night of your stay in China.

The fact that Lily let you return home after traveling so far to see her without the relationship being consummated in this way, is disappointing stuff indeed. Outrageous!

I know many Chinese ladies will think I'm some sort of sex starved typical man (which, by the way, I am) for saying this, but I must call it how I see it. Sorry about this to all the ladies. Actually, cancel that - I'm not sorry at all. The truth must out!

Now Imi - I'm going to give you some sorely needed advice.

It's time to DUMP LILY!

Yes, mate - get rid of her.

I can line you up with plenty of more receptive, red blooded ladies, if you but give me the go ahead. No need to thank me, because as a fellow brother, I'll be glad to do this. I feel it's my duty in fact. You've been let down badly - you now need a brother to help put you back on the right road where you belong.

I'll also be happy to meet you in the pub and we'll have a few drinks together. We'll cheerfully yet somewhat soulfully sing a song at full noise that goes something like this,

"Goodbye Lily, goodbye
Goodbye Lily, goodbye
Once an apple of my eye
But all I can say now is
Goodbye Lily, goodbye!"

After six or ten martinis and perhaps a couple of rums, our singing will become even louder and I have a feeling the entire room by then will have joined in, resplendently and joyfully shouting out with us,

"Goodbye Lily, goodbye
Nice to have known you, but
Goodbye Lily, goodbye!"

#2014-03-13 21:18:36 by heziling7727 @heziling7727


#2014-03-13 21:29:54 by hellenwei @hellenwei

nice and romantic story ,(y)

#2014-03-13 22:37:23 by panda2009 @panda2009

Affection and stop at the ceremony.
The soft intestines turn a hundred times, the eyes fill with tears;
Tender and soft as water, lovers' rendezvous as dream;
Long long road, slow slow affectionate...

#2014-03-13 23:45:25 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

I even can guess out who is this Lily on CLM now!

#2014-03-14 00:42:33 by newbeginning @newbeginning

Just read this episode and wanted to comment. Have you seen the movie "A River Runs Through It"? There is a scene in the movie where Brad Pitt's character is fly fishing on the river with brother, the dialog in the movie is his brothers voice narrating the scene. Essentially he describes how Brad Pitt's character places the fly for the fish to bite in the perfect spot, he does so with such fluid, smooth, graceful motions landing the fly just right, the big trout leaps out of the water with the fly in its mouth....he has caught the prize fish in the river, he had used all his skill, knowledge, intuition to catch this fish!!

This was amazing moment in the movie and can apply to real life any situation or life event!

Yes I am a hopeless romantic!

Love the story look forward to the next episode!

#2014-03-14 10:27:55 by kindhonestlady @kindhonestlady

l am waiting to read more bout your article . very interesting of you experience and thank for you share about your story with everyone here. you is good guy l think from your article . wish all best with you .

#2014-03-14 15:40:58 by melcyan @melcyan

Imi, the following words of yours raised questions for me.

“When I was at the market with Lily, walking in the mud, stepping on rotten vegetables, jumping over smelly fish heads, I felt homesick a little bit. I missed Hungary, my mother and my childhood. I think that was the moment when I fell in love with China, right there, standing next to her, as the fish head was eyeballing me from the slippery mud, while she was talking to her vendor."

"his mother was the person who tried to raise him with her own idea how to raise a boy. A mother can't represent a father figure. That was missing from Jeff's life, a role model, a strong character who would be able to show him how to be a man."

I find your story very interesting and very well written. You are a determined, hard working, responsible, sensitive and empathetic man. I suspect your mother was the biggest influence in your life. What was the relationship like between your mother and father? How did this affect you? What was the relationship like between Lilly's parents? How did this affect her? If these questions are too personal then don't answer but I ask them because they are important questions that many people seeking a life partner ignore.

Anyway thank you for writing so well and sharing your personal story.

#2014-03-14 16:31:23 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes

Is Lily a Christian that you were stopped by her beliefs? We definitely should not have sex before marriage, as the Christians? I am always confused that the religious can not make sex before marriage, but why did God put the desires to our nature while He created the humans? How are we going to do that to restrain our desires? I think it is hard to do.

If I have the deep feelings to the guy, I think I could not wait to jump into his bed....instead of pusing him away. I will forget the belief that "no sex before marriage"..Ha-ha. :D

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