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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Part 5- She is Worth Kissing, but She is Not Easily Kissed    

By Imi
8735 Views | 35 Comments | 3/3/2014 4:18:30 PM

Many Chinese women are very slow to surrender that first kiss.

The next morning after my shower Sally called me and said, she was going to pick me up with Lily and after we go for breakfast together. And there it was again, eating so much good food for breakfast, but I liked it. I told them after breakfast though, if I was going to eat like this every morning I would be a fat man soon and Lily wouldn't like me anymore. They both smiled.

“I would like to go today and buy some healthy food for myself. I will still be eating Chinese food, let's say half of the day, and I will eat healthy food the rest of the day.” I suggested to them.

“Chinese foods are healthy” said Sally.

“Yes, I know and I love Chinese dishes, but I know myself, if I like a kind of food, I can hardly stop myself from keep eating them. I am getting old and I need to eat healthy, no one wants to be with a sick old man.”I replied.

“You are not old.”

“Not yet, but I will be in 10-15 years.”

Sally translated everything to Lily and she said,

“You don't like Chinese food!!”

“Lily, of course I like it and I promise, I will eat your food and we'll still be eating out in restaurants, but I need to control myself around food because I want to live a long healthy life. Would you believe me if I told you that I eat seven times a day when I am in Canada and I don't get fat?”I asked them.

“No!” they said. “Seven times?”

“Yes, sometimes eight times.” I said.

“Anyway it's a long talk and I don't want you to get bored by it. I assure you during these two weeks for dinner I will always eat Chinese food with you, not because I have to, I will eat it because I want to. Believe me!”

I didn't think they understood what I wanted to explain to them by healthy eating and living, I saw it on their faces. Anyway, they were going to see it if they didn't understand.

After that day, Lily always picked me up at my hotel in the morning at 8. We didn't go to eat breakfast in restaurants, we went to her home, I prepared my healthy food for myself and she prepared her breakfast for herself. We ate together, after that we cooked together or went to the city with Jeff and visited places. She showed me around in her city.

After a week she spoke a better English with me. If she didn't understand something, we used translator in her laptop or I showed the word to her in my Chinese dictionary. We were getting to know each other  better, day by day. She said I was a good man. She never saw a man who cooked, cleaned and helped around the home like I did.

For me, it was normal. The chemistry between us was growing, but I knew after I talked to Sally that Lily was a Buddhist and nothing was going to happen between us sexually until we got married. She also told me that in public Chinese people, especially Chinese women, don't show their feelings, no hugging and kissing. It was alright with me. In the past, if a girl was too easy I never respected her in a good way. For me as well, I needed time to get to know a girl first, I needed some kind of connection with her mentally and spiritually. It had taken a week or two, but never longer than that. The problem was, I felt a very strong connection between me and Lily, but I had to respect her beliefs. It was very hard for me though, not to touch her hair or hug her, whenever I wanted to. I am a very touchy feeling guy and I like to express my feelings towards my lady, not just in words but in simple, innocent touches. About the hugging and kissing in public, I don't kiss in public either, but I like to hold the hand of my love and being proud of her, when we walk together.

She let me do things like hugging her, not in public, but in her apartment. Every morning, when we arrived to her home, we hugged, I kissed her forehead or her hair, she put her face against my chest and said she felt good and safe there.

After a while she wasn't afraid of holding my hands in front of Jeff either, when we were watching movies together. He didn't care, anyway.

One day I tried to kiss her when I hugged her in the morning, but she pulled away. The next morning she hugged me and put her face against my chest. I kissed her hair, but I didn't even bother to kiss her again on the lips because I knew what the result would be from the previous morning. For my surprise, she looked up at me with her eyes wide open and waited, didn't say anything. I kissed her on the lips , just like you kiss someone on the cheeks. From that day on, she let me do that. I also really loved being with her in the kitchen, helping her preparing the foods, touching her hands, her hair, standing behind her and hug her while I was smelling her black, long hair. Sometimes she looked up at me and we held our gazes.

She was pulling me into her heart if not into her bed, I felt it. I respected her, but the truth was I wanted to be with her very badly. This Chinese woman was stealing my heart.

One day, Lily had to go to her brother's city. The brother who had the car accident. Jeff and I stayed in Shenzhen and spent the day together playing basketball, eating hot pot for lunch and go to see a movie in the afternoon. When we got home, she had been at home for awhile, she looked tired. She must have had a tough day.

“Why don't you take a rest? You look very tired.”

“I need to prepare some food for you and Jeff, I don't have time to rest.”she said.

“I'll tell you what. I will cook something for us and you go and take some rest.”

She looked happy by hearing this and that's what I wanted to see. Giving these small gestures in life, make a relationship stronger. Giving and receiving is a two way street.

“Come with me Jeff, let's cook something for dinner!”

Jeff made the rice while I was busy preparing a Hungarian dish that I really liked because it was easy to prepare and was very delicious. When we were done, I went to the living room where Lily was asleep on the couch.

I watched her face, she was going to turn 36 in a few months but she looked much younger. She looked beautiful. She had never put any make-up on since I told her I didn't really like it. She said, she just put the make-up on because of the photos, in weekdays she never wore any.

No one is perfect, neither was she, I could see on her face she had a tough life, but I believe that if we really love someone, we don't see that person through our eyes, but we see them from our hearts. Hearts don't lie, eyes do. In return, because I asked her not to put make-up on, she asked me to shave off my short beard that I've always had, usually 2-3 days old. I started to shave everyday for her. She appreciated it very much.

I gently touched her face with my fingers to wake her up. She opened her eyes and looked at me with those dark, almost black eyes.

“Dinner's ready, would you like to eat?” I asked her

“Okay...I am sorry...sleep...long.”she said

“No worries, you were tired. Let's go to eat because Jeff is already eating.”

I held her hand in mine and led her to the table. We ate dinner together, although Jeff was almost finished with his plate, when we sat down. He was a fast eater just like me. Sitting at the table like this, I couldn't stop noticing that we looked like a family. They liked my cooking and later when Mandy and Sally stopped by, so did they.

The days were flying by and I was getting restless, I didn't want to return to Canada, but I had to.

Only three days left in my holiday.

5 - 博得香吻一枚 也非易事









“Lily, 我当然喜欢,而且我可以保证我特别喜欢你做的饭,我们也可以去中餐馆吃饭,但我必须控制自己。如果我告诉你我在加拿大一天吃7顿饭却也没有发胖,你相信吗?







我对Lily的感觉日益强烈。但Saly曾经告诉我,Lily信佛,这意味着在我们结婚前不会有性关系或者肌肤相亲。她还说,中国人不习惯当众有亲热的举动,比如拥抱和亲吻。这些我都能接受,我也不喜欢当众跟爱人接吻,在过去,如果交往的女孩子过于随便,我倒觉得不值得尊重。而我也需要先了解一个女孩,希望我们心通意犀,有身体接触最少也得在一两周的约会后。 而现在,当我对Lily有如此强烈的感觉时,却不能抱一抱她,甚至不能抚摸她的秀发,这对我,很难。除了用语言,我喜欢简单地用肢体来传达我的感觉,比如牵着她的手走在一起,会让我很骄傲。



















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#2014-03-03 16:28:19 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Imi - I really admire your writing, but have to say that based on the glowing comments you keep getting from the Chinese ladies due to the romantic overtones of your blogs you are really raising the bar for all us normal "Sad Bastards" here on the site. I am glad I'm already connected, but feel bad for those guys out there still searching. Your very touching stuff is a tough act to follow for a typical online dater. :D

#2014-03-03 20:16:37 by Imi5922 @Imi5922

John - It's really hard for me at this time to reply to your comment without revealing the outcome of my story to the readers. Let me respond to this one at the end of my story!

#2014-03-03 20:45:19 by hellenwei @hellenwei

It is really nice writing , I can't wait part 6

#2014-03-03 21:29:20 by panda2009 @panda2009

@Zoe @Imi
I'm reading Japanese ancient long fiction The Tale of Genji now, Chinese translation by Feng Zikai. l really feel that Zoe's translation of My Love for Lily which has Feng's style. There is no doubt that Zoe is a professional interpreter. I have read lots of romantic works, always enjoy in the writers' excellent expression of affection. It is clear that both author lmi and translator Zoe are all temperament middleman(woman), either English or Chinese wording is very appropriate.

#2014-03-03 21:51:30 by lilywaitingforu @lilywaitingforu

Life is a flower of which love is the honey .
When two eyes meet and hold strongly ,they are bound to meet again .

When I am alone with you
You make me feel like I am once again
When I am alone with you
You make me feel that come home
When I am alone with you
You make me feel younger
When I am alone with you
Let me once again feel the pleasure
This is your such wonderful love story I think .

Wishing every Happiness always be with you !

#2014-03-03 22:09:00 by Jennifercc42 @Jennifercc42


#2014-03-04 09:54:21 by heziling7727 @heziling7727


#2014-03-04 10:37:12 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes


#2014-03-04 13:42:09 by shellnong @shellnong


#2014-03-04 13:53:38 by lydiawen @lydiawen

What means of the "traditional chinese women" ?, here Lily is,"Traditional style", at least so far.
"nothing was going to happen between us sexually until we got married. She also told me that in public Chinese people, especially Chinese women, don't show their feelings, no hugging and kissing. "
Not only in this sex point, but also in the family responsibility.

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