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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Part 15- One Drunk Night 醉酒的晚上    

By Imi
8634 Views | 25 Comments | 6/25/2014 2:03:41 PM

In my dreams I kissed my beautiful Chinese love!

When we got back from the park, I went to take a shower and let them to talk. Sally told everything to her about my plan. After my shower, I asked Lily if she could take me to my hotel, it was late.

All three of us went and when we got there they told us, I had no room there. They saw that I wasn't there and they gave my room to someone else. Finally, after Sally and Lily talked with them, they gave me another room. We went upstairs, but Lily said I can't take that room. It was dirty and there were water damage in the ceiling that smelled bad. We went back to the desk and asked for another room. We went upstairs again, tried to open the door, we couldn't. Lily went down to complain, she came back with another key. That one didn't work either. A staff member saw us struggling to open the door, he came to help us, but his key didn't work either. It was like a comedy, four people were tying to open a door.

I saw Lily and Sally talking about something in Chinese. Sally turned to me and said.

“Lily said if you wanted to stay in her home for these 3 nights until you go back, you could.”

I pretended I was thinking hard about it, but inside I was very happy.

“Thank you! I would love to.” I said finally.

I didn't get any money back from the hotel. Lily and Sally were very upset about it. I didn't care, I just wanted to be with Lily in her home. In the car, they were still mad at the hotel manager and when they finished talking about him, Sally said.

“We are going to pick up some clothes from my apartment and I will stay at Lily's as well, a man can't stay with her alone in her home without a chaperone because of the neighbours and her beliefs. I have thought 10 minutes ago, I was going to live with Lily in her home for 3 days, just like husband and wife, even if, we couldn't do any “naughty” things. It would have been so nice to live with her, cooking together, going to see places, buy some nice dresses for her, alone, just the two of us. Sally's sentence dragged me back to reality. Now, I have to deal not just with her beliefs, but with her neighbours as well. I've always wanted to live my life for myself, not for my neighbours. I traveled to China to find happiness, not asking her neighbours what they would think of if I slept in her home. They should think about their own happiness not what others do. But I had to respect her hospitality and her Chinese culture, it was way better sleeping in her home with a chaperone “watching” us, than in a hotel room alone.

We spent the next day, with Sally. We went out to buy some stuff for Lily's kitchen and I wanted to buy some shirts for myself before my trip. Late afternoon we watched some movies, drinking red wine.

The wine made Lily brave and she talked a lot. Sally helped us sometimes with the translation because I didn't understand everything what she wanted to say in English.

“Imi, what can you give me?” she asked me.

“I am sorry, I don't understand!”

She told Sally what she meant by her question in Chinese.

“Oh, she wants to know what you can give her if you two were married.” Sally said.

“I can give you a comfortable life, a loving husband in myself and a good father to Jeff.” I said.

“I want money because I am a bad woman now, I drink a lot and want lots of money.” she said.

“She is drunk, don't listen to her.” Sally said.

“Lily, when I was here in January, I wanted to give you money for food because practically, I had been living with you for two weeks, but you didn't take it. You got mad at me and said you were not that kind of a woman.” I said.

“Yes, but now I am a bad woman and I like money.”she said with her tipsy look.

“Why do you like money?” I asked her.

“Money makes me happy. If I had lots of money, I would be very happy.”

“So, what I said to you about being a good husband to you and a father to Jeff doesn't make you happy? Why did you change? I liked you better when you were a good woman.”

“That was in the past, now I am bad.”

“When we met, you told me you were looking for a good man. It didn't matter to you back then, if he was rich or poor. You just wanted a good man.”

“Yes, now I want a good, but rich man.” She said.

She was drunk, I could see. I didn't care what she said about herself, I knew she was a good Chinese woman and being a little bit of drunk, talking nonsense, was not going to change that.

Finally she said, “ I like your two year plan, but if I fell in love with someone during that time, the deal is off.” she said.

I didn't like what she said. Basically, I promised her to work for our future from that moment on. I wanted her to be committed to this just like I was. I wasn't going to look for another person during these two years. I wanted the same from her. I guess, she was tired of being alone, and for her another 2 years being alone seemed too long. I had to take my chances on this one.

Everybody was getting ready to go to bed after we finished talking. I washed my teeth and it was Sally's turn to go to the bathroom and do her preparation for the night. I wanted to go into Jeff's room, which was my room at the moment, but Lily stopped me.

“ Good night!” she said coming out of her room looking at me.

She was still drunk, but she was cute being a drunk.

“Have a good night to you as well!” I said.

We had this awkward silence between us for a second. Neither of us knew what to do next. Finally, I stepped closer to give her a kiss on her cheeks, but she went for my lips. Unfortunately, I didn't expect this and I had already kissed her on the cheeks. I looked at her surprisingly. I wanted to kiss this China woman desperately, and I almost lowered my head again to give her a real kiss, but just like in the movies when someone interrupts a couple who are about to kiss, Sally came out from the bathroom.

“Oh, God... why can't you give me a break and let me have her just for one kiss?” I thought.

Unfortunately, the chaperone did her job very well. I laughed at myself inside.









“Imi, 你能给我什么?”她问我。




“我可以给你一个舒适的生活,爱你的丈夫,为Jeff 做一名好父亲。”我回答。





















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#2014-06-25 14:41:14 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I have to say Imi, the way you describe this, you sound like somehow your patience never wears thin. I admire that in some ways, but in this case, it seems to keep getting in the way of your own success.

Beyond a doubt, in this circumstance, without thinking I would have shot Sally a look that said "Get lost! I'm making a break through here!" And Sally, who clearly was on your side, would have willingly gotten lost.

I realize you didn't know it then, but I hope you know it now, that the whole chaperone thing was a ruse just for the neighbours. Sally was not there to keep you apart, she was there just to make the neighbours wonder if you were sleeping with Lily or not. It would cast a doubt in their minds and that would be all that is required to "save face".

No way on earth was Sally was intending to keep you out of Lily's bed. At least that's the way I see it. I would love to hear what


and many other of the Chinese ladies whose names' are escaping me right now have to say about this.

Do you ladies see how easy it can be for a Western man, especially a GOOD Western man whose heart is in the right place, to misunderstand how "saving face" is achieved.

Imi believed what he was told, and that Sally was really there to prevent he and Lily from getting together. She was a true chaperone.

But I am pretty sure she was just there to give Lily a good response if the neighbours should chastise her for sleeping with Imi. If they did she could say that Sally was there so she couldn't possibly sleep with Imi, and that would be all that was required to shut them up and save her face. In fact, Sally was there to make it so that Imi could be there and to help Imi and Lily get together without loss of face to Lily.

Am I right or am I wrong ladies? Please help us poor Western men understand.

@AussieGhump and any other old Chinese hands (meaning those of you who have lived in China for a long time), please wade into this one too.

#2014-06-25 17:05:05 by aussieghump @aussieghump

I must say, we are a little spoiled in the last few weeks with Barry's up-to-the-moment reporting of the direction his posterior is pointing and Imi trying to either gain a new girlfriend or make the whole CLM female universe want to kill Lily for her catch!
So, I am assuming that since Imi has been able to plan his saga in 20 suspense-filled episodes that the events must have happened in the past!

So the challenge of giving ’up to the minute advice’ is a moot point! So is expecting good advice from me when it comes to the art of wooing women...but i’ve got to say that at least I am not as bad at it as Barry and Imi!

Let's call a spade a spade, shall we? When a woman invites you to her home and tells you she is 'bad’, what do you think that means?
Not to mention she has Dutch Courage, and a perfectly legitimate chaperone to report her chasteness to all those who may doubt it!
Come on Imi! Brush your teeth and game-on!

I hope to be reading words to this effect in the next instalment otherwise I am going to quit CLM out of shame of my male brotherhood!

Imi brother, you have the right body...pity you don't seem to know the dance steps!
Horizontal Folk Dancing! Google it! And quickly!

#2014-06-25 21:33:53 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Sally was there to give Lily an alibi as far as nosy neighbours are concerned - end of!

Seems to me that Lily wanted a bit of Imi just as much as Imi wanted a bit of Lily!

In which case, Sally should have gone to her room to watch TV or read a book - put ear-plugs in so that she could not hear Imi and Lily's emotional screaming!

#2014-06-25 21:46:55 by panda2009 @panda2009

My son's school application has a little trouble, so he would continue to learn French in Wuhan after his French A2 examination on early July, and he would still live in the big room as I told in my blog:"Inn? Roomie?". So if my special guest hope to live at my home, I will sleep on the upper bunk, and he will sleep on the lower in my little guest room which I had showed on my blog here. It is fair for Kong. Because he had two guests lived here before. My faith come from my heart...

#2014-06-26 05:01:46 by anonymous10658 @anonymous10658

all as I can say is "OMG"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with John on this should have read the signs lad, if it was any more plain or clear it would have be blinding!!!

I never thought I would ever say this to another man but "you are being too much of a gentleman" and at the time it totally clouded your perception on your situation with her...

Please understand Chinese women are not total prudes...

#2014-06-26 16:18:33 by Grace172 @Grace172

Imi, John,
I have to said till now, I am really tired of Lily. Imi asked her "Why did you change?"
In my opinion, Lily did not change at all. From the beginning till now, she loved money and sex more that anything else. She just hid it very carefully before, she wanted to show Imi that she was a traditional woman who really looked for the true love. But in fact she was not. When people are drunk, they will tell the truth, so I believe what she said "I love money" when she was drunk.

In fact what Lily want was very simple-- marry abroad to have a comfortable life. If Imi want to get her is very simple, he does not need to show her he will be a good father or a good husband, this is not too important to her. What he need to do is just show her two things. First he has money of course, second marry her. Neither Imi is rich but not marry her not Imi wants to marry her but has no money can reach her aim. So this can explain why Lily wanted to have sex with Imi and she had tried to tempt him many times, but she stopped him at last, like she was playing games. She just gave Imi a signal "See, I am a nice and sexy woman, if you want to get my body you have to marry me first." She was really good at using this weapon to catch a man.

Even though Imi told her that he wanted to marry with her, but she did not trust him. She worried that he would disappear after they have intimacy as she was an insecurity woman.

I do not blame Lily by this, because so many foreign playboys do this to the Chinese women. They say the sweet talk to the Chinese women and make them feel that they will marry with them but they are just playing games. These make many Chinese women don't trust men.

Now Imi has no money, he lost the basic condition, he lost her of course. And what Lily said “ I like your two year plan, but if I fell in love with someone during that time, the deal is off.” this proved that she was a very selfish woman, only considered herself but not Imi's. She just treated him as a second string assurance, just in case she could not find a rich man. I really look down on her by this.

I remember there was one comment to Lily posted by a sister before, she said she would not look down on Lily if she dared to tell Imi and others that she loved money and sex only, but she looked down on her not dare to admit that and pretended to be a noble and traditional woman. I agree with her completely. Everyone can have his own aim and his own view of live. I don't think it is shame if you really love money and sex, or if you just want to marry abroad for the better life. For me, true love is much more important than money and sex, but I won't look down on the others who have the opposite thought as long as they are who they are.

In my comment before, I said Lily did not love Imi at all. So now I go through from part 1 to Part 15, I haven't found any sign shows that she loves Imi. Yes, she had good feeling to Imi, but that was not love. I hoped that she would change her mind after Imi showed her his true love and caring, but seemed he failed to make her love him a little bit more.

It makes me feel the story is like this. Imi gave Lily his appassionato true love and caring, and he hoped Lily would return him back the same, but he failed. Lily wanted to get money and sex from Imi, but she failed. It appeared to me that Imi loved a wrong person. My heart was so heavy when I read this story.

As for Sally, I do not want to make any comment to her.

#2014-06-26 17:58:30 by anonymous10662 @anonymous10662

A woman who loves money,if she can just loves a man till forever,if she will really happy for money?

#2014-06-27 00:33:23 by prana @prana

Not every Chinese woman, like the initiative to sacrifice their own "sex".

I did not know at that time, Lily's mood is kind of how.

If it were me, I will also reject that person.

Although I was not the same as Lily purpose.

Lily and Imi having sex, then what they would feel happy happy?

I've seen most of the Chinese men, they and the girls made ​​love, are unwilling to to take responsibility.

Lose out or girls.

So, no matter how much you love a girl, please you not to have sex with her!

Unless you are willing to bear, after that "sexual behavior"

Possible and not possible - all the responsibility!

Do not have an idea like that.


People are doing this thing, no matter where you are, God will know soon.

Thank you!

#2014-06-29 18:02:57 by QinQL @QinQL


I saw that most of you western men on CLM have already known this sensitive issue in China though I’m still surprise you have already known chinese culture very well. Okay, let me have a try to answer what you asked.

I could not help to laugh after I read the words: “Beyond a doubt, in this circumstance, without thinking I would have shot Sally a look that said "Get lost! I'm making a break through here!" And Sally, who clearly was on your side, would have willingly gotten lost. ”, then I guess it might be one of Lily’s ideas as you said “Sally was really there to prevent he and Lily from getting together. She was a true chaperone. ”, the other idea from Lily might be as you knew and @aussieghump also said “a perfectly legitimate chaperone to report her chasteness to all those who may doubt it!”

I’d like to talk one more point about it. I think the key if Sally could be a true chaperone for Lily and lim , even for the neighbours depends on Sally if she is these kind of people who is decent and lives in a basic moral code or not in China. If Sally is decent who enjoys family life with her family, and she always knows how to keep a proper space with male friends when she contacts with them, and she has a job to get income to be able to support her life by herself instead of getting an easier life by just some ways such as serve for male physically, or taking drug, or something like that, then people around her would trust her. Otherwise the neighbours would not, and she also could not become a true chaperone to the neighbours, as you guessed one of cases“Sally was there to make it so that Imi could be there and to help Imi and Lily get together without loss of face to Lily.” One time may be, the second time might be, at last, the neighbours would find you who you are some day. Fortunately, we can see Sally is a nice girl, we could know her some in part 14 “Sally and I went for a walk in Lotus park. Sally was very busy with her work and she had only the weekend off. She said, she made good money that week and she was happy.”. so I think it is the most possible that Sally would be a true chaperone for the neighbours.

As following our country’ development, till now, less and less people have time to take their attentions at the gate of neighboures’. But my colleagues who knew me well and care of me and the apartment where am living is very close the place I am working for. I also feel the neighbours in my home city where my parents living enjoy more the attentions at the gate of neighbours than the city I am living. 2 months ago I visited my mother who happened got a emergency, I was found by my neighbours when I just arrive the gate of my parents’ house before I knocked the door. So, if someone visit me I will have to take more careful about it. I am afraid to lost my face really. Hehe.

How do you feel the answer above ? Do you have any more want to know ? Welcome you John. It is my luck to do somethings for you, and all of you male members. And I know I should improve my english.


当我阅读到你的这段文字,忍不住笑起来:“毫无疑问,在这种情况下,我想都不用想,会瞪Sally一眼,说:‘走开! I'm making a break through here’(我想了想,这句没法按字面意思翻译啊,只能意会了哈,又一次瞎蒙,女同学只得将就我的翻译了:我想和Lily有进一步发展关系。Marrisa,还有班上很多英语好的同学帮我看看,你们有什么不同的翻译?),况且Sally会站在你这边,她会愿意走开的”。 那么我就猜想了这也许是Lily的一个主意, 正如你所说“Sally在那儿就是要当Lily和lim之间的灯泡的”。Lily的另外一个想法,你也知道了,也如@aussieghump所说“Sally可以成为一个完美的合乎情理的澄清Lily清白的人”

我在这里想谈多一个方面。我想Sally是否可以成为Lily和lim之间,甚至邻居的监护者,要看Sally是一个怎样的中国人,她是否正派得体,有一个正确基本的道德观。如果Sally是一位喜欢和家人在一起,享受家庭生活的人,她始终能和她的异性朋友保持一定的距离,她有一个工作,有收入,可以靠自己生活,而不是想着用自己的身体去服务异性而获得一个容易的生活,或者吸毒等,那么她周围的人会相信她。否则邻居们就不会相信她,那么她就不能成为邻居们的监护者,就会有你说的一个情况“Sally 在那儿可以让lim和Lily在一起,又不会让Lily失去面子”。一次可能是的,第二次还可能如此,但总有一天他们会发现你是怎样的人。幸运的是,我们可以看到Sally是一位非常优秀的女孩,我们可以从part 14 那儿看到lim对她的描述:“Sally平时工作很忙,只在周末才能休息,她找到一份很好的工作,薪水不错,可以看出她很快乐”,所以我想Sally是可以很好地充当一名有效的监护人。


#2014-06-29 23:17:52 by xin73 @xin73

Hi Imi,
After reading your love album,I feel you fall in love with a woman who is unreliable.I advise you don't have to waste time on such a woman.Even if she looks looks like a fairy.So what?The so-called fate, is to meet the people who met; the so-called blessing,and is able to share the joys and sorrows of life nice ring.

Do you think this woman be able to share the joys and sorrows with you?If I were a man,I would never temptation by woman's of her appearance,I would rather choose a looks ordinary but her heart really good kind of woman.

A person,no matter how reluctant,do not belong to you,also have to leave.Everyone's life is inevitable of regret, the true happiness, nothing is better than a glass of water,a piece of bread, a bed, and regardless of wind and rain, there are a pair of hands with you Fingers focus.

China has a lot of good woman, and I hope you will soon find a woman who truly loves you.Do not spoil yourself,failed to live up to the years! (muscle)(f)

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