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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Part 13 - Teasing a Hungry Dog - 对一只饿狗的诱惑    

By Imi
5599 Views | 17 Comments | 6/6/2014 2:58:14 AM

Wow, that is an interesting relationship! Is Lily really a cat disguised as a beautiful Chinese woman?

The next morning I woke up in pain. My skin was burning on my back. I looked at it in the mirror and it was very red from the sun. I took a cold shower just to ease the pain. It had helped me only for a few minutes. When Lily woke up, I asked her if she could apply some lotion on it. I was standing before her, half naked ,with my back turned to her as she started applying the lotion onto my skin. It felt good, it really eased the pain. She was finished with my back, stepped in front of me and said,

“Here too.” and started to apply the lotion onto my chest.

My chest looked fine to me, there were no burnings on it. I didn't care though, as long as she wanted to touch me, it was okay with me. The problem was, I began to feel myself like a wild dog that wanted to chase this tiny, Chinese cat around the house and my head acted as the leash that held me back from “biting” her, over and over again, to the point where I wasn't capable of “biting” her anymore. She was killing me with her touch, but I let her to do it because it was a sweet torture, having her fingers on my skin. I saw on her face, she enjoyed it too. At least, I hoped, she did.

Finally, she stopped and she intended to leave the room, but she hesitated for a second, looking at me. This one second hesitation made me realize that she was struggling in her head as well, just like I did. The temptation was lurking all around us when we were alone, but I would have been irresponsible to act on my desire. “Not now!” I wanted to have this lovely Chinese woman in my life as my wife, not just in my bed for a few hours of pleasure.

I had lost her respect for me as a man. I wanted to get her respect back first by giving her the life what she has always wanted.  A family life, with love and respect for each other, with enough money to live a comfortable life. This was my dream and nothing should stop a man from his future. I felt happy because I could think clearly about my situation at that moment and didn't let my body to totally control my mind. I knew, I had to talk to her about my 2 year plan, even though, she asked me not to talk about us. I hoped that there was going to be an opportunity when I would be able to do so.

In the afternoon, we said good bye to Mandy's family in a restaurant where we had our lunch together. We went to Mandy's home and settled in. Her siblings went back to their homes the previous night.

We went out in the evening because Mandy wanted to dance. We went to this big open plaza, where people were dancing, doing martial arts or just walking and talking. Mandy jumped in where people tried to learn some kind of Latin dance, I think it was salsa. Lily, Jeff and I were just watching them. We, guys got bored after a short period of time and Jeff and I started walking around without any aim. We talked about not important things, but suddenly, he said.

“I don't like my mother.”

“Why do you say something like that Jeff?”

“She is always ill-tempered. I like to be with Mandy.”

I felt sorry for him and for his mother as well. If I hadn't lost my money 3 months ago, we could be getting ready for a wedding or collecting the necessary documents for them to move to Canada and they would be much happier. I knew they had problems when I saw them talking in Chinese, even though, I didn't understand them.

Jeff was a teenager now and became rebellious. He was growing up fast and there was nobody to show him the right path. He was like a half full of cup and didn't know how to fill up the rest of his cup. They both needed a strong person in their lives to help them through this difficult period of time. I wished that Lily could see me as a potential candidate for this role again.

“Do you remember What I have written to you in my good bye letter a few months back?” I asked him.

“Not really.”

“Your mother will always be the person, whose love is never going to disappear from your life. She tries to raise you up the best she can without your father. She wants you to be a good man. If she had to, she would die for you. Never forget this! Try to be a good son for her by being a good student and being obedient to her! You will see her mood is going to change and she will be happy again. We have this saying in North America. “Happy wife, happy life.”  In your case, you could say like this,  “Happy mother, happy life.”

“Do you understand ,Jeff?”

“I think so.”

“I know you love Mandy, but Mandy isn't always with you. Your mother will stay at your side forever, no matter what.”

I liked him a lot, I wanted to help him, but it wasn't just my decision.

The next day, in the morning, Mandy and Lily went to the market. They said, they didn't need my help with the groceries and I could stay at home and watch the Olympic Games.

I tried to find out to what country to cheer for. Hungary is a small country with the population of barely reaching 10 million and we are good in kayak and canoe only. Canada is not that good in the summer Olympics, so I decided to cheer for China, my new favourite country with its 5 thousand years old history, its beautiful places, good food, beautiful Chinese women and my wonderful Lily. I fell in love with this country because of what I had discovered here. I watched the women's volleyball, China against Brazil. What a game in five sets! Unfortunately, China lost 3 to 2.

Mandy and Lily got back from the market and went to the kitchen to prepare the lunch. They didn't want my help in there either, so I continued to follow the games. After awhile Lily came to the living room and started to clean. She liked to have a nice and tidy place, didn't matter where she was. When she had to lift something heavier I stood up and helped her, she thanked me  for that with a smile. She began to clean the coffee table in front of my couch. She was wearing a t-shirt that let me to see her bra and cleavage when she bent over to wipe off the table.

Everybody has a good side and a bad side. Since I knew Lily, these two sides inside me had been fighting every time when she was in my presence. Those beautiful full breasts were sitting in her bra, waiting to jump out and give me a heart attack. My heart was pounding so fast, my blood was boiling in my veins. I hadn't been with a woman since I broke up with my girlfriend, 15 months ago. The battle between my good side and my naughty side raged in full force at the moment.

Naughty side: “wow...she is so beautiful, go there and kiss her!”

Good side: “No, you can't do that, she has her beliefs and she will get mad at you.”

Naughty side: “blah,blah... blahblahblah... Shut up, you idiot! If it wasn't for me, we would be still virgins at 43.”

Good side: “She told you that, she just wants to be your friend. Friends don't do these kind of nasty things.”

Naughty side: “Nasty things? Do you even know what we are talking about here?... You don't have a clue, do you?

Good side: “Sure I do. Making love to this beautiful woman.”

Naughty side: “ Making love?... What?... Are you a woman? I want you to go there, grab her like a man, take her into your room and for two hours don't let her out even if she wants to stop you from doing your “nasty” things to her. Can't you see that she is teasing you?”

I knew she was teasing me and I knew she was aware of the situation. Probably, she knew what was going on in my head too. The end of the day, she was only a woman who had lived for 10 years with her son without any male attention and she needed to play this game. She needed to feel that she was still a woman. She wanted to be admired. It was like a plant drinking the first rain after a drought. She was thirsty for my attention, for being desired by me, even if she hurt me by it.

She finished with the table, but I felt that small coffee table wasn't enough to satisfy my own thirst for her body.




下午,跟Mandy的家人道别,我们住到了她的房子里。她的姐妹们已经在前一晚都离开了。晚上我们出去散步,因为Mandy说她想跳舞,来到一个大广场上,很多人在跳舞,在我看来像是军队行进操,Mandy加入另一拨人里,他们在跳一种拉丁舞,我猜是萨尔萨舞。Lily, Jeff和我站在旁边看,我们两个男人不一会就觉得无聊了,开始在周围转悠,也有一搭没一搭地说着话,突然他说,


“Jeff, 为什么这么说?”





“你的生命里永远都会有你妈妈的爱,她独自一人用尽全力来抚养你,必要时,她会为你死,请你记住这个!你也要先从尝试做一个好学生并顺从妈妈开始,看吧,她就会变的高兴起来不会生气。在北美,我们有句话叫 “快乐老婆,快乐生活。”在你的情况,我们可以这样说 “快乐妈妈,快乐生活。”













黑帮:“腌臜事,你知不知道你在说什么?。。。 你这个傻子。”





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#2014-06-06 03:14:33 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

It has become pretty obvious that Lily is of two minds, one mind in her big brain and one in her little brain. And yes, women have little brains too! You women, just ask yourself what your first, overriding thought was when you looked at Imi's photo. Well that thought was from your little brain.

But Imi, when this was happening didn't part of you think this was your golden opportunity to win her over for life? Whatever her motives, she was clearly interested in "making love" to you, and that is frequently one step away from being madly "in love" with you. To me, at this stage you had nothing to lose and everything to gain. At worst, you would have a night or more of passionate lovemaking with a woman you craved and revered. At best you would have won her over in a way that would bind you together forever.

I'm sorry, because maybe I am just opening old wounds over big regrets, depending on how things ultimately worked out, but I think the question needs to be asked - what the hell were you thinking???

This will be cold comfort, but I have made similar mistakes in the past, thinking I was being noble, but really just being dumb. I'm sure most of us have.

#2014-06-06 05:44:57 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Yes, you are right, I might have missed an opportunity, but there was a small detail that I didn't mention in the story and that was since I had arrived to Shenzhen I'd tried to hold her hands like I did before , but she always pulled them away, didn't let me to get close to her.

So for me that meant NO, there would not happen nothing between us physicially.
Yes, hahah...what the hell was I thinking? I've asked the same question so many times. I'd missed the first big opportunity, and what could very well have been the last. :)

#2014-06-06 07:43:58 by anonymous10231 @anonymous10231

man I was laughing so hard at your good side/bad side....she is a big cock tease my friend and she is good at it. You should have nailed her hard.....

Your picture is hilarious!

#2014-06-06 09:03:54 by anonymous10232 @anonymous10232

I forgot to mention in my previous response,

it will be interesting to read the women's comments on your photo, we shall see how many react with their little head....lololol

#2014-06-06 10:14:38 by AnnaHuang20 @AnnaHuang20

Hi! lim
Do you remenber i am your die-hard fan, i wrote a comment for you in part 7, but i just got your answer yesterday, i dont know why, can you explain? and i found you checked my profile many times, why?
This article tell me, you were really hungry, you needed a woman to satisfy you, why you didnt try doing more to lily? even a real kiss, maybe she was waiting. you were really a stupid old dog.
Are you still with Lily? why your profile is invisble? by the way, your picture is so sexy!

#2014-06-06 12:17:08 by fj1383 @fj1383

IMI, I must say your naughty side is 100% right "you idiot", really no offense. After following your amazing story and never commenting on it, I finally decided to do so because I think you're a great guy but you're behaving like an insecure nerdy guy with Lily. Don't you know that too much of your good side will only put you in her friend-only zone?! I know maybe you will say Lily is a traditional woman with moral values and blah blah blah BUT you forget she's still a woman. Sooner or later all of us, men or women, fall into temptation and follow our most basic instincts when it comes to love. So there's nothing wrong at all if you show Lily your naughty side a little bit, believe it or not, this will attract her to you even more. Really IMI, do NOT let your good side control all your moves, why not show Lily a combination of both of your sides, tease her, intrigue her...that is if you're still in touch with her. (y)(clap) I'm just an average 31-yr-old guy who got married to a wonderful Chinese woman few months ago, I caught her by showing her my both sides, my true self. In fact I don't consider myself a great catch at all, I'm not rich, not good-looking, little overweight, grumpy and impolite sometimes but look at you bro! I'd kill to have a body like yours! Anyways, my wife is totally the opposite of me, she's gorgeous, sweet, polite, patient and the list could go on and on. So man up IMI and get results! Sincerely. Fernando.

#2014-06-06 12:39:38 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Thank you for your comment!

I was just browsing old parts and I came upon your comment about reading my story over and over. So I thought you deserve a reply from me being so devoted fan. :)

Yes, I checked your profile as I did with others as well.

Yes I'm an old dog who barks but doesn't bite haha...

Thank you for liking my photo! I can see the guys are not thrilled about it and I'm glad they are not. :)

#2014-06-06 13:48:44 by AnnaHuang20 @AnnaHuang20

Hi, Mr. Anonymous10231
i know why you said lmi's picture is hilarious, because you are jealous, maybe your shape is not good? and why you dont put your photo on comment? your black picture is really hilarious, hahaha:D
i am a woman, i know a man is sexy or not, for a woman's opinion, lim's picture is really sexy

#2014-06-06 14:11:14 by panda2009 @panda2009

Hey Imi
Your great shape must be the accomplishment by hard training. A great man must savage his body, and cultivate his mind. I understand that your gentle feelings to Lily. Don't like Barry, put his hand on Tina's outer thigh in the picture, so as to there is no room of chop and change for Tina.

#2014-06-06 14:50:48 by anonymous10260 @anonymous10260

I've been working out at gym for many years, and seen many sexy men, their long time gym-built bodies, but WOW !!! how could a woman resist the tempation of such a body! I don't understand Lily at all, wasn't she too much a prudent? I bet many women here will love you, Imi.

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