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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Part 12 - I Can't Have Her, but My Eyes Are Happy 我得不得她,可眼睛受到了优待    

By Imi
4643 Views | 14 Comments | 5/26/2014 11:33:54 AM

Beautiful Chinese women at play on the beach are very easy on the eyes.

We woke up late the next morning, It was already 10am when Jeff and I got up and we wanted to go to the beach. He went to the other room to wake her mother and Mandy up, came back and said, Mandy and her mother didn't want to go to the beach because it was too hot and they were afraid of burning their skins. They wanted to go in the evening time. Finally we agreed to go, but they were going to stay in the shades. Jeff was very happy because I promised him I was going to teach him how to swim properly.

Before the beach, we wanted to eat something. Across the street, there was this small eatery, where Jeff wanted to go to. We sat down and ordered. The owner of the place came back with our foods not the waitress who took the orders. She started talking in perfect English to me, after she greeted us. She was a Chinese woman, but she spoke better English than me.

“Where are you from? She asked me.

“From Vancouver.”

“What part of Vancouver?”

I told her what part.

“I know that area. I was born in Vancouver and my sister still lives there with her family.”she said.

“Oh, really? How nice to see you here! I would never have thought I was going to meet with a  Canadian here, in this small town.”I said.

We'd talked for awhile and I found out that she had moved here 2 years ago to open this eatery.

She was a very nice woman and this encounter with her got me thinking.                                                                 

“What are the odds of meeting with a fellow countryman, or I should say woman, 10,000km from home and she is from the same area where I live.

I think, we can thank this to the computer age. When I was a child I had no computer, I had not a lot of things were happening in my life. When I opened my window, I just saw the old lady sweeping the road in front of her house and when her husband came home drunk, she scolded and threatened him with her broom while their dog was barking at the background. That's it! But nowadays, when I open my “window”, I can see the world. The world got smaller because of technology, and just like this nice, Chinese woman who wanted to open an eatery in this small town, she could, but without a computer, she wouldn't be here or I wouldn't be here sitting with the people that I became to love.

One day, I opened my “window” and someone on the other side of the world opened her “window”, I stared into her beautiful eyes, now I am sitting here with her. If we want to find love from somewhere else, some other countries, we can, we just have to be careful. My parents weren't this lucky, they had to choose a life partner from the city where they lived in or maybe from the neighbouring city. Now, the whole world became one city. That is why it's very important to live together peacefully, even if we have different cultures or traditions or beliefs. We have only one city to live in and we don't want to ruin it with our imprudence. We have to learn how to live in peace with our neighbours and find out how to make our city, our world a better place, just like we want to give a better life to our families. We are one family!”

We were finished with our foods and headed to the beach for Jeff's delight.

Jeff really enjoyed himself with me in the water. I was teaching him how to swim properly. He could swim,but wasn't confident enough. The water was warm and enjoyable, but the air was stifling. I couldn't see the sun from the smog, but I felt my skin burning. I forgot to put sunscreen on. Mandy and Lily were sitting in the shades and watching us. I saw them talking and looking at me when I was trying to teach Jeff to swim. I liked the way they looked at me. Especially, Lily with curiosity in her shy glances. Going to the gym for 23 years had finally payed off. I wanted her to look at me like this for the rest of my life. I was 43 already then, but I've always looked younger than my age. Fortunately, my father showed me how not to live my life. My father was an alcoholic and abused my mother, my sister and me. I promised to myself, while he was hitting us, to be totally the opposite man than what he had become because of the alcohol. That's why I don't drink or smoke and try to keep a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. I knew I was in good shape and enjoyed Lily's eyes on me.

We went back to the hotel, but we decided to check out. We went to Mandy's mother's house for one night because the area around the hotel was too noisy at night. They greeted us and were very nice to all of us. After lunch, what they shared with us, we just relaxed. Jeff was playing with Mandy's nephew , they were almost the same age, and I tried to help Mandy to find a nice man on the internet, on an online dating site. After 10 minutes she got bored and left me there in front of the computer. I didn't give up, I continued the search. Suddenly, I felt fingers on my upper arm caressing my skin. It felt very good and I got goosebumps on my arm. It was Lily, sitting on the floor behind me.

“It feels good.”I said.

“Really?”She asked.


She'd stopped doing it right away, but she stayed there watching me. I didn't understand her. I couldn't read her mind or her body language.

We went back to the beach in late afternoon as we planned. Mandy and Lily wore their swimsuits and they looked very sexy. Mandy was wearing a short hot pants and I saw the men were checking her out from the distance. She was still in her prime at the age of 47. Lily was wearing a more conservative swimsuit that looked like a miniskirt and her hair was bond in a ponytail.

There were a lot of people in the beach, unlike earlier this morning, but I couldn't see anybody around me. My eyes only allowed me to see Lily, who was walking in front of me towards the beach with her slender frame and graceful shoulders. Her back was coming into this narrow waist and it was screaming at me “HOLD ME”. Her hips were formed perfectly and they danced from the left to the right....right to the left. They were followed by her beautiful legs, walking in the sand and walking into my memories forever. I was crazy about this beautiful Chinese woman.

When we reached the water, the high tide was coming in with big waves and people were jumping into them. It looked like fun, so Jeff and I decided to go and try ourselves as well. Mandy and Lily stayed behind in shallower waters. We had a very nice time there, I really enjoyed myself with them.

After dinner we watched the London Olympic Games. Mandy loved watching sports, so did I. We cheered for China, of course. We drank a little bit of wine that I brought for them as a present. A white one for Mandy and a red Hungarian wine for Lily. I don't drink, but I drank one glass of red wine with them. I thought, I might never have the opportunity to celebrate with them again. After a while we started to get ready to retire. They gave me a room just to myself and after I brushed my teeth, I heard someone knocking on my door. It was Lily.

“I just wanted to say good night to you.” she said.

“Thank you! Have a great night to you as well!”

I said that, but what I really wanted to do was, pick her up, bring her into my room and make love to her.

Instead, we hugged and kissed each other on the cheeks and said good night.

I started to lose my mind, I knew, I was not strong enough to keep myself from falling in love with her again.

第二天上午10点才醒来,我和Jeff想到海边去。他到另一个房间去叫醒妈妈和Mandy, 出来后说她俩不想去,太阳太毒了,怕晒坏皮肤,想等晚些时间再去。最后还是答应跟我们一起去,不过她们会在阴凉地待着。Jeff很兴奋,因为我答应教他游泳。




















海滩上人很多,我的眼睛像被钉在Lily身上似的根本看不到身边任何其他人,她就走在我前面,优美的肩部和苗条的曲线,好像在朝我喊:“抱住我。”她翘起的臀部在我面前跳舞,从左到右,从右到左。。。 修长的双腿跳跃在沙滩上,也跳跃在我永远的记忆里。我要为这个女人发疯了!








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#2014-05-26 11:44:47 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Things seem to be heating up between Imi and Lily here, and that's likely going to heat up the readers of this series even more, as most seem to agree that Imi would be better off without Lily in his life. However, maybe we're all going to get a surprise.

#2014-05-26 14:55:55 by Grace172 @Grace172

".. ...That's why I don't drink or smoke and try to keep a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. I knew I was in good shape and enjoyed Lily's eyes on me."
Wow, Great, Imi. A strong healthy Brown bear with a kind and soft heart! (y) This is a perfect husband standard that many women dream of. Many female readers will be jealous of Lily in this part. They will agree with John that you would be better off without Lily in your life. Or they may think further that you would be much happier to live with them than with that stupid Lily. (giggle)
Well, As you know most readers of your articles are women, so I think this part would be more attracitve if you changed the photo of the girl's body silhouette to a photo of your own good shape.;)
Looking forward your next part will come soon.(f)

#2014-05-27 19:22:13 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Thanks for your comment Grace! So you think the ladies would be interested to see the Brown Bear's good shape. You know bears are hairy animals so I'm afraid the ladies wouldn't see anything under my fur. :)

But you never know as the summer is getting closer the Brown Bear might take off his winter coat.

#2014-05-27 21:04:03 by loveF @loveF

i read part 12 roughly , i have no comment for the story ,but i am just confused about the difference between "make love to" and " make love with", is the former meaning that " to express his love to someone"? then the latter "make love with" means "to have sex with someone" , they are so different when they are being translated into chinese , this will cause different understanding and viewpoints about what the writer wants to make his readers know, of cause this is not serious but interesting , i don't have good english and i am waiting for learining more by this chance .

#2014-05-28 04:02:47 by anonymous10150 @anonymous10150

oh my oh my oh my!!! She is so skilled at what she is doing to you.........playing you......

she is an evil woman..........

#2014-05-28 16:57:11 by Grace172 @Grace172

haha.. Do you think a hairy Brown bear need wearing winter coat? (giggle)
"You know bears are hairy animals so I'm afraid the ladies wouldn't see anything under my fur."
Your female pandas may want to appreciate the good shape of the brown bear (with fur or course), I don't think they would like to see a picture of a bear without fur except your Lily. (giggle) A bear with nohair, Yuck! It must look like a seal but not like a bear. (giggle)
Most pandas here are looking for the serious relationship with decent bears but not the dirty and naked seals. :P
Bye the way, some pandas mentioned this in the forum they wondered why you appear your profile as invisible since they wanted to contact with you. I know this is your business, I shouldn't quesiont you this. I just want you prove my point that how popular you are! (y)

"She is so skilled at what she is doing to you.........playing you...... "
Why I have the same feeling as yours when I read this part.
"Suddenly, I felt fingers on my upper arm caressing my skin. It felt very good and I got goosebumps on my arm. It was Lily, sitting on the floor behind me."
She insisted to keep general friendship with Imi, but her action to him was telling him that she want more then friendship from him. Not a decent honest woman would do that.
I wonn't respect such kind of woman. You should be honest to your heart, if you feel love and you want to be love, just say it and do it. If you don't just tell him and leave him away or keep distance. Pleas don't reject a man's love while you are tempting a man. Act like a playgirl! |(

#2014-05-28 17:15:16 by Grace172 @Grace172

make love to 和make love with应该都有做爱的意思吧。通常听得较多的是make love to sb. ‘向某人求爱’,或‘和某人做爱’的意思。具体区别不是很清楚。我自己认为 to是带有方向性的,而with是双方的。就像talk to sb. 和talk with sb. 的区别不大。talk to可能意思更注重去跟某人谈。如,I am going to talk to your parent. 我要跟你父母好好谈谈。(暗指主要是我去给你父母去谈这件事。)talk with 注重是说上方互相交谈吧。如,She is talking with a parent. 她正在和一个家长交谈。(你一句,我一句)

#2014-05-28 22:35:43 by loveF @loveF


我似乎在哪里看到过,make love to是向某人表达爱情的意思,比方说送个花啊,搞个浪漫啊···而with似乎就是一种活动啦。现在我又搞不清楚了,期待着1、英语高手们的赐教。2、作者本人出来说说。他生活在英语国家,对这个会更明白吧,特别是关系到,他当时对Lily到底是怎样一种感情。哈哈,我们倒上茶水坐等他发话了。

#2014-05-29 11:52:06 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


When we use the expression "making love" it always comes with "to" . We don't say I'd like to make love with you. We say I'd like to make love to you.

We use "with" when we say I'd like to have sex with you.

Now, there is a difference between the two expressions.

We make love to someone who can satisfy us eternally and soulfully.

We have sex with someone who can satisfy us only physically.

My English is not that good though to give you a profound explanation. I'm not a linguist, I'm sorry!

#2014-05-29 21:32:22 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Well Grace there is a reason why I made my profile invisible.

The Brown Bear is not that smart to keep a lot of informations in his head. One Panda is more than enough for him to play with. If the Panda doesn't want to play with him anymore then he still can return to find a new playmate. :)

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