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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Part 11 - In China Again 又到中国    

By Imi
11754 Views | 45 Comments | 5/14/2014 8:43:43 AM
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#2014-05-16 15:38:35 by Barry1 @Barry1


"that is the strangest post you have ever made"

Wow, I take this as an enormous compliment, Anon10080. Because I love making strange posts, to either inflame people or annoy them. Anything - as long as I'm not considered boring!

You also said,

"you are either extremely angry at Lily or think Imi was played by Lily and are mocking the whole scenario"

With great respect, you're wrong on both counts.

I simply used some "poetic licence" to write a few words of hopeful entertainment. Exercising my imagination. You know what they say - either use it or lose it. And the day I cease to be able to imagine wonderful vistas and interesting scenarios in front of me, will be a sad day indeed.

Thus there was no ulterior motive whatsoever. I'm neither annoyed at Lily's actions nor at Imi's considerable writing skills. And I'm certainly not mocking the situation. To the contrary, I hoped to augment the scene, add some vibrancy and colour to it - and definitely not criticise nor mock it.

#2014-05-16 15:55:29 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Be nice, Barry! Be nice, please"

I thought I was being nice, Grace? My aim was to help create a little more interest and piquancy in the unfolding story? A little bit of added flavoursome spice?

You also said,

"Your "great work" just waste your time"

Sorry Grace but again, I beg to differ.

My words exercised my imagination. Just as Imi mentioned he enjoyed writing his "big koala" story, I also enjoyed writing this. So it was certainly not wasted time, I feel. And if anyone felt this way, they didn't have to read it. They could've simply jumped to the next comment in the queue, passing my one by.

You mentioned,

"How about you write your own romantic story with your own "Lily""

This is a good idea, thanks Grace. I have an intuitive and vaguely unsettling feeling though that - just like Imi - my story won't necessarily have a fairytale ending. My friend Paul has also told me privately he has a "bad feeling" about it all, when I described to him the overall situation.

You see, my lady friend chats to TWO men every day. Who will she end up choosing? The gentleman that has told her that he loves her? Or me (who has NEVER told her this)?

If worst comes to worst though, I'm sure I'll have a good time running away from the lady monkeys at the top of Mt Emei. They apparently like to chase people for food scraps and tourists are advised to please carry a protective stick with them, just in case! :D

#2014-05-16 16:29:13 by Grace172 @Grace172

"Anyway, I'm just a foggy man and I will never understand a woman's mind completely. When it comes to Chinese women I'm totally clueless." (giggle)
Hey, foggy man, you are not the only one live in fog when you being with Chinese women. I think many Chinese people are also in bewildered or confusing while they are talking with foreigners.
The different language, different culture, different life background and the ways of thought difference make us confuse each other often. And this makes so many jokes.
A foreign teacher told me his story about the Chinese character "方便". He was learning Chinese in Zhongshan university at that time. One day, he asked one of his classmate where his seatmate was. His classmate wrote him a note in Chinese "他去方便了。" He asked "What does '方便' mean?" Then he got the reply, it meant 'to the rest room.' Ok, he got it.
One night, at the end of chatting with his Chinese girl friend on QQ, he typed her question in Chinese "我们什么时候再交谈?" (means, When should we chat again?) His girl friend replied him "我现在不知道,等我方便的时候再谈。" (means, I am not sure now, I will chat with you when I am convenience) He was confuse at once and thought "Why my girl friend want to chat with me only when she goes to the rest room?"(wasntme)(wasntme)(wasntme)
When he told me this story, I LMTO (laughed my tear out). (rofl)(rofl)(rofl)
There are so many such jokes, for example about the word "bathroom". I do not tell this story here becaue I bet many people have heard it. ]:)

一头雾水的你,不是你一个人会云里雾里。 我想当我们和外国人沟通的时候,很多中国人也是一头雾水的。
我有个外籍老师告诉我他在中山大学学中文的时候闹的一次笑话。有一天他问他的同学他的同桌去哪里呢? 他的同学写中文回答他“他去方便了。”他问“方便”是什么意思啊?得到的回答 “方便就是去上厕所的意思”噢,他明白了。
有个晚上,当他和他的中国女友在QQ上谈话快结束的时候,他写中文问“我们什么时候再交谈?”他的女友回复他“我现在还不知道,等我方便的时候再谈。" 他一下子懵了。心里直打鼓:“我的女友为什么只在上厕所的时候才和我交谈呢?”当他告诉我这个故事的时候我笑得眼泪都流出来了。

#2014-05-17 00:12:23 by QinQL @QinQL

@Grace172, @melcyan, @99moonriver,@Zoe,@anonymous10080

Hahah, 从你们精彩的解释和翻译里,我也学会了hot单词的另一个意思。看来,以后只要看过这篇博客和评论的中国美女们都不会再有类似的Lily式的错误了。



Hahah, I have learned there is another meaning of the word “hot” after I read your wonderful explanation. I believe the chinese ladies who have read this part of the blog and it’s comments would not make the Lily’s style mistake again.

Might I be allowed to say, this time most of us here understand the both even by the misapprehension from Lily’s English sentense?

I have learned from it. Thank you very much!

#2014-05-17 15:01:26 by melcyan @melcyan

"There are so many such jokes, for example about the word "bathroom". I do not tell this story here becaue I bet many people have heard it."
I would love to hear these jokes. Maybe you could start a forum thread for them?

#2014-05-18 00:01:37 by Nora1216 @Nora1216


Hi John,

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#2014-05-18 12:19:05 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Nora1216 - is in now way an International Marriage Broker. We are an International Dating Platform on which people may introduce themselves and meet in hopes of forming a long term relationship. This is very important.

Whereas a Marriage Broker accepts a fee (usually $20,000 USD or more) to bring together two people to marry, they frequently have never met physically and the male is paying the fee to obtain a wife who may or may not even be committed to the marriage. This is where the term "mail order brides" originates, and it can be a cause for rejection of a Visa application.

Immigration departments will frequently request your records of meeting and chatting on our site as proof that your marriage wasn't brokered, and whenever requested from us we're more than happy to comply.

To be 100% clear your answer to the questions "Is CLM an International Marriage Broker?" is a resounding NO!!!

And you can write me at and placing Attn: John Abbot in the subject (title) line.

#2014-05-18 22:16:52 by lilywaitingforu @lilywaitingforu

@Grace172 .

谢谢你的赞美,我独自抚养我儿子十多年,同样有着许多不堪回首的往事......但是我很庆幸感谢老天的眷顾,无论我经历过怎样艰辛的生活,似乎岁月没有在我脸上身上留下痕迹,我要感恩 !

我非常相信作者的爱是真诚的,我只是对他的努力感到不值,他不该对他的女主人公抱有幻想,对于那样一个“无情无义” 的女人,他的任何努力都是徒劳的 !!!

被你的幸福所感染,我想我们的幸福还会远吗 ?

Best wishes to you forever !!!:)

#2014-05-19 22:29:48 by Imi5922 @Imi5922



Very good observation from your part Grace. I agree with you Lilywaitingforu is a very beautiful mature woman and so are you Grace. You both could shed 10 years off of your age easily if not 15. I can see the wisdom and experience in women's eyes over 40 that I can't detect in the the younger generations.

But I've always had this weakness for older women. When I was very young 23 only a young poppy, I had a girlfriend who was 16 years older than me and showed me what a mature woman means with a sexy body and mature wonderful mind.

I might need to start thinking about my new story entitled "Lily is Waiting for You" :)

#2014-05-19 23:41:12 by loveF @loveF





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