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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Part 11 - In China Again 又到中国    

By Imi
11755 Views | 45 Comments | 5/14/2014 8:43:43 AM
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#2014-05-15 17:07:31 by Grace172 @Grace172

Yes, you said that was what I mean. I also quesioned for this. Many Chinese Ladies did not meat "Hot" to sexy, but theForeign Men did. For example, One day, when I finished my lesson in a hot and muggy class room, I said to the foreign teacher, "I'm so hot." He replied me with a smile "Yes, you are always hot." God, I understand what he meant at one. (blush)
你说的和我的意思一样。我也有同样的疑问。其实很多中国女性说“hot”这个词没有带“性感”的意思。但很多外籍男士会认为你说“hot”就是“性感”的意思。譬如,有一天,我在一个闷热的课室上完课,我跟外教说,“I'm so hot” (我很热) 他马上笑着说“Yes, you are alway hot”(是的,你总是那么性感)我马上明白他的意思。(blush)
So Imi, That means you are not sure what was the "hot" she meant to you now. But at that time you thought she meant "sexy", I think maybe she was just care about you when she saw you were hot in the kitchen, but you misundertood her meaning. She shouldn't got blame for this. I think the translator was hard to understand your meaning, so she translated this sentence diredtly "你现在很性感”. This may cause the Chinese readers misunderstand that Lily was tempting you. I think this is not fair for her without making sure what she meant in this part.
那么,Imi, 你现在是不能确定当时Lily跟你说“hot”这个词就是“性感”的意思了。但那个时候你可能误会了她的意思了,对吧?如果是这样,她是不应该受到谴责的。但中文的翻译很难摸准你的意思,所以直接翻译成她说“你现在很性感。”这样会引起一些中国读者的误会,以为Lily在勾引你。所以在这里我认为在没弄明白她的“hot"这个词的用意前对她的指责有点有不不公平啦。:P

#2014-05-15 19:59:52 by Enyaluo1977 @Enyaluo1977

I hope Imi is busy and does not have time to fly to Australia to kill you!(rofl)

#2014-05-15 20:35:09 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Your imagination is worse then mine - haha

#2014-05-15 22:54:19 by Grace172 @Grace172

这么漂亮的美人,而且也叫Lily, 真让人胡思乱猜不会是故事里的女主人翁出来说话了吧?(think)

#2014-05-16 05:10:25 by anonymous10080 @anonymous10080

Imi, she definitely was only commenting that you appeared to be hot from the heat of kitchen.

Barry....that is the strangest post you have ever are either extremely angry at Lily or think Imi was played by Lily and are mocking the whole scenario lol

#2014-05-16 11:17:22 by Grace172 @Grace172

Hey, Be nice, Barry! Be nice, please. :)
I bet Imi and most readers would not appreicate your rewritting his story in this way. Your "great work" just waste your time even though we know you are a great writer and you wrote it so funny. (puke)
How about you write your own romantic story with your own "Lily" after you visit here in May. We are looking forward it.
Best wishes! (f)

#2014-05-16 13:10:23 by lilywaitingforu @lilywaitingforu

Dear Grace172 . Have a nice day .
Thanks so muh for your praise . I'd really appreciated it .
You are so beautiful too .
But I am not that luck lily ...

我一直在关注着你,非常欣赏你的睿智才华干练大度包容善良耿直热忱且温柔体贴,当然还有J42 , LoveF......很多优秀的充满智慧魅力无穷的WOMEN .向你们学习。
希望在分享你们的甜蜜快乐的同时树立信心并从你们的经验中得到启发和借鉴从而把好运带给大家 !
Good luck to everybody again !
Thank you !!!

#2014-05-16 14:31:17 by Grace172 @Grace172

"@Barry1 Your imagination is worse then mine - haha "
Really? How about you show us your imagination? Let's see whoes imaginaion is worse between a "mighty kangaroo" and a" mighty kaala" ;)
You do not post your funny articles for long. We miss it. I understand you are very busy with your perfect beautiful "Lily". But I still hope you can take a little time to post your funny story to amuse us. Thanks!:)

#2014-05-16 15:29:29 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I hope Imi is busy and does not have time to fly to Australia to kill you!"

Thanks for this Enya but I doubt that Imi could catch me if he came here. You see, for months now I've been in training for my imminent China trip and I feel in peak physical condition. So if I saw Imi approaching, I'd RUN away so fast that he'd have no hope whatsoever of grabbing me. I'd be like a wet and slippery eel that he couldn't catch let alone hold!

So if Imi reads this, maybe I've saved him a wasted trip to Australia. :)


"Your imagination is worse then mine"

Thanks Paul, but given your history on this site, somehow I think you're the KING of imaginative writing. I enjoy your blog articles immensely for this reason. (y)

#2014-05-16 15:29:43 by Grace172 @Grace172

I think Barry has got the "Pre Marital Anxiety Syndrome". Because he is going to Sichuan to meet his prospective wife "Lily" in a few days. It seems he is so excited and nervous that he gets delirium.(giggle)
According to this, I hope Imi will forgive him and would not kill him, if not Barry's "Lily"woud be very sad. (u)

Thank you so much for your nice compliment. Wow! your compliment is so wonderful that I think it is only for the graceful Angel, not for me. I am not that perfect even though I used to try hard to be. But I now enjoy being an imperfect woman so that my life will be more easier.
Out of curiosity, I viewed your profile. Wow...You are so pretty and attractive with good shape. How can you keep so young in your age? Great! (y)
Your comments to Imi was correct. I agree with you most. But I have to said I really admire Imi's insistence of love. No one knows if your dream will come true or not if you insist trying hard to chase it. But if you give up, then it must has no result. Lily seems loves money more than Imi.(that is the reason I do not like her) But maybe she will change and grow her feeling to Imi after Imi's insist caring about her with his true love.
I wish the miracle will happen next.

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