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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Part 11 - In China Again 又到中国    

By Imi
11655 Views | 45 Comments | 5/14/2014 8:43:43 AM

Back to Shenzhen, China, again, but what lies ahead?

Mandy, Jeff and Lily were waiting for me at the airport. I came only for eight days because I had to return to Vancouver for that big job my contractor talked about. The plan was to stay one night in Shenzhen and the next day to travel to Mandy's hometown for 3-4 days. After that, come back to Shenzhen to get ready for my return to Canada.

I saw Jeff first, he was walking towards me hurriedly. I haven't seen him for 7 months and I could see, he was almost as tall as me.

“Hi Jeff, how are you?” we shook hands and hugged like men do.

“I am fine, thank you, how about you?”

“I am fine too, thanks.”

I greeted Mandy and Lily with a hug, they wore shorts and looked like sisters. Mandy at age 47 still looked like a 37 year old woman. That is one thing I like about Chinese women, they still want to be sexy for their men, no matter how old they are and they keep themselves in very good shape.

Lily stepped back and let Mandy and Jeff to be closer to me, she tried to keep a little bit of distance between us.

We headed to the doors that led us to the the parking lot, we stepped outside and I felt a heavy pressure settling on my body. It was 10 pm, but the heat was just unbearable. It must have been something like 38-40 plus humidity. I had never experienced this kind of heat before.

Luckily, her car had air condition built in. We went to my hotel and I checked in. I booked my hotel room for 7 nights because we were not sure for how long we were going to stay in Yangjiang. I knew that we were going to sleep in Mandy's home, So I didn't have to book a hotel room there.

They came up to my hotel room and I gave them the presents I brought for them. I talked on the phone with Sally just to say “hi” to her, she's been busy with her job lately. Lily prepared tea for me and they left.

After we broke up, I had never thought that I would be here again in the same hotel. The feeling was different though. I was full of hopes about my future in January, but 7 months passed by and I knew that her feelings for me had changed, but just seeing her one more time made me happy. I knew though, I needed to keep my head clear and not fall for her. I needed to keep the distance between us.

“We are just friends.” I whispered as I was taking a shower.

The next morning Lily picked me up at my hotel at 8. We went to buy some ingredients to prepare something for lunch and for the trip.

We parked her car in the garage at her building and my memories started coming back to me way too fast. We stepped inside the elevator to go to her unit and I felt the same smell just like when I was here  at the first time. Every place has it's own smell. Vancouver has it's own unique smell with the combination of the salty ocean air and pine tree mix. My mother's house still has the smell that I felt when I was a child. What I smelled at that moment standing next to her in the elevator was the smell of her building, the same smell from January. My memories were rushing back to me. I looked at her, checking herself in the elevator mirror, took a deep breath and I was surrounded by all of the happy feelings that I felt when I was there. I was losing my mind again. Previous night, I had just promised to myself to be strong and not let my feelings overwhelm me.

“Why can't I be a strong man around this woman? What is it that's so special about her?” I couldn't answer to my questions. I was afraid of not being strong enough to keep my distance from her and with that I was going to hurt myself and her.

Mandy and Jeff were still asleep, we decided that I was going to prepare the food for us because Lily wanted to talk to a garage to check her car before the trip, just to make sure everything was alright.

I wanted to prepare the same food that I prepared in January and they really liked. When she finished the conversation with the garage, she came into the kitchen and stood next to me, watching me how I cut the vegetables. After a minute or two , she said.

“You look hot when you cook.” Just like that, without any prelude. I felt the butterflies in my stomach again.

“You always look hot.” I replied

We smiled at each other and she left me there in the kitchen.

“Is she playing with me or what?” I didn't understand her.

When everybody was ready to leave Shenzhen, it was late afternoon. We reached Yangjiang around 9pm. We ate something in a restaurant and Mandy said her brother found us a hotel for free. “He knows the owner and we don't have to pay.” She told me, we couldn't go to her home right away because her other siblings were still there. We could go there in two days. Mandy didn't use her home here in Yangjiang, since she lived in Shenzhen. Her siblings used it sometimes when they came to the beach.

We got two rooms in the hotel, one for them, girls, and one for Jeff and me. It was already midnight when we finally settled in, but everybody was still on the streets and having fun. We couldn't sleep. Finally, everything quieted down around 5am and we could fall asleep.

Mandy, Jeff 和Lily在机场等我。























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#2014-05-14 08:49:58 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Wow! This series always draws a lot of comments, especially from the Chinese women, and there's a great deal of disagreement among those readers as to the truth about Lily. But I've got a sense that the fur might really fly after this article.

#2014-05-14 11:28:58 by Jennifercc42 @Jennifercc42

Confused, confused, So So confusion.

Pray for THE CLM or LMI.One-time finish it. please!(headbang)(headbang)(headbang)

#2014-05-14 12:35:01 by xiangrikuiriji @xiangrikuiriji


#2014-05-14 14:12:00 by melcyan @melcyan

The sudden change in the way Lily speaks is a surprise. Did she mean to say "hot" in the way Imi heard it? About a month before my relationship started with my Chinese partner she said to me " You are a hot man".(to be more accurate with the sound - you're hotta man) I loved the sound of those words but we were dancing and I knew that she was talking about the temperature of my hand being much greater than the temperature of her hand. When I explained what her words would normally mean her face went red.

#2014-05-14 16:54:45 by Grace172 @Grace172

Lily said to you “You look hot when you cook.” The translation here “你现在看起来很性感。”(means "You look sexy now.)
I am not sure what did the word of "hot" she meant at that moment. Because you said Lily's English was not too good. And according to the weather was very hot when you arrived there as you mentionted. So I want to clear was it possible the that because Lily saw you were sweating while you were cooking in the kitcher, she wanted to say "You are hot when you are cooking" but saying "You look hot when you cook" by mistake?
If you were not sweating and there was cool enought in the kitchen at that time, then she might really meant that you look sexy while you were cooking. When she said that you look hot when you cook. like you I would feel surprised at her sudden compliment.

#2014-05-14 17:32:06 by Barry1 @Barry1

“We are just friends.” I whispered as I was taking a shower.

I knew I had to keep repeating this to myself again and again, as I didn't want to fall head over heels in love once more with my beautiful Chinese lady.

But suddenly, the shower curtain opened and there stood Lily, no clothes on and looking oh, so sublime. My jaw dropped in surprise as she quickly slipped into the shower with me, our wet, naked bodies pressed tightly together, trembling and excited.

"Oh Lily, you don't know how much I've been longing for this moment to occur", I whispered into her ear.

"Shh", she murmured back to me, "Shh..... Let us just enjoy the moment."

I didn't know what to do. At once, my heart suddenly began racing, my nerves tingling. I felt how every man over time immemorial must've felt in the presence of his most cherished lady.

"I want you to make love to me", Lily purred. "I've wanted this ever since I first met you and these past seven months have been so terrible without you. I'm sorry, I shoud've been more open with you earlier, but our separation has given me time to know my true feelings about you".

"But Lily", I replied in astonishment, "I wasn't counting on this to happen so soon. Are you sure you're ready, my love?"

"Yes, yes" she responded, "Take me, my big man. Take me!"

At this, I reached down and swept Lily off her feet, carrying her in my arms across to the bed.

"I hope they don't mind wet sheets here!" I nervously joked to her. Our bodies were still dripping from the shower. Lily smiled up at me, looking the most radiant that I'd ever seen her before.

If the truth be known, I was extremely anxious about what was about to occur. It was just such a surprise! My mind was buzzing almost as fast as my heart was busily palpitating.

Would Lily still want me in the morning?
Did this mean that after all we'd been through, she actually loved me?
What would happen if Mandy or Jeff walked in right now, as I'd forgotten to lock the door?

These and a thousand other thoughts were rushing through my mind, cascading into each other such that I was almost paralysed with fear.

"Darling, darling", Lily said, "Please don't be afraid. I want you, I need you. And I know you want me too, my wonderful lover", she smiled so sweetly and suggestively at me. She must've sensed the momentary indecision within my frenetic mind.

I climbed onto the bed with dear Lily, quivering with anticipation and excitement. I could just barely contain myself, the thought of our soon to be writhing bodies made me almost faint with overflowing passion, yet mixed with a triumphant elation at what was at last occurring.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

The shouts were getting louder.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

I shook my head and groggily opened my eyes. It was Jeff, standing there with a big smile on his face.

"Oh no!" I could hardly believe it. I was alone in the bed! A world of disappointment crashed heavily around me, akin to a large, high pressure balloon that had suddenly been pricked. Oh, the pain of it all!

"I think you were busily dreaming!" Jeff said, beaming innocently at me.

"It must've been a good one though, as you were moaning and groaning, yet had a huge smile on your face! But it's 9.00am already - you promised to take us all to the markets today, remember? Lily and Mandy have been waiting for you!"

#2014-05-15 12:16:48 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Tell you the truth I don't remember if I was sweating or not it's happened two years ago.It was in August and was very hot . A few Chinese lady friends of mine about this and they said they think Lily didn't really know what that sentence meant to my ears.

I was surprised hearing it that's all I can say at this moment.

#2014-05-15 12:52:33 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


I'd just like to tell you a little bit of more details why I was so surprised .
Two days before my trip Lily contacted me on QQ and asked what was my real reason
coming to China again because if I was thinking about to get back together with her I was going to be very disappointed.
I said I just want to talk to her about something. She said , we can only talk like friends, we can't talk about us.
So I was very confused after her sentence in the kitchen.
Anyway, I'm just a foggy man and I will never understand a woman's mind completely. When it comes to Chinese women I'm totally clueless . :)

#2014-05-15 13:14:26 by lilywaitingforu @lilywaitingforu

我想说: 1:作者以一个情圣的姿态出现在这个故事里,他已经如愿以偿地赚取了太多的同情和美誉,也许还俘获了很多“芳心”。作者如此缠绵悱恻地讲诉他的一往情深,他的无限爱恋 ;但他了解他的女主人公吗?他说他为什么不能成为女主人公的依靠?真是无语;请问? 你能给她什么? 更明确的说,你能给她她想要的一切吗?每个女人对爱情的追求是不一样的,本文女主人公的爱情观是建立在极高的经济基础之上的。本文作者如果真的爱你的女主人公就应该离开她,让她去寻求她的幸福并祝福她 。也许这很伤感......我真心佩服很多姐妹的真诚坦荡热心爱心。每个人都有着不同的人生追求,人们不能简单的用好与不好去评论一个人。但也没有必要为了去“讨好”作者而极力的去赞美女主人公 (please forgive me say this )......在此祝福那些enjoy love 的美丽的姐妹们。祝大家幸福快乐直到永远 !!!

#2014-05-15 16:56:36 by 99moonriver @99moonriver

In China, saying someone is sexy, we never use the word "hot", when saying the weather of summer, or the temperature of boiling water, or fire, we would use the word "hot".

So, u might have misunderstood Lily's word of " u look hot". I think she didn't mean flirting with u, but meaned that the weather is so hot, u are cooking in the kitchen, so u looked being uncomfortable with the hot weather.

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