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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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My Love for Lily 我对百合的爱, Conclusion - Square One 结语 - 心殇    

By Imi
16937 Views | 72 Comments | 9/12/2014 4:47:43 PM
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#2014-09-14 06:50:31 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


You don't need to write a half page of comment. What you said was enough for me.

I am very well, Thank you!

I hope you are fine as well!


I am sorry you had some problems with the lady you are with because of me!

I have to admit that though somehow I liked what she said about me. I'm sorry!

I don't think I had any profound affect on women here though. I'm just a simple man with simple views on life who spends too much time alone and that's why he writes articles sometimes in a bad English.

Thank you for your advices and comment!

Good luck to you as well!

#2014-09-14 07:00:17 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


You see very well my inside struggle. And you are right, I should take some time off first before pursue anybody.

Thanks for your comment!


Thank you for your kind words and good wishes!
I wish you all the best!

#2014-09-14 07:09:51 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


Thank you for your advice! You might be right about fishing with a net; more options bring more chances to catch the one and only gold fish for myself.

The only problem with this is that I am not a bright guy who could keep tracking on what he said to one girl or the other girl. I'm sure I would make some mistakes and I don't like to hurt anybody.

Thank you for your comment!

#2014-09-14 17:00:57 by tiankong0207 @tiankong0207


#2014-09-14 17:31:28 by shirley9183 @shirley9183

@Imi5922 Hi, dear Lmi, how are you!

In fact, you totally misunderstand my meaning to tell you to select more women in China, because I mean you could make friends with more Chinese single women and it is for sure the friendship and good sense with each other are the good base for having true love, if there is no such base and how can we talk about love?

I suggest you better you start the friendship only with more Chinese women at the same time and write and chat with them, I totally can not understand why it become so difficult thing for you? Always the friendship first and the love will be after it, and you no need to tell anyone in China that you have the strong feel and fall in love with her only after reading her profile or see the photos of her and it is only the surface of the whole thing, without the knowledge of the whole situation of a woman and it is very weird to talk about love her or not.

Therefore, from the beginning, it is for sure there is no love and only the friendship, and the friendship no limitation for the quantity of the friends, after you have some very good female friends from China and it also still need the time to know very well about each other to see if both are really suitable for each other or not, it really need time to let the good things work out, not only as easy as know it during some months, maybe you need cast into 1-2 years to make sure about the whole thing and do not feel bored and tired for tracking it and the veil of true love will be uncovered for sure during the time.

I totally can not understand why you shall say love or make any promise to a woman at the beginning once you just started chatting or calling them ? Especially for the one who are in the different countries. If there is no 1-2 year to cast into knowing well, and it is a joke to say love to each other and it will bring big problem in the future for sure. Friendship and trust always are the necessary and good base for having true love.

My friend, please open your heart and mind, do not focus on searching love, firstly, you need have the real good friends from China ,secondly ,from the group of your friends the true love will work out for sure after some term, of course, you need cast time and energy to work on it, no pains no gains!

If you always think about love, love and love and the love will be far away, if you think you need the real friends who can talk about anything easily and happily and maybe some good result will let you have the big shock in future.

From now on, please forget searching love, love need the huge quantity of work to let it to be realized and not only depends on searching. I hope you have good luck in future and really will not lose and be hurt again by love.

#2014-09-14 17:55:18 by JulyChen @JulyChen


#2014-09-14 20:34:10 by seekdream @seekdream

HI lmi, I read your articles and moved by your story. Don't sad because it is over. smile :) matter what happened in the past, you must believe, the best does not come.

#2014-09-14 21:11:18 by zqy2014 @zqy2014

lmi, I see you are more open and active to send back a reply on all comments to your articles. We all are happy to see this. Thanks for you to say I am a good student and I don't refuse to accept that remark. What I want to say to you is we need see we are respected and valuable in a relationship.Relationship is not a sole battle and should be for two people's battle. Giving and taking need to be comparative balanced.Blindly tolerance without principle can't earn the love.Sometime,we have been lost in our internal conflicts or battle or loving trap and we need to have a break to think about the whole process and figure out what is going on with us.In the end, we may will find no one has hurt us except ourselves.Sometime, I really can feel your pains and what you have been suffering since we seems have the very same confusions. I am sure you will more and more truely feel how the little boy inside of you need your care, love and compassion to him. When you really get connection with him, you will be tearing each time.Please first try to have good relationship, accompany and talking with him first. He will give you encourage and inspiration to find the right person for you if you two can get well along with each other peacefully.This is what I am currently trying to do and share with you.

I look forward to reading your next article. Please be yourself.

#2014-09-14 22:29:14 by melcyan @melcyan

You and Lily were always going to be a poor match. Two damaged people have little chance of building a successful relationship unless they have an amazing amount of luck and Lily was even much more damaged than you were.

Lily has mental health problems. Mental health discussions are taboo for most people. Many CLM readers found it easier to cast Lily as the villain in your story. It is easier to say Lily is a bad person than it is to honestly face the demons in her head. Why do we do this? We hate facing our own demons. Nearly everyone of us will have to deal with a mental health problem at some stage in our lives. Unfortunately the most common ways of dealing with mental health problems are denial, escapism and blaming others.

Regardless of our current mental state we remake ourselves every day. We need to make the most of our daily opportunities to create a better us.

Damaged people who have rebuilt themselves, love themselves and have compassion for themselves and others, can build a healthy, successful relationship with another rehabilitated “damaged person” or another undamaged person.

Imi, in order to have a successful relationship you have to start by being very honest with yourself. You need to recognize that you let yourself down in a big way in your relationship with Lily. You tried to start a relationship before you were ready and to make matters worse, you chose a person who was even far less ready than you. (I have also made this painful mistake in my past)

Don't hope and pray for the “right” woman. Be the “right” man first. A good heart is a good start but it is not enough. Be loving, accepting and protective of who you are, forgive yourself for all of your past mistakes, and the “right” woman will appear when you are at peace with yourself and genuinely ready for a relationship. Don't make the mistake of waiting for the “right” woman to make you a better man. Becoming a better man is your job. Only you can truly free yourself from your loneliness. Remember, every day we remake ourselves, for better or worse.

Imi, you have a very good heart but unfortunately you wear a “hit me” sticker in the middle of your forehead. (Zoe is a similar person- if each of you knew how to properly look after your own well being, you two would have made a good match.)

#2014-09-15 00:29:02 by summer725 @summer725


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