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My Chinese Mooncake Failure is Saved by an American Food Icon - The Mooncake Challenge Entry #1: John Abbot    

By Guest
3473 Views | 10 Comments | 9/9/2014 1:54:20 PM

Chinese Dating Site owner shows off his version of a Mooncake.

First, let me describe my experience trying to make a Chinese Mooncake.  I failed miserably. To be honest, I read Prana’s recipes and thought “This looks kind of easy.”  Hah! How wrong I was...

I have cooked on occasion and I can do a mean barbecue, but I have never baked anything in my life. I was shocked at how incredibly hard it was to make the skin/shell/crust of these things.  I tried to make the Soviet-style meringue moon cakes because I thought the shell looked very simple.

After three straight dismal failures, I just gave up!  I doubt that I could ever make a Chinese Mooncake. Prana makes this seem so easy with her photos that l now admire her immensely for being able to make these damned complicated little goodies. @Prana, girl, you are an artist to be able to make such appealing Chinese Mooncakes. I salute you.

So next I thought, “I can’t just do nothing. I created this stupid Chinese dating site challenge.”  Which in hindsite, was a pretty dumb thing to do. I blame that on Violaine and her challenge issued in her tall building. And I haven't responded to that yet because I can't find it now among all the comments. Anyway, I started looking around for something to save my butt. 

Then I had an inspiration when I realized that in Canada and America we have our own version of Mooncake. I mean sure, we call it a “pancake”, but if you look at it from above it looks like the moon. Pancake, Mooncake, what's the difference. So I decided to make an American Mooncake since I could not make a Chinese one.

Since pancakes are a little sweet, and are always served with a sweet syrup, I decided this had to be a dessert style mooncake. Then I worked like a slave finding a good pancake mix down at the supermarket. With another supreme effort I also grabbed a jar of caramel filling.  "Now this" I thought, "I can do!"

I raced home and threw together the amazing American Caramel Mooncake you see before you.  

Sadly, my lovely Chinese wife was not as impressed as I had hoped. As she watched me putting the finishing touches to my creation she disgustedly muttered “Don’t throw it out when you’re finished. The dog will eat it.”  She refused to have anything to do with it, and has not provided a review because she thought it was too disgusting to bother tasting.  

She's not big on sweets and pastries, and seemed to feel my time would have beeen better spent preparing a romantic breakfast in bed for her like Fbear prepares for LoveF. Damn that Fbear anyway. His goody, goody attitude is starting to give me a rash!

However, I am very happy to tell you that the dog, Hombre, did really like it.  He told me to tell you he gave it 4 stars out of 5. Plus one of the two cats, Coffee, also liked it a lot. He also gave it 4 stars. (In fairness, I removed the caramel from it before they had it because that would not have been good for them.) The other cat, Tigger, stuck her nose up at it, but she’s a bit of a Princess anyway.  Personally, I found it to be quite edible. At least the ones I didn't burn.

So, since my wife refused to taste it, you can’t count her, and the same goes for the Princess. Therefore you’ll have to trust the Hombre the dog and Coffee the cat that it was a 4 star creation.  I rest my case. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 

Even though my Mooncake turned out to be much less than a success, I think I may win our prize. Not because I deserve to.  But it appears I am the only member responding to my own challenge. That’s unfortunate, because I am the one guy who doesn’t need any of the three possible prizes we were looking at awarding.  

So I am extending the challenge for one week, and will tell you what the prize will be depending on the Winner’s circumstances. There will be one prize, but what it will be depends on which category the winner is in below:

1. If you are a Standard member still searching for your match: a 1 month Gold upgrade.

2. If you are a Gold member still searching for your match: 3o days of Introduce Yourself ads.

3. If you are a member who has already found your match: A good eBook to help you keep her.

I realize that making a Chinese Mooncake is a very difficult task.  But after reading this you will realize I have now set the bar so low that almost anything you make could easily win.

So the Mooncake Challenge is still ON!!!

Please submit your story, your username, your photos and your evaluation by anyone to and type “Mooncake Challenge” in the subject line. Your story will also be published as a Guest Blog. 

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-09-09 20:05:41 by Chicano @Chicano

Having been in China for long stays for about eight years, I prefer our USA fruit cakes.
After tasting many Mooncakes, only a few where acceptable to me.

But some Chinese pastry is very delicious, especially at "Morning Tea" in Guangdong Province.

#2014-09-09 21:06:42 by prana @prana

Do good!
I'm curious is that
How taste like?
It tastes great, you succeeded.
If you think that smells bad, you still need to continue their efforts.
In caramel inside, adding some pine nuts, walnuts, dried meat floss, berries, the taste will get better.
You can also add 5g of mocha coffee.

Pizzas, was inspired by China's Green onion pancake.
Please use your Western baking ingredients, methods,
Making a suitable for their own "moon cake."


#2014-09-09 22:00:38 by melcyan @melcyan

Hi John
I considered your mooncake challenge for a short time. I looked at different recipes and then decided against it. You are not going to like this but my partner gave me bonus points for just contemplating making mooncakes and even more bonus points for deciding against it. Tonight my partner and I were entertained by a Chinese couple who are great cooks. The food was great. I asked them if they had ever made mooncakes. Their answer was no. I asked “Why not?” Their answer – TOO HARD!

#2014-09-10 01:06:41 by QinQL @QinQL

"This is a new feature we are introducing. I have really tried to simplify my sentences to make it easier to read. " you said to Grace172 on the comment of your another blog.

I read it and I am so glad to tell you that is better to let me read. And i could not help to laugh and understand your humour there totally. We all do appreciate your efforts for us. You are the best headteacher that i haven't ever seen. Applause for you! (clap) And i believe you will make mooncakes or any types of food you want better !

#2014-09-10 13:08:35 by loveF @loveF

funny cooking show !
ice bucket challenge became mooncakes baking ,
our headmaster is really clever! :x
what our headmaster baked looks like a bread ,
irregularly shaped and filled with thin soup .
could i call it moonpie?(giggle)
in fact , the easier thing is
to pour the ice of a full bucket over head ,
anyway, if it tastes not bad ,
just try to eat up the strange moonpie on your own ,
then your lovely wife will forget what this headmaster did :D:D
and good wishes to the Mooncake Challenge ,
yes it is still on ,
everyone just show yourself and head to a good match.

#2014-09-11 00:26:44 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Chicano - thanks for committing to the challenge Chicano. A USA Fruit MoonCake sounds terrific. We can't wait to see read your submission and see your photos. (clap)

@prana - thanks for your encouragement, although I think you are just being kind. But Hombre has an excellent sense of small, and he just confirmed that to him my Mooncake smelled wonderful. I promise next year for the Annual Mooncake Challenge I will add those great ingredients. I'm ashamed I never thought of coffee! (blush)

@melcyan - ahh, but I've solved the problem of it being "TOO HARD", haven't I? And in doing so I removed your excuse for not accepting the challenge, and your partner's reason for objecting. You have no reason now not to create for your partner a wonderful Australian Meat Mooncake, styled after the delectable Aussie MeatPie. Use veggies if you must. So we'll all be excited to review your entry in the coming days. Thanks for stepping forward. (clap)

@QinQL - coming from the best class monitor I have ever seen, that is a great compliment. I hope you know that class monitor is a lifetime position, so even when your Handsome Prince comes along to sweep you off your feet (and he surely will) you have no choice but to continue on with your duties. ;)

@loveF - speaking of challenges, the Mooncake Challenge was specifically designed for boyfriends of Chinese members. So we'll be expecting Mr. Perfect Fbear's entry any day now. If he doesn't enter a Canadian Mooncake in the challenge then we will have to always question how much he really loves you. Please tell him I said so. (wasntme)

@Violaine - please see my comment above to loveF. The same is true of your Mr. Perfect UncleEurope. No Mooncake Challenge entry = no love! You had better let him know! (wait)

#2014-09-11 02:49:06 by loveF @loveF

haha,headmaster , i told Fbear that i hated sweets and desserts so much , so he never has to enter any sweet food including a canadian mooncake ,although he actually tends to satisfy himself with the disire towards desserts, if i asked him to do that , i am sure he would have tried for me , that would be likely to lead to a strange irregularly shaped moonpie, that is what the canadian guys good at doing .(giggle)(rofl)

#2014-09-11 15:57:36 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

That's a nice try but Fbear cannot get off that easy. Nobody said the Canadian Mooncake has to be sweet. (wait) With a little imagination I am sure that Fbear could easily come up with a great tasting non-sweet vegetarian filling for his Mooncake. You need to let him know to do his romantic duty to you and prepare you a mooncake. Otherwise he will make all of us Canadian men look bad. (doh) (giggle)

#2014-09-19 17:30:29 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


It has just been brought to my attention that Violaine has recently made this incredible compliment over in the forum:

@JohnAbbot做出来了一个“狗不理月饼”。 As I understand it this translates into "John Abbot has created a mooncake of such incredible beauty and fantastic taste that is is comparable to the famous Tianjin Dog Ignores Others Mooncake, renowned throughout China as the greatest mooncake there is."

As everyone knows Violaine is a woman if great wisdom and exquisite taste in fine food (cough, cough), so that pretty well guarantees my victory here in the Mooncake Challenge.

@Violaine, I really can't thank you enough for coming out so clearly in favour of my Mooncake, and for having such good taste in fine foods.

So go ahead everyone and cast your vote for me right now, and let's put this year's MoonCake Challenge to bed.

#2014-09-19 21:42:47 by violaine @violaine

@JohnAbbot 误会了,误会了(envy)

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