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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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My China Trip - Day 5 我的中国之行--第5天    

By Barry Pittman
4360 Views | 18 Comments | 5/31/2014 10:14:38 AM

Day 5 on Mt Emei dawned to be quite lovely, a brisk 8 degrees Centigrade or so, even though it was summer.  In winter, I was told this area was covered in snow, quite unwelcoming for tourists and almost impossible for hikers to safely navigate due to slippery ice on the steps, making them exceedingly dangerous to traverse.  Especially if carrying a backpack, that raises one’s centre of gravity, meaning once you start to fall or trip over, it’s difficult to recover from. 

I actually had experienced this when walking in the dry yesterday.  When very fatigued, I’d made one or two missteps and suddenly found myself almost going over the edge as the weight of the high up backpack tried to drag me off the steps.  Heart in mouth stuff!  I then knew why Tina had been constantly telling me to walk on the side where the handrail was, not the steep other side.

Even though the Mt Emei hotel room Tina and I currently occupied was of a higher standard than most others we'd been in, I still hated the squat toilet.  It was even worse than others I'd encountered in that it was located in the MIDDLE of the shower!  So one had to be very careful indeed when having a wash, to straddle one’s feet on either side of the toilet and not step into it.  I simply can’t fathom what blithering idiot designed such a dangerous configuration. I’m certain that the relevant health and safety authorities in Western countries would never allow such a bathroom mantrap as this.

Squat toilets unfortunately seem to be a continuing theme in my articles.  I’m aware though that many Chinese ladies within the site must have these in their homes. This is an online Chinese dating website after all, with a huge client database. I sincerely hope that I don’t offend these ladies by my negative observations on their toilets. 

To put it into context, I’m a relatively tall person at 188cms and my knees are not the best.  I’ve never had to assume the squat position much in all my life, so I’m quite unaccustomed to it. Thus FOR ME, being forced to squat is damned uncomfortable, particularly when feeling tired. So my views on squat toilets are personal opinions only as a gummy-kneed Westerner and most certainly, I don’t wish to be thought of as an ignorant Westerner unaware of some important aspects of the traditional Chinese way of life.

In this supposedly four star hotel, there was no toilet paper evident.  It slowly dawned on me that because the toilet was set INSIDE the shower area, one presumably had to use the running water to clean one's backside?

If this is true, what about when you need to go to the toilet when the shower is off?   And what do you do if you have a bad case of diarrhea?

In any case, the temperature was warming and the summit was beckoning. On the way out of the hotel, I admired the aquarium out front, with several decent sized fish in it. Tina and I were headed for the top, another thousand or so steps higher.  It was a blessed relief to not carry our backpacks on this final leg - we'd arranged to leave them at the hotel and collect them a few hours later when we returned.

On the way up, we had to pass by an area known as the “monkey feeding zone”.  Sure enough, we were lucky – a dozen or so apes were present when we arrived. An excited group of Chinese were busily feeding them and the monkeys were having a ball with all the free food being dished out. Cries of amazement and squeals of delight from excited women and children were evident as the chimps did their thing. The scene was very interesting indeed to observe.  Tina was afraid of them but I loved them and moved closer, right up to the fence where they were sitting.  

Suddenly a small monkey jumped onto my arm – a few Chinese women standing behind me cried out in terror but I felt absolutely charmed by the beautiful creature that was pawing away at my jacket sleeve.  His prehensile feet were quite soft to the touch and he looked so adorable.  He was better looking than some young humans I’d seen!  Then as quickly as he’d arrived, he was gone again.  I felt quite privileged to have shared this unusual and quite charming experience.  Sadly I don’t have a photo of it as Tina was standing well away from the action, watching from a distance.

I saw one large monkey grab an entire big bag of peanuts from a startled  Chinese man.  When he attempted to retrieve his bag, the monkey growled at him.  I burst out laughing at this funny sight, mainly because of the aggrieved and annoyed look on the man’s face. He’d just lost a big, freshly opened packet of peanuts to a mischievous monkey!  I hoped the man wasn’t too offended by my guffaws of laughter that he obviously must've heard, as I was standing right next to him!

Soon this animal became tired of gorging himself with nuts and leapt onto the ground beside another Chinese man who had a plastic water bottle protruding from his backpack.  In the space of just a few seconds, the clever chimp forcibly grabbed the water bottle out of the backpack, with the startled Chinese man scuttling off bravely in a state of terror.  The monkey then carefully unscrewed the lid from the bottle and happily started drinking water from it.

“I can’t believe that the monkey unscrewed the water bottle!” extolled a surprised Westerner standing nearby.

“Yes, primates are quite intelligent, you know!” I responded back to him.  We were both mighty amused at the sight of this cheeky chimp sitting contentedly on his backside, holding the water bottle up to his mouth and guzzling from it for all he was worth.  This is one image etched in my mind that’ll remain there for many years.  Witnessing weird occurrences  is what traveling is all about, incidents like this make it all worthwhile.

But enough of this monkey business.  The looming Emei summit needed to be reached.  Half way up, one had the option of taking a cable car  -   or else walk.  Tina and I ended up doing both options.  We went up and back on the cable car, then up and back via walking. On principle, I didn’t want to conquer the mountain using an aid such as a cable car.  I felt compelled to do it by foot.  Charlie mike. Charlie mike.  Charlie mike, I inwardly kept repeating to myself.

The ascent to the top was rather strenuous, consisting of about a thousand or so steps.  Thank God we’d left our backpacks at the hotel in the village below.  Freed from our burdens however, we proceeded rather briskly, passing many other plump Chinese who were obviously struggling.  I felt their pain and sympathised with them, more than they knew.

The actual top of Mt Emei contains several temples.  It also contains a large golden statue rising around eighty or so metres off the ground and looks quite impressive.  This must be why many maps refer to this area as the "Golden Summit". 

Wonderful views of the countryside all around can be gained from the top as well.  At one place, large boulders hung precariously on the edge of a precipice, a great place for photo opportunities.  In heroic superman style, I made a beeline for the boulders to jump up on but Tina grabbed me by the waist and refused to let me go. I pleaded with her to take a photo of me standing up on the rocks but she clasped her hands firmly around my waist and steadfastly refused to let me do this. She said this foolhardy feat was for “stupid young people” only!

After an hour or so of perusing all the temples and "spiritual goods" shops on the summit, Tina and I ventured back down the steps leading into the Mt Emei village.  It was around 3.30pm, too late to continue our descent down the mountain so we booked for a second night at the hotel we'd stayed in the previous night, you know, the one with no toilet paper and the toilet in the middle of the shower recess.  Oh happy days!

Tina said we may as well have an early dinner and asked if I'd like to eat fish.  I said sure, but a minute or two later, to my consternation, one of the hotel staff came out with a small hand net and scooped up one of the aquarium fish I'd been admiring just that morning.  I felt like crying out 

"Stop!  I've changed my mind - I don't want fish!"

But it was too late.  Tina and I ended up eating that creature and I must admit to feeling a little guilty about it.  I’m a vegetarian by choice, although I do eat seafood.

Following dinner, we had an early night.  Like most of the days so far on this fascinating journey, I felt exhausted.  The area turned quite cold as darkness fell.  By around 9.00pm, it was freezing.  We each had separate beds in the twin share room.  Soon after falling asleep in mine, I awoke suddenly to find Tina had jumped into bed with me, whispering

"Barry, it's so cold here....  do you mind if I warm myself up a little?


然而某些日子会非常的平凡,而某些日子却会非常的有趣。这意味着某些文章会不可避免的会有些无趣甚至时枯躁,可是,不幸的是, 我不能改变事实。对于那些发现这个事实的读者来说,没有必要读一些你不感兴趣的文章是非常自然的事。如果我写的东西让你觉得很无聊,你可以随时停止阅读。强迫自己读然后抱怨太无趣了,那就没有任何意义了。我说这些显然很没有无趣,可是这是事实。















我有说过我特别讨厌那里的厕所吗? :)






Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-06-06 15:44:29 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Barry, in case you're not cognizant of it, it is just possible that Tina is making a move on you. I urge you strongly to read Imi's recent posting of Part 13 of his series, in which he made the immense blunder of failing to move on such a similar obvious sign by his Lily that suggested a sexual encounter was in the making.

DO NOT make that same mistake Barry! Grab this golden opportunity and make hay while the sun is shining, because it might then shine for the rest of your life.

Of course if I'm reading Tina wrong on this then it may ruin your chances with her forever, but not to worry, that's a chance I'm willing to take.

#2014-06-06 16:39:41 by Barry1 @Barry1


"DO NOT make that same mistake Barry!........ Of course if I'm reading Tina wrong on this then it may ruin your chances with her forever"

Thanks so much for your great advice, John.

I can see why you're the proprietor of a great online Chinese dating website such as this - you're a very smart and wise matchmaker as well.

Cupid must've learnt all his romantic strategies, ploys and tricks from you, I think - well done indeed! :D

#2014-06-06 20:22:22 by anonymous10267 @anonymous10267

"Tina was afraid of them..."
"Tina was standing well away from the action, watching from a distance."

Why scared? They are so cute! What a cute experience.

Regarding Tina's move on could be another test to see how much of a gentleman you are. Either way, your checkered shirt is working its magic!

#2014-06-06 20:30:36 by anonymous10268 @anonymous10268

Barry, can you tell us more about the monkeys and their relationship to the mountain you and Tina climbed. Were they everywhere? Or only in select places?

#2014-06-07 01:16:05 by Grace172 @Grace172

"Barry, it's so cold here.... do you mind if I warm myself up a little?"(giggle)
You beat George finally!(clap)

#2014-06-07 04:14:48 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Barry -

"I can see why you're the proprietor of a great online Chinese dating website such as this - you're a very smart and wise matchmaker as well.

Cupid must've learnt all his romantic strategies, ploys and tricks from you, I think - well done indeed!"

I am, with a pain in my heart, sensing the slightest hint of sarcasm in your comment to me above. ;(

#2014-06-07 04:15:33 by anonymous10271 @anonymous10271

Barry, so far I am really enjoying your trip vicariously, even a bit jealous I might add. Monkeys can be cute as a button in 1 second their instincts take over and these monkeys can be very scary...Throw a grown man around with ease....

The statues are brilliant, very well made. How far is this place from Chengdu?

about her wanting to warm up in your bed, all as I can think to say is ....."go Barry go Barry"!!!!

#2014-06-07 23:04:09 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for your comments, Anon10267.

Tina is scared of the monkeys because recently she was chased by a big dog hiking in the foothills around Shawan. She fell over and cut her legs. But I feel her fears go deeper than this. Maybe as a child something happened to scare her?

The small monkeys are really cute. But the larger, mature ones look a little intimidating. Especially when they hiss or growl at you.

As for my check shirt, yes - it's my good luck charm and indeed, it'll do its job well, I hope. One day I may even take it off. (giggle)

#2014-06-07 23:20:36 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for the question, Anon10268.

The monkeys were only in certain areas. There was a "monkey ecology zone" near the base of the mountain. Then around two thirds of the way up, there was a temple where plenty of monkeys were seen.

Then up near the summit near the Emei village, was another "monkey feeding zone".

Hikers are warned to all carry bamboo poles, should they encounter wild monkeys. Not so much to hit them with, but to rap the pole on the ground, making a loud noise.

I found the monkeys to be intelligent and a lot of fun. Yet Tina was scared of them.

Basically all they want to do is to steal food or water from you, if it's in plain sight or they can smell it. They don't want to attack you for the sake of doing this. They're not like a tiger that might want to eat you!

The monkeys are a charming addition to the Mt Emei trail. The place wouldn't be the same without them.

#2014-06-07 23:23:41 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for your amusing comment, Grace.

Though I can neither confirm nor deny anything at this stage, sorry about that.

Let's just say that Tina and I are getting to know eachother more and more.

Though is this necessarily a good thing?

Or maybe it can equally be a bad thing? (think)

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