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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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My China Trip - Day 22, Part 2    

By Barry Pittman
10685 Views | 63 Comments | 1/12/2015 1:29:05 PM
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#2015-03-19 04:37:20 by anonymous13122 @anonymous13122

You seem an interesting man. Actually maybe you are a nice guy with good sense of humor and good personality, but it's not the first time, not only me feel what you did was unfair for Lily, as she seems a very nice and devoted chinese woman, we all see ourselves from her, at least I do.

You are free man, you can do anything you like to do. I just hope all the chinese women here who want to find a nice guy, want to settle down well can handle their situation well. We should not push anyone to get married soon, at the same time we should know what kind of men we are looking for, and what are we seeking for.

I'm lucky to meet my ameican husband. He is very proud of the US, at the same time he respects China and Chinese women also chinese culture. Once we got to know well, he committed to me soon.

I wish Lily have a wonderful future!

Berry, 你也许是个很有趣的男人。可能你很幽默,性格也不错,但在对LILY这件事情上不是单单我觉得对她不太公平,因为她是个好姑娘,看得出对感情也很投入。我们从她的身上看到了自己的影子,至少我是的。



我真的想祝LILY 幸福,有个美好的未来!

#2015-03-20 19:55:35 by Barry1 @Barry1


"maybe you are a nice guy with good sense of humor and good personality"

Xie xie for your comments, Anon13122. The fact that you can write them in TWO languages shows you are a very intelligent and capable person indeed. Bravo!

Although I must admit to being a little puzzled when you said,

"it's not the first time, not only me feel what you did was unfair for Tina"

In all seriousness, what have I done so far that's been unfair to Tina? I must say that I'm scratching my head here, wondering what I've done wrong? :^)(sweat)

#2015-03-21 19:39:44 by anonymous13127 @anonymous13127


#2015-03-22 15:32:34 by Barry1 @Barry1


You do not always respond to Karita Mattila, not give to Karita Mattila as a result. It's unethical behaviour"

Thank you for your comments, Anon13127.

Though once again, I'm unsure of what I have done wrong as far as Tina is concerned?

If anyone can please tell me what type of unethical behaviour I've exhibited in my story so far, I would appreciate this advice very much. (y)

#2015-03-22 16:55:13 by anonymous13129 @anonymous13129

Barry, poor guy, you dont know chinese culture. In china, once you sleep with a woman, that means you are supposed to marry her. if you haven't had this thought yet, that means you are not serious, but just goofy around.

#2015-03-22 17:40:26 by anonymous13131 @anonymous13131

你好一直有看你的博客,但是我从没有发言,今天看到你再次发蒂拉的相片在博客。我忍不住发言了。你一直不断的发出她那么多相片。如果你不打算给她未来。你有考虑过她如果再次找西方男友的问题吗?因为你不断的发送她的私人图片。我敢保证如果她再次注册任何交友网站时,会有很多人认识这个女人和一个澳洲男人有多出名。中国的一句名言。“人言可畏。”你 应该好好学习。我很想问你,为什么你和蒂拉那么久了,你依然不打算给她一个结果?你真的爱她吗?还是你只是当她是你来中国的一个玩伴?看得出她很爱你。但是你并不是真的爱她。没有人可以忍受彼此分离得太久。你虽然比她老十几岁。长相一般。至少我是看不上你这个样子的男人。但是蒂拉这个小女人是真的爱你。你不 断的给她希望。但是却不敢给她一个结果。你在这里炫耀你们的性爱。这已经是不尊重她了。中国女人不是傻,而是因为爱。所以她愿意为你做一切。而你为她做了什么 ,你取笑她的房子又小又旧。你取笑她家附近很脏。你取笑她家的厕所。你取笑她请中点工阿姨来帮助她打扫卫生。如果我是男人,我不会抱怨不会取笑。我会为我爱的女人感到内疚。我 会考虑为她做些事情。比如娶她,或者帮她换一间更好的房子。我的男朋友比我大12岁。来自加拿大。他不是个富人。但是也不是穷人。我们相恋以来,他知道我的一切。我租住的公寓很小。应该说比蒂拉的房子还小,而且也这么破旧。但是他从没有取笑过我的厕所小,没有嫌弃过我住的房子破旧。更没有嫌弃他高大的身体必须要蹲着上厕所。更没有使用我的图片发表任何东西。他一样拥有我 很多图片。而且很多图片是只能我们两个人看的。即使他发送我的图片给他的中国朋友,他都要告诉我。他发的是我穿什么样衣服图片。所以我只是希望你学会尊重蒂拉,如果你真的爱这个女人。虽然我们还没有谈论结婚。但是我的他一样是一个纯正的北美男人。他一直有 要求我办理签证去加拿大和他生活。他很懂得尊重我。包容我。所以我希望你停止你 这些不 尊重蒂拉的举动。好运

#2015-03-22 19:16:38 by HZDX6167 @HZDX6167


#2015-03-22 20:37:49 by Barry1 @Barry1


"You've been showing her photos so much. If you are not going to give her a future. Have you considered what would happen if in the future she looks for another Western boyfriend?"

I do appreciate the thoughts you've shared with me. Your comments are highly valued.

You have asked why I don't commit to Tina. Why I don't propose marriage to her?

You also suggested that I was visiting Tina primarily for sex.... that maybe she was no more than a Chinese playmate to have a bit of fun with?

You also suggested I made fun of her small house and her toilet. You've basically suggested I need to either "put up or shut up". I need to act more respectfully and responsibly toward her and even more than this, do the right thing by her

Please note Tina and I are taking things very slowly and carefully. Both of us have been married before and we do not wish to repeat any previous mistakes. Look before you leap.

I request that you please keep reading my series of blog articles. The tale between Tina and I is not yet finished. The story at the moment is only half way through.

I certainly do appreciate and value your comments. It shows that you care. You are a kind and considerate person, thinking only of Tina's future. Bless you for this.

Xie xie, my friend. (f):)

#2015-03-22 20:52:43 by Barry1 @Barry1

@to whom it may concern

I just noted that someone clicked the "Boring" tab in the "Our Readers' Say" box for this article.

Thank you for this, my friend. It put an appreciative smile to my face. Better to be thought of as utterly boring than totally ignored, I reckon! (rofl)(dance)(beer)

#2015-03-22 22:46:34 by Barry1 @Barry1


"This man is playing with emotions"

Thank you for your comments, HZDX6167.

Please let me assure you that I am very serious in my feelings and my dealings toward Tina. The last thing I want to do is to let her down or hurt her.

Yet I feel that I should not rush into anything too quickly. A lasting relationship takes time to develop; it takes time to mature; it takes time to know what the wisest decision will be.

I know that every man who reads my articles will agree with me here. Though many Chinese ladies will not, due to their differing cultural background?

I say to all that Rome wasn't built in a day. And being slow and cautious is better than being hasty and foolhardy. A good marriage cannot and should not be rushed, I'm sure every thinking person agrees with me here.

Best wishes to you, HZDX6167. (d):)

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