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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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My China Trip - Day 21, Part 6 我的中国之行-第21天,第6部分    

By Barry Pittman
5262 Views | 23 Comments | 1/5/2015 2:08:04 PM
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#2015-01-23 04:59:41 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hey B.
Thanks for the response.
I just want to make it clear that I don't necessarily "follow in others' footsteps" but, I do pay very close attention to what they have discovered.
I've got a good compass here, know how to drive my ride, and this Alfa Romeo "Spyder" can straighten out those curves.

" I've been 'obliquely derided'(?) by "friends" here who can't understand why I'd leave Australia in order to do such a thing".
Man,...I have been deeply chastised by certain "long time" mates as well.
"Gong, what in the hell are you thinking? All them womenz come from a comuhnist cuntree. They'z selfish, mean, manipulative, deceptive lyerz".
Well,...I just let 'em talk and still, have Good Hope that the lady I seek lives somewhere in the Orient.
Could be in China, Persia or,... Kazan, Russia for all I know !!
I just Have to make the trip and check it out.

Hey, please remember to check out my next blog.
There's a big'un comin'.
You will probably enjoy the read.
I wait patiently for your next post.
Peace to you and Lady T.

#2015-01-23 14:57:39 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thank you for being the first Chinese lady to comment on this article, Eternalvenus.

I was beginning to think no Chinese ladies had read this blog so kindly translated by LadyMonika, but you have prove me wrong. I agree with what you said also, thank you indeed. (y)

#2015-01-23 15:09:52 by Barry1 @Barry1


"It's Amazing! The reflection part is Veeeeery impressed! You are a brave man! "

Thank you for your comments, Sharonshi.

I do like to reflect upon a few things in my articles. Then to comment about what I see. But more than this, I trust and hope that some of my observations will help make others think more fully about aspects of life here.

Too many Westerners don't see the REAL China. In my travels with Tina, I've been privileged to be able to see some of this. In turn, I hope to bring some of what I've seen to people's attention. To perhaps shed some light into some dark corners of life in China, that ordinarily would be passed over by most, if not ignored altogether.

Thank you for your support, Sharonshi. :)

#2015-01-23 20:42:19 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I've got a good compass here, know how to drive my ride"

The forums and blogs here sometimes give very valuable tips and insights into foreign travel. My feeling though is that less than five per cent of the CLM membership would give them more than an occasional cursory glance, let alone ever proffer a comment. Their loss, I'm afraid.

"I have been deeply chastised by certain "long time" mates as well."

It's surprising that some males here think the idea of heading overseas to find romance is a ridiculous, pie in the sky idea. Some people are in fact, rather rude about the whole concept. This is probably more a reflection on them than anyone else, I guess.

I am waiting rather impatiently for your next blog article, Gongji.

Please hurry up! :D

#2015-01-24 06:32:12 by DoggyLove @DoggyLove


"This is an awesome blog on so many levels"

As a Australian Chinese who is rediscovering his roots, I think you have done both Australian and Chinese people proud with this blog entry. To me, the unique Australian view of universal human "rights" to pursuit happiness and the Chinese hard work mentality is a interesting and perfect partnership.

Thank you for providing evidences that people are more alike than different. I am sure the deep understanding (bordering spirituality) elements of this blog has touched many people.

#2015-01-24 19:29:22 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I think you have done both Australian and Chinese people proud with this blog entry"

Thank you very much for your comments, DoggyLove. And congratulations, for I think you may be the first Australian-Chinese gentleman who has ever commented on any of my past forty or so blog articles.

The fact that you have done so in such a tactful and informed way adds credibility to my argument that Chinese generally are quite intelligent, charming and perceptive people.

I've said it before but it bears repeating. Many of the forum and blog articles on CLM contain a lot of interesting and informative material, very pertinent to the online dating scene, particularly as it involves both Asia and China. It's a puzzle to me why people don't become more actively involved with them.

Once again, thank you for your constructive comments, my friend. (y)

#2015-01-24 20:50:29 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

@Barry 1
Hey B.
Please accept apology for delay in my next blog.
It's first month of the year and I have had other matters to address.
I do make it a point to write a few sentences each day but, the next article has really encouraged me to stop and do some serious reflection.
It's a good thing,... just takes some time.
When complete and posted I sense you will enjoy.

#2015-01-25 02:19:10 by anonymous12831 @anonymous12831

Hi Barry, just a few added observations....I would like to know if at any time you had a chance to see what types of fertilizer and use of sprays etc the local farmers pictured here and in your other entries used?

When I was in China I tried one of the locally made cigars and nearly died it was so rough, I usually smoke Cuban cigars so I was taken off guard totally.

I do not believe in any form of supreme being myself but I do reflect on nature and mankind as a whole, going for long walks or just reflecting to clear my mind helps a lot.

@YinTingYu..I too have had friends, family members voice their opinions many times to me, it is always amusing to listen to, I also tell them if you are happy with a western woman then more power to you, I personally find the thought of being tortured for the rest of my life by a western woman repulsive. Now that I have been looking and possibly have found a wonderful woman I realize I have been drawn to Chinese women and Chinese culture since I was a young lad, I also have found there is a directness of words, customs, intentions that western people have a difficulty in understanding, they don't take time to bullshit you like we do they just say it straight out....(clap) I find this refreshing.

Barry I have also noticed that in general you have few replies from the Chinese female members here, Nora's article as an example has over 300 pages of replies....I am hoping that our Chinese women here truly appreciate what you have written and that it is written from your heart and from the prospective of a western man being with a Chinese woman in China....they could learn so much about the western male this way......

Just a little tidbit from my trip to China, my gf always asked me why I was looking down when we were walking, I answered her this way "so I don't step on the piles of spit on the sidewalks" I can deal with air pollution etc but this has to be the most disgusting thing I have seen in all the countries I have travelled to in my life! Men launching huge spitballs as loudly as they can and many of the women doing the question is as follows: WHY???

Looking forward to next episode..........


#2015-01-25 18:06:56 by Barry1 @Barry1


"the next article has really encouraged me to stop and do some serious reflection.
It's a good thing,... just takes some time."

Thanks for this, Gongji.

I know exactly what you mean. It's easy to write a somewhat superficial, one-size-fits-all type of light entertainment article. But it takes a lot longer to write something that contains messages of more enduring meaning and value.

On some of my previous articles, I've spent a solid eight hours or more, writing just one piece. Basically a whole day. So you're preaching to the choir here, brother. I know anything of substance can't be rushed. (y)

#2015-01-25 18:28:27 by Barry1 @Barry1


"in general you have few replies from the Chinese female members here, Nora's article as an example has over 300 pages of replies....I am hoping that our Chinese women here truly appreciate what you have written"

Thanks for your thoughtful words, Anon12831.

To get more involvement from the Chinese ladies on this website is the reason why some of the articles are translated into Chinese. Fine and intelligent folk such as Marissa, Anniehow and LadyMonika go to a great deal of trouble to do this.

Is the end result worth the big effort involved? I personally am not sure. As you've noted, not too many Chinese ladies seem to read the blog articles, preferring to hang around the forums. This is why I made a comment recently - in anticipation of what website manager John Abbot would I believe, have said - that should any of the valued translators on this site feel their efforts are not being fully appreciated by the Chinese ladies, then there would be no hard feelings if they stopped.

In a nutshell, if the vast majority of ladies on this site don't bother to read the blog articles, then maybe our hard working translators could put their feet up and relax, rather than sitting at a computer and doing a translation that few ladies appreciate?

You also asked about fertilisers that the small crop farmers used here. I only ever saw organic ones such as chicken poo, cow dung or various forms of natural mulch. I marveled though at how healthy most of their crops looked.

It was a funny story you shared about the very rough Chinese cigar that you dared bravely to smoke.

As for the spit on the sidewalk, I mentioned this exact phenomenon in one of my early blogs in this current series. In response to this, a couple of indignant replies from aggrieved Chinese ladies were received. I thought this was interesting, proving that at least two Chinese ladies had bothered to read what I had written.

Once again, thanks for your thought provoking comments, Anon12831. (clap)

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