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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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My China Trip - Day 19 Part 1 我的中国之行---第19天第1部分    

By Barry Pittman
6844 Views | 30 Comments | 7/11/2014 2:43:00 PM
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#2014-08-05 19:47:44 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks for the information about the rice gruel, Belle77. Yes, I'm sure it would taste much nicer if it had some extra flavour, such as by adding some vegetables or condiments to it. But it was a free breakfast, so I guess the eating place didn't want to spend much money on the breakfasts, so they kept them as bare as possible.

Tina doesn't like coffee. Like most Chinese, she prefers tea. I know tea is better for your body than coffee, so I guess she'll have the last laugh, when I pass away ahead of her. (giggle)

#2014-08-05 20:03:11 by Barry1 @Barry1


"What did Tina say to your attempt to sing? or demolishing the shower? "

Tina thought my singing was a little embarrassing, I think. Especially when I grabbed the microphone later on to sing a second song (which I didn't mention in my article).

As for wrecking the shower, no worries. Like the nice person she is, she simply accepted my clumsiness in good faith.

You said,

" I can see 2 small fish."

I looked closely but cannot see the fish that you saw, Nekko. I can only assume by the time I read your comment, they had already swum away. (giggle)

"what gives the water this unusual colour? Are you allowed to swim in the water?"

I think the limestone in the water may give it its colour. If not, then it must be some other mineral in the water. Swimming is strictly prohibited. The cascading ponds I imagine could easily be damaged by skylarking children, jumping off them.

"Any progress on the romantic side?"

Well, certain things are in the pipeline in this regard, Nekko. But sadly, these cannot be revealed now. I'm afraid you'll have to wait to read upcoming episodes of this long and winding romance.

"The photos are great"

Thanks for this, Nekko. Many times, a photo can tell a story way better than I could ever describe it in words.

"I always enjoy reading your story..... No sugar coating and fancy words"

Thanks again, Nekko.

You're right - my story is not full of romantic platitudes, which I'm sure makes it less interesting to read for most of the ladies out there. But for good people such as yourself, hopefully the reverse happens, and you prefer to read something that's more down-to-earth and gritty.

Cheers mate. (y)

#2014-08-05 20:09:15 by Barry1 @Barry1


"the old Barry has crept back into this episode, a little bit of crankiness I do detect! "

Well, I do get a bit cranky when driven by a bus driver who needs to learn how to drive responsibly and smoothly, rather than in a safe and courteous manner. I mentioned this to Tina on the trip - she agreed with me that the driver was not driving appropriately, given the driving conditions at the time.

No worry though, at least you know I'm not sugar coating my story, attempting to make myself appear better than what I actually am.

As for the singing, unbelievably they all gave me a round of applause at the end. I was a little surprised, given that I sang way out of tune and had forgotten most of the words of the song! (rofl)

#2014-08-05 20:11:27 by Barry1 @Barry1


"What was Tina pointing at"

Tina at this moment was asking me to please come forward and kneel down by the water's edge so she could take a picture of me. I did as she asked, then I asked her to do the same. So we ended up with two nice pictures of each other, kneeling right beside the water. :)

#2014-08-05 20:23:43 by Barry1 @Barry1


Talking about Yellowstone National Park, it received a big mention also as I recall in the 2009 science fiction film called '2012".

Woody Harrelson played an eccentric scientist monitoring the park, where eventually a super massive volcano developed there, a portent of the imminent end of the world.

It was a great film. Give me a high quality action film like this over a boring love movie such as that terrible "Titanic" movie (starring Leonardo DiCaprio) any time.

As for WTF, I think the commonly accepted meaning for this is"Wow, That's Fantastic!", although some whimsical people sometimes suggest it means, "Whack That Frog!". (wasntme)

#2014-08-05 21:46:01 by Nekko @Nekko

@ Barry1

Looking at the photos I noticed they are all shot from the same angle. Your height is 188 cm and all the photos are from this angle. They are not bad but could be improved.

Barry for the next 100 photos always take 2 of the same scene, one with your usual position and one crouching down. You will find with many of the shots crouching or even lying flat on the ground will give a perspective that can be spectacular.

Try this and see how the photos will improve with simple yet effective trick. These days with digital photography it cost no more to take more than on shot of the same scene.

Not like the olden days with film. Those were the days. I still use film in the Widelux F7.

Also the photo of Tina without the plastic covering half her face is great. I can see from her glasses that she is short-sighted. I would say about 1.8 maybe on her prescription.

Great shot. Also zoom in really close and let the hair frame the shot. Do not be shy. Just zoom in.

More tips in my next feedback report to you.


#2014-08-06 14:52:23 by Barry1 @Barry1


"WTF stands for "what the f...ah fuged aboudit! "

Sorry Anon11324, but I'm fairly sure WTF stands for one of two things.

1. "Wow, That's Fantastic!" or

2. "Whack That Frog!"

Cheers mate - happy to set the record straight here. (y)

#2014-08-06 15:39:00 by Barry1 @Barry1


"for the next 100 photos always take 2 of the same scene, one with your usual position and one crouching down."

Thanks for this, Nekko. Your advice is good and I'll do as you say.

You also said,

"zoom in really close and let the hair frame the shot. Do not be shy. Just zoom in."

One thing I haven't mentioned so far is that Tina deletes about nine out of every ten shots that I take of her. She says that her face looks too fat; or her legs look too short; or her face looks too thin; or her legs look too long; and so on and so forth. It drives me mad, seeing her press the "delete" button on the big majority of photos that I've taken of her..

She has thus removed some shots that I was really happy with. She's extremely particular in this area. Sadly there's be no way that she'd let me take a close up of her face as you described. Otherwise most certainly, I'd do as you suggest.

Best wishes to you, Nekko. (y)

#2014-08-07 10:41:23 by yiyun2519 @yiyun2519

Hi ,Barry,,i feel curisous one thing about u and Tina,did you ONLY share the same bed no more?????you know what i mean,(giggle)and sometimes i discuss this question with one of my friend .....and btw,she had met her bf last month,and her bf comes from Melbourne ..your country....
and she said you and Tina must. do something special...i answered..,not sure....
So,who is right?hehe.....sorry,Barry,I may impolite to you.but i think ,you look like my elder brother to us,so kind so fun you are..we all like you....:)

#2014-08-07 15:34:45 by Barry1 @Barry1


"did you ONLY share the same bed no more?????you know what i mean"

Thank you for your question Yiyun2519, but in order for me to give a precise answer, I need to know more about what exactly do you mean? You are referring to a massage maybe?

You also said,

"i think, you look like my elder brother to us,so kind so fun you are..we all like you...."

Thanks for this Yiyun2519, but unfortunately not everyone likes me. Ever since I revealed that I burst out laughing when I covered the lady sitting next to me in the bus with fermenting yoghurt, some ladies suggest that I must be a rough and uncouth type of person, certainly not a gentleman.

Hmm, maybe they're right... (giggle)

Best wishes to you, Yiyun2519. (f)

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