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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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My China Trip - Day 17 我的中国之行—第17天    

By Barry Pittman
8730 Views | 41 Comments | 6/24/2014 3:10:05 PM
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#2014-07-18 22:29:39 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Your post is so humorous!!..... Is almost like a Woody Allen movie!! "

Xie xie for this, Gongji.

Yes, everything I said is real. The events did in fact occur. Unbelievable but true!

You also said,

"It seems like you and Tina start to get down to the "nitty gritty"

If you mean that Tina and I MAY be having unmitigated sexual activity together, then I can neither confirm nor deny this, my friend. Sorry about that but true gentlemen never tell! (fubar)

You mentioned,

"you both can get down to the really important stuff about how you each wish to get along with each other....Go ahead and risk your questions."

This is great advice. But it takes time. I dare not ask too many questions, in case I don't like the answers that I may receive! I nevertheless hear what you are saying, thank you.

""Quartet if F major" by Maurice Ravel"

Thanks so much for giving me the musical recommendation. I shall definitely look it up. As far as Ravel goes, in my youth I used to love his "Bolero" melody. I used to do my meditation whilst listening to it. Very nice piece of music. It can be heard here:

"Really hope you find a way to be together.
Peace and Blessings to you both."

Peace and blessings to you also, Gongji. You do seem like an extremely worthwhile and intelligent human being - more power and maximum good luck to you! (y)

#2014-07-19 20:46:15 by ann122 @ann122

I knew you ever had a bad experience in China from this blog , you found you have not different nature from Tina . Do you have a little upset for it ? Why not let Tina to hint the lady beside you to stop her chatting instead of driver? If you remind her i thought she would respect your feeling . Do you have a plan to invite Tina to visit Australia and your family ?to proof whether she could adjust abroad's life .I and my husband did it before our marriage .Another question : how long have you sponsored your ex-wife ?Do you know it is limited to sponsor your second wife by five years? From these pictures you showed us: you look like have feeling to each other , Making effort!

#2014-07-20 04:00:05 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hello Barry,
Please allow me to reassure you that I had and have no questions regarding possible "unmitigated sexual activity together" with Tina.
From my perspective, that sort of activity is very private between two consenting adults and really is the business of nobody else!!
I apologize for any misunderstanding.
It is surprising that many on this blog/thread are so interested !?!?

And while I'm on this "Public" soap box, I would like to give a reminder to ALL...
"Sex" is one of the greatest forms of expression we humans have to share with our chosen partner.
It's right up there with "Selfless acts of kindness" and "Music", my mind.
Also remember that the physical and spiritual planes exist simultaneously.
So,...whoever we engage with on the physical plane we also do on the spiritual level.
The choice is ours to make.
It is a great thing to be able these days to talk about sex objectively and openly but let us not debase the gift by allowing it to become "public gossip" about a certain couple.
OK...I yield the soap box before I start sounding too much like a "youthful, 56 year old, open heart and mind, conservative, concert recitalist with metaphysical, psychic, and Sufi tendencies".(rofl)

When I wrote about the "nitty gritty" I was thinking the sort of questions you and Tina might begin to feel safe asking,... now that you've had some time to be in each others' company.
Questions you might each ask like:
"Have you discovered who you are"?
"What would you like to do with your life"?
"Is there any place you would like to live"?
"If we decide to become a permanent couple for the rest of days, how do you see our life unfolding"? etc.......
These are the tough and "nitty grity",.......sometimes.

Concerning your statement, " I dare not ask too many questions, in case I don't like the answers that I may receive!"
I chuckle but,'s totally understandable.
You will know what to ask when it is time.
Just hope you don't get so mentally entangled and wary that the questions never get asked,...(doh):D
I feel, as I'm sure many of us do, that Tina will respond with genuine honesty and kindness.
We all know you will do the same.

Regarding Ravel,...agreed that "Bolero" makes good meditation music and also to wake up and get the day started,...after being quiet, thankful, and listening to the day begin. Ah....
I remember studying it in "Orchestration 101".
Seems that Ravel wrote it as sort of a "technical exercise" to see what he could do with the dance rhythm.
After the public debut it was received as a "hit" tune.
So much so that it became his fanfare.
Every time he would go to a reception, banquet, or restaurant the band would play it when he walked in the door !!
Ravel became sort of annoyed with that after a few years and lived his life closer to home.
Still, a nice composition.

Ah,...I have said too much,... again.
Hopes all works out for you and Tina.
Peace and Blessings,

#2014-07-20 09:55:50 by zqy2014 @zqy2014


Really like your thoughtful sharing! Yes, Barry is a so humorous person on expression especial those description parts on feeling and environment....It is so rare qualify for me since I am always too serious in most or even all of the cases. I hope I can learn a lot from Barry through reading his articles..

YinTingYu, I have to say that you are so intelligent and thoughtful person. I have been wondering if there is anything that you don't know? I am a little curious how you looks like under the mysterious black veil? And How about your searching ? I am sure you are so positive person that will not be offended by my words..?

I especial agree with your sentence of "Makes agreement and adjustment.
Really can happen !!! " ...

Thanks for sharing..


#2014-07-20 13:37:44 by Barry1 @Barry1


"I'm sorry, I did not read all of it. This thread too long"

You're correct, Jennifer. I've just written parts 18 and 19 of my blog series and discovered they were around 3000 words each. Too long to read in one sitting.

So I've split these two articles into two parts each. For example, Day 18, Part 1. And Day 18, Part 2.

I'll be adopting this procedure from now on. In this way, each article I submit henceforth will be a manageable 1500 words or so - not 3000. This is hopefully long enough to create some interest in what I've written, yet not too long to create some boredom! :D

#2014-07-20 13:46:51 by Barry1 @Barry1


I note at the time of writing, this article has been HATED four times.

I think this is a record for CLM blog articles, at least in recent times?

To those haters out there, thank you so much. Please keep ticking the "I hate this" box - I'm aiming for ten hates if possible - an all time CLM record! Of course, I'll refrain from ticking any of the boxes myself, that just wouldn't be cricket! (rofl)

The interesting question though that only John by referral to the website statistics could answer is - is it just one person who has ticked the "I hate this" box four times? Or four separate people?

No big worry either way. I enjoyed writing the article and would write the same one again, under the same circumstances. Best wishes to all, including all the "haters" out there. :)

#2014-07-20 14:30:01 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thank you for the series of questions you have asked me, Ann.

In response to them, may I say the following.

1. Yes, I was annoyed at myself afterwards, for allowing myself to be in a bad mood on the bus journey.

2. Tina had already asked the lady on the bus sitting beside me if she (Tina) could sit there, but the lady said "No!". So Tina was hesitant to talk to the lady any more after this.

3. With regard to Tina visiting Australia, this may or may not occur. If you keep reading my articles, I will talk about this point in more detail. Hopefully you will learn more as time unfolds.

4. I married my exwife around eight years ago now and we have been divorced two years. I know I am allowed to bring into Australia no more than two overseas ladies. So I must choose carefully.

Thank you for your comments and observations, Ann. (f)

#2014-07-20 14:42:17 by Barry1 @Barry1


""unmitigated sexual activity together" with is surprising that many on this blog/thread are so interested !?!? "

Please do not worry Gongji, there was no misunderstanding here and no need to apologise. Everyone likes to know about how people's lives are progressing, particularly as it relates to sex! ;)

If anything, it should be me who apologises to you, because when you asked about the "nitty gritty", I thought you were talking about sex. Please excuse my brashness here. (giggle)

Talking about music, I heard someone on the radio today talk about her harp. She was a pianist who abandoned her piano in favour of a harp. She played some tunes on it...... harp music is so angelic. I wonder why the instrument isn't more popular? Maybe because a full sized harp is quite bulky to cart around? Maybe it's not considered a "manly" instrument to play - for women only!

But appropriate music indeed soothes the soul. Einstein said it was when listening to music that he felt closest to God. I bet he wasn't referring to rabid tunes as played by the Sex Pistols however! (rofl)

#2014-07-20 14:49:51 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Barry is a so humorous person on expression.... I am always too serious "

Thanks for this, Lily. But remember you're also a child of God. You have your own very special and unique abilities. Please never deprecate or diminish these.

I personally prefer a serious person who is cognisant of those many things around him or her self. Who's aware that there's far more around us than meets the eye. Someone who looks at something and questions, "Why?", rather than simply ignoring it. A person with insight, rather than just eyesight.

I think you meet all these criteria, Lily. I'm sure you'll find a special person here on CLM, much sooner than you realise. (f)

#2014-07-21 02:41:43 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hello Lily,
Thanks for reading my comments.
I feel many of us really appreciate Barry's blog.
He is smart, funny, open mind / heart, considerate, and willing to share.
These are all qualities this world needs more of !!

Thanks for recognizing my spark of intelligence and thoughtfulness.
It's just a natural thing that has developed in me.
Mostly, I feel like a "regular fellow" but,... there is also a difference. (rofl)

I want to be the first to admit that there is MUCH about this life I DO NOT know !!
To me, is a beautiful mystery with so many things to experience, hopefully learn, and share.

How do I look under a "mysterious black veil" ??
Handsome of course, my own way. (giggle)
Ah,...see, you pay attention to my words rather than a picture.
You use your mind rather than eyes of easy deception.
Actually I have some more reasons for the mysterious blue / grey veil.
Really though, I have no problem about sharing photos in private after agreement.
All are decent (with clothes on) !!
There is an element of myself that is sort of "Old School" and "Formal". :)

How does my search go?
I no longer "actively" search the way I used to with "forceful determination".
If I use that kind of "energy", it sets up some sort of "barrier to success",...for me.
I don't need the self imposed pressure or stress, especially when looking for the "Life Mate".
I just calmly keep on,... with mind open, paying attention, trying to be helpful,...if allowed.
Interaction of some sort usually occurs.
I would describe my method but,...this is Barry's blog and must respect his topic!!

However,...I must say that I have had the pleasure of meeting several ladies on this site who are smart, kind, and have become the good internet friends but, stands beyond the rest, my mind.
Not to be discouraging though, has taken about 2 years.

As a SUGGESTION, allow yourself to settle down, release desperation, expectations, etc...
Try to understand, accept, and move beyond cultural boundaries.
Don't stop trying,...just try differently. (giggle)
The person correct for you will appear,... when YOU are ready for them and THEY are ready for you.
This is what I have found.

Enough for now.
Peace and Blessings,

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