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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Mother Dream——Fine Days    

By Panda
3837 Views | 8 Comments | 3/29/2014 2:31:07 PM

I read anonymous9484’s comments on my last blog. It seems to have been written by a “son.”  Maybe he doesn’t have his own child yet.

It is not easy when I stay with my son now, time is very precious. My mother and I have a phone call when I work in the office every day and again a call at home after work. When I am in the office, there are detailed reports about the movements of her grandson. My colleague felt fresh and asked, "Does your mother call you every day?" I told her, "I used to live alone in Wuhan and she also called me every day. I felt sick of her. Now my son upsets me, so when my mom calls me, I have a chance to vent and report her grandson's virtue, made her clearing that was her spoil."

So my colleague also gradually understands some of my son's situation and instead they are taking care of me. I just say: "I have to go out to buy vegetables and cook or my son will be hungry." The monitor will allow me to go home earlier. Those are the beautiful days when everyone is so good to me, although there are some things that are not perfect.

Compared to the American TV drama "Desperate Housewives" with Lynette and her twin sons, my son is not so bad. Lynette has five children; they can form a basketball team. And Susan, her so lovely and sensible daughter, was hurt by an old man and then has a baby with Lynette’s son. Bree’s son is gay. His mother really can't stand his bad things. She has driven him out of her home. Her daughter is pregnant so she tries her best to cover up for her daughter. She even sewed a pillow on her belly to pretend herself pregnant.

Things are really difficult for parents in the United States. Compared to these children, the days I now live with my son when are really nice days. Thank you Kong, you live with me under one roof.

One day, Kong allowed me into his room to use my computer, when he was doing his homework in another desk. He saw me playing with his painting on the computer and asked: "What are you doing?" I said: "I’m writing my blog. I want to use several pictures of you."

This was his computer, bought in 2009, which has been used by me. His freshman and sophomore summer and winter vacation homework is on it. I have used his paintings on my blog before, and told him so. He asked me to delete his painting. I deleted in my sina blog "东湖秋韵" immediately, but I told him that I can’t delete them on CLM because the boss loved these pictures so much. He was not against me posting his pictures this time. I also showed him the Word document of my blog and when he saw all the English content, said nothing and continued his thing.

The child shows his NetEase works address in his Weibo.

Here it is:

Here is his Weibo address also:

My sister and I show the addresses in our own spaces to increase his popularity.  Grandpa is constantly focused on his new works. I welcome you all to look at Kong’s works there.

My sister bought a book of Long Yingtai called "Dear Andre." I read it during the Spring Festival of 2012 in Zhuhai. This book should have an English version. Long Yingtai communicated in English with her son. Andre was extremely a rebellious boy. I admire the most that he agreed with his mother in writing this book. Long Yingtai and 21 years old Andre found a window with the skylight together. Through 36 E-mail letters, two generations of people were beginning to──"open said it straight”. When the book was published, he proudly said to his mother: "I think that I write better than you." In communication with his mother, he bluntly spoke on the subject of "sex", he started smoking and so on. A lot of parents read the book all in tears, grateful to the authors. Many high school students like Andre’s narrative; it is real and ordinary. This is a wise mother who dares to face all the behavior of her children.

Li Tianyi's parents are singers. They previously used show their son’s talent on television. How proud they are of their son? But Li's mother tried to hide that the son committed rape. She said public opinion did not protect minors privacy. How unbearable is the poor mom now? Bo Guagua, so young, in the UK took a "Big Ben Award" . What a boy is actually?

I am not spying on Kong, just silently concerned for him. I show his flaws, but contrary to made me ease. Since he is young, he is qualified to make mistakes. All the good and bad things are recorded truthfully. There is no harm to me and Kong.

I read so many comments, feeling that all can be accepted. Kong will travel around the world alone soon, not yet rid of his growing pains. So in these days, both mother and son briefly get along with each other. Any other man can’t come into our relationship, let alone speak English with my son. He is learning French now!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-03-30 09:04:13 by Barry1 @Barry1


Thanks again for your words, Panda.

"Since he is young, he is qualified to make mistakes."

Yes, all young people make mistakes, This is reasonable and is to be expected. But it is NOT reasonable that they behave rudely or be unduly selfish.


"Any other man can’t come into our relationship, let alone speak English with my son. He is learning French now!"

Thanks again for your words, Panda.

Why doesn't Kong concentrate on acquiring perfect English? So many Chinese THINK they know good English, but one only has to read their words or listen to them talk to see the reality.

Possessing excellent English in my view will be more beneficial over the longer term in his life. It's the language of international business and commerce, after all.

I studied French at school. So I know the rudiments of it. But what good has it been for me really? Little or none, I'm afraid.

My advice Panda, is to get this idea of going to France out of Kong's head. He can come and stay with me for a while in Australia. I'll mentor him on the real meaning of life. I'll also be the father figure he sadly has lacked for so long. And I'll teach him to speak excellent English, with the greatest of deference to our French frog eating friends. And if he acts rudely, I'll admonish him. Sometimes one has to travel the tough road - be cruel to be kind - not continually favour the easy option, after all.

#2014-03-31 23:35:03 by sandy339 @sandy339

I don’t think anonymous9484 sounded like a son, I feel it is from westerner’s standpoint and quite understandable.
Ok, I checked your son’s weibo, the photos are so nice, I feel it is so hard to go to their hearts. Sometimes I feel my daughter and I live in a quite different world. The only way might be to live and to let live. My daughter likes painting most. She might go to this field, maybe your son could take some pictures of my daughter someday, haha.

I bought "Dear Andre." to my sister, now I think I need that. Yes the unease might be growing pain, looking back how much pain we went through.
All the best to you and your son!(sun)

I think most of Chinese are functional, and going to France is really a good choice for Panda's son, since he is pursuiting arts. " Possessing excellent English in your view will be more beneficial over the longer term in his life. It's the language of international business and commerce, after all." Yes and no, in her son's case, I think they made a right choice at least now.

#2014-04-01 20:26:33 by panda2009 @panda2009

I don't care who is that anonymous. I agree with him. I deeply understand my son's performance. It is necessary to have the strength to become independent. Young men should be angry and intense at times. Some say that adulthhood is when we stop rebelling.

#2014-04-02 10:25:59 by sky810 @sky810

Panda, your son had been famous here, maybe it would not been what he expected?

#2014-04-03 10:40:47 by dancingshoes @dancingshoes

在这里借Cao的博客宝地, 我想分享我和我儿子相处的另一个片刻。

周末儿子难得休息,我经常喜欢和我儿子去找个好餐厅吃饭,然后去看个新上映的电影,或者去江滩散步。这个听起来很像情侣间周末约会做的事情哈~~ ~

有一天傍晚,我们正在江滩散步,一个卖玫瑰花的小女孩跑到我们跟前,朝着我儿子说:“哥哥~~”(她咽下了后面那句话“给姐姐买只玫瑰花吧”, 我想她是把我们误会成情侣了,想让我儿子给我买花。)我们愕然地停下脚步,她也顿了几秒,看到我儿子稚嫩的脸孔,意识到我们不是情侣之后,她迅速跑开了。我哈哈大笑~~~ 儿子郁闷地说:“我看起来有那么老吗?” 我开心地想:“ 我看起来有那么年轻吗?”


Here I would like to share one of the moments of my life with my son:

Usually I like to go to a movie or dinner out at a nice restaurant on weekend with my son when he finished his schoo work. We have a nice river bund here that we can walk in the summer evening, and take the boat to cruise on the River for an enjoyable sightseeing in the summer evening too.

One time in the sunset, while I was walking along the river bund with my son, a girl running to us and she was going to sell a rose to us. She said,”brother, can you buy….”( She swallowed her next words that” can you buy a rose for the sister?” because she mistook us as the lover couples in dating.) We stopped walking, surprisedly. She stood there for a few seconds looking at my son’s young face and ran away immediately after she realized that we were not lovers.

I giggled a lot, and my son asked me in unhappy mood, ”Do I look so old? ” I was so happy and thinking,” Do I look so young?” :D

My son is very tall, and I was slim with a short skirt, we really looked like the lover couples while we were walking and so close to each other at the bund in the dusk of evening.

#2014-04-03 11:28:26 by panda2009 @panda2009


My this blog just answer the comments of the last one, no intention to made my son famous here. Maybe my son will not judge the thing with me when he knows in future. Because he grows up day and day.

#2014-04-03 14:50:15 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Young men should be angry and intense at times."

Yes, I agree, Panda. But they should NOT be rude or discourteous to their elders. Being impolite is quite different to being impassioned or excited.


Thanks for the nice little story, DancingShoes. A charming, well portrayed scene indeed.

I am sure that both you and Panda will make EXCELLENT wives for some lucky man. It boggles my mind why both of you haven't been lustily grabbed already. Most certainly, I wish you both well and feel romantic success is not so very far away, after all. :)

#2014-04-03 19:14:47 by panda2009 @panda2009


Your story with your son is very lovely, but I still look forward your more tour logs to take us going so many wonderful places.

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