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Peter lived for nearly a half-decade in China, including two as a Peace Corps volunteer, and is the author of Socrates in Sichuan: Chinese Students Search for Truth, Justice and the (Chinese) Way. It is the intention of his blog to foster the sort of intercultural understanding necessary for long term relationships.
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Asian Women Get More, and Better, Sex    

By Peter V
8323 Views | 24 Comments | 2/10/2014 4:44:44 PM
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#2014-02-14 09:16:15 by Barry1 @Barry1


"We are very pleased in sex together ever day. I think he is very masculine and assertive because he likes to control everything. So according to the report, how to explain these?"

This is a good question, Grace.

Let me say there is a considerable body of research that refutes the findings reported here. There are many studies in fact that state the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Lori Gottlieb postulated in the "New York Times" magazine article. Many well documented, scientific studies show that men who help around the house often do receive MORE sex, not less of it.

I could easily cite specific details or references to these studies, but given that Peter's article here is intended as a rather good natured, benign one, I won't go into specific details of these studies here, as we don't want to become too bogged down or serious about things.


"I suggest you follow the link and read the original article. The author addresses many of these concerns."

Yes, I read the original article and then I dug a little deeper. I found that Lori Gottlieb's findings are disputed by many other sociologists and psychotherapists. Some have suggested that she wrote this in the New York Times magazine primarily as a type of publicity piece, knowing it would attract a lot of attention from a very predictable media circus, who crawl over anything that mentions "sex".

Let me reiterate by saying that at the end of the day, there are just as many experts who say men will get LESS sex, if they adopt a more egalitarian role around the house - as those who say they will get MORE sex.

This "New York Times" article in my view thus should be viewed as a bit of a "fluff" piece. Not meant to be taken particularly seriously. A bit of entertainment for the masses, many of whom don't question things beyond a superficial level. But thanks must go to Peter for drawing it to our attention - stirring the pot as it were - and giving us a laugh.

#2014-02-14 18:41:44 by sandy339 @sandy339

It is Asian women are getting the last laugh—and more sex? Haha, I question it, at least my last laugh is not the same. So you think modern couples should perpetuate the traditional role, which is kind of backward I think. Every couple should have their own style of marriage, their own paradigm, not necessarily as the tradional gender roles, Marriage is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced and discussed?

So happy to see you here, long time no see, many hugs and kisses (only on cheeks, haha) to you :):*(hug)

#2014-02-15 16:09:51 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Grace172 - I second @Sandy339 in her comment. What a treat to have you back!(hi)

#2014-02-16 00:08:14 by Grace172 @Grace172

Thank you for your kindly reply my “question” and support me. haha… I just make fun of it. I think this is a funny article. I am interested in the report of the study. Maybe it is correct maybe not. Who knows. Maybe most of western cases like that. See, John jumped up at once to declare that he rarely did any of the housework, he was so happy that he had found a good backing to support him not need to do the chores in the future and it seems this give us a hint that he has more sex than other men who shares the housework. LOL (John, I just according to the article). Peter has good sense of sarcastic humor. From his word I can tell “According to a recent study, however, it is Asian women are getting the last laugh—and more sex.” LOL. So smart. I like that. As I am an Asian woman I have to reply this not fit to my case. Maybe unfortunately my case belongs to the minority. lol
Haha,… see what Sandy339 said, “It is Asian women are getting the last laugh—and more sex? Haha, I question it, at least my last laugh is not the same.” Another Asian woman also belongs to the minority too. Hehe…
Barry1, I have read your many comments. And I can tell you are a smart and kind man. I wish you will soon find your right girl.
@sandy339 @JohnAbbot
I am happy to see you again too. I haven’t come here since I got a “RMB50 note” on CLM half year ago.(refer to Paul Fox article “Is she my type part 7”) I tried to grow it to “RMB100 note” during this half year. Beside my busy teaching work, all my spare time had been focused on him. He deleted my profile here maybe he worried that I would find a “RMB100 note” here. lol. Now he has gone back to America to find a job and house to prepare out future. So now I can have chance to come here again. Of course not for finding a RMB note but enjoy reading the articles here and study from others.
John. I really appreciate you and the CLM to offer us a good platform. It lets us to learn different culture from the blogs and forum while we are looking for our spouse here. I like CLM very much.
Dear sandy, You are a very wise and kind girl. I wish you find your Mr right in the year of horse.

#2014-02-16 16:03:34 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Grace172 - Wow! Congratulations, first for meeting that 50 RMB note on CLM, and second for managing to turn him magically into a 100 RMB note. That is truly a job well done. (clap)

We'll look forward to posting your Success Story when the time is right. We're very happy for the two of you.

#2014-02-16 16:11:42 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

@Grace172. I am happy to hear that you have found your RMB50 note. My RMB100 has just told me that I am no longer her RMB50 note, I am up to RMB65 - haha
Oh well, I guess it's the right direction (lol) after all, I'd be worried if I had dropped in value to RMB35 - haha!

#2014-02-16 18:25:04 by Grace172 @Grace172

Thank you again, John. I had tried to turn him into RMB100 note, but failed. I think I might be only RMB50 note to him, too. So he also wanted to change me but failed too. We ofter fought. It's difficult to find a person 100% perfer fit to each other. What we can do is accept it or not. At last I accepted who he should be, and he accepted who I should be. His 50RMB + My 50RMB =100 RMB. perfect! ;) Then our love grew. In our relationship, he is the one who pay the most effort. I really appreciate him for that. So I will let him to write our story in the future.

#2014-02-16 18:39:32 by Grace172 @Grace172

Congratulations, Paul! You may tell her that you are not a RMB note but a high quality stock. It will soar by judicious management. haha... Best wish to you two! (y)

#2014-02-17 11:22:22 by Barry1 @Barry1


"Barry1, I have read your many comments. And I can tell you are a smart and kind man. I wish you will soon find your right girl."

Thank you for this, Grace. I am arriving in China in May to spend 31 days there. A full month. To meet some of the wonderful people that I have been chatting to here. I am sure that I will find the right one for me. If not, then at least I will have a wonderful holiday.

I wish you well also. You seem to be a very lovely and sincere person. I am sure your USA friend is a very lucky man indeed. Blessings to you both, my friend.

#2014-02-20 14:18:10 by Grace172 @Grace172

@Barry1 "I am sure your USA friend is a very lucky man indeed. " Haha.. Thank you. I wish he could read this. But I don't think he would agree with you. He must think that it was unlucky to being a headstrong woman like me.:D Anyway, he is a good man and good father except over picky sometimes. I wonder I am chosen by such a picky man like him is that mean I am not that bad.(giggle)
I wish you will choose your beauty in May and will have a wonderful holidays in China. I hope they won't fight for you. (giggle) Have fun! And good luck!

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