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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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Memorable four days---Laos trip(三)难忘的四天---老挝之行(三)    

By Xin73
3940 Views | 4 Comments | 9/2/2013 2:39:44 PM

After breakfast in the hotel restaurant.I gently across in the direction of Vietnam embassy to go,walk from the hotel to the embassy in about 15 minutes.Thought of later will get visa can get away of here, my in the mind feel particularly relaxed.I side to walking and one side appreciate the high streets and back lanes.I found here rarely see the bus, more difficult to see the shadow of cab,but from time to time a motorcycle passing.The motorcycle is the preferred means of transport when Laos People to go out.On both sides of the road every 30 meters under the tree put a small table,some people sitting in that sell lottery.

Unknowingly came to the embassy,I filled out the application form to hand the staff.After they read my visa application form,and tell me the visa must to wait until next Tuesday to be able to get.To heard I be silly to say to want to wait until next Tuesday, the day is just on Friday,that means I have to wait here for four days?I think same day can get visa just add cost,I think here visa and it the same in china,if only to add two hundred yuan can get the visa that day.I burning with anxiety to explain for embassy staff,I said I'm in a hurry to return to Vietnam and request them for me Stretch Rules at a time.Here the Vietnam visa fee is $65,I told staff I would like to add three times the price get on the same day of the visa,the staff said to my enter a country records and the fastest only at next Monday,they don't charge the urgent expenses.Said a lot of words can only one day in advance to get the visa.Three days and four days what difference does it?My heart very not taste and very chagrin.They gave me a receipt for the visa fee,I request to get a visa before Monday morning at 9 o'clock,because at 11:40am every day in Laos have only one flight to Hu Zhiming city.They promise me and write down the date and time on the receipt.

Originally thought immediately after obtaining a visa back in central Vietnam,and then fly to ho chi minh city from there.At this time of the trip are all mess up.I can not press the originally planned route,only here waiting to get a visa and then fly to Ho Chi Minh City.I phoned Vietnamese friend,asked her to help me deal with some things and put my luggage checked to Ho Chi Minh City.Alas,there is no way I can only patiently wait,take things as they come.

Out of the embassy,I took out motor vehicle driver last night gave my a card.Then I phoned him to take me to the supermarket to buy some few toiletries.I waited more than ten minutes on the roadside the driver arrive.He took me to the Laos's largest supermarket(Talat Sao),here had all everyday items,including textiles,finished garments,jewelry,tableware, cosmetics,bedding,hardware,watches,digital products and household appliances,etc.These daily necessities are mostly imported from Thailand and also some imports of Chinese products.I casually chose three sets of clothes made in Thailand,then bought three days of food,have instant noodles,bread,fruit,Taiwan imported meat and milk.I never go to the restaurant in Laos four days,I am alone also not in the mood to go,Laos people eat with the hand pilaf of customs that left a deep impression on me,in four days time,every time I think of that eating of customs, my stomach uncomfortable;and here the Restaurant of environment no matter how elegant but flies will share the food with you.The hotel offers breakfast I only ate once.

Bought all the goods,I asked the driver to take me back to the hotel.On its way through Laos One of the most iconic Triumphal Arch symbolic (Patuxay).I call the driver parked the car on the side of the road let me go to visit.I went into the trees encircle the park of Patuxay,in the middle of the park,the musical fountain in front had a red chassis,inlay black marble the horizontal tablet of monument,the surface of the monument engraved with the Laos word,Chinese and English writing "the Chinese government and people give gifts for the Laotian government and the people."I heard that in order to meet the tenth asean meeting,the Chinese government donated ten million yuan,help to build the Patuxay park of Laos.The Patuxay was built in 1960,completed in 1969, it is a large monument,originally built to commemorate victims in war.The Peoples of Vientiane as celebrate the victory parade through here,to commemorate this historic event and called it the Patuxay.I climbed the Patuxay,and look and observe overhead the frieze of incising,these beautiful carving shows Laos traditional national culture and art,it coacervation the essence in Laos typical building.I boarded the highest point,Vientiane city are collected in my eyes.

After visiting i to return to the hotel to rest.when the night falls,i walked out of the hotel in a nearby to find a massage shop,to experience the traditional laos style of massage.everywhere in vientiane city has massage shop.and thus imperceptibly the day had crept.





走出大使馆,我掏出机动车司机昨晚留给我的名片;然后我给他打电话来载我去超市买一些换洗用品。我在路边等了十几分钟司机才来。他带我去老挝最大的超市(Talat Sao),这里有一切日常用品,包括纺织品、成品衣服、珠宝、餐具、化妆品、床上用品、五金器具手表,以及家电数码产品等。这些日常用品大部分是进口的泰国的,也有一些进口的中国产品。在超市我随便挑选了三套泰国产的衣服,然后买了三天的食品,泡面,面包,水果,台湾进口的烤肉片和牛奶。我在老挝四天从来没有到外面的餐厅用餐,自己一个人没有心情去餐厅,老挝人用手抓饭吃的风俗让我印象深刻,在那四天每次吃东西想起,我的胃很不舒服;再有这里的餐厅环境无论多优雅但苍蝇会与你分享食物。酒店提供的早餐我只吃过一次。

买好一切用品,我叫司机载我回酒店。途中经过老挝最具有象征性的标志凯旋门(Patuxay)。我叫司机靠边停车让我过去参观。走进绿树环绕的凯旋门公园,在公园中央,音乐喷泉前有一红色底座,黑色大理石镶面的卧碑,碑面上用老,中,英三国文字镌刻着“中国政府和人民赠送给老挝政府和人民的礼物。” 听说为迎接第十届东盟会议召开,中国政府捐资一千万人民币,帮助老挝修建了凯旋门公园。而凯旋门修建于1960年,1969年完工时它是一座大型的纪念碑,原为纪念战争中的牺牲人员。1975年解放时,万象市人民庆祝胜利的游行从这里通过,为纪念这个历史性事件而将其称为凯旋门。我爬上凯旋门,抬头观察头顶上檐壁的雕饰,这些漂亮的雕饰展示了老挝传统的民族文化艺术,它凝聚着老挝典型建筑的精华。登上最高层,万象市容尽收在我的眼底。


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@anonymous7301 你好!我最近很忙,我已经回来多日。正在准备去越南河内。还有几个行程没有完成。我没事一个人出门习惯了,我只是没有想到老挝比越南落后那么多。很感谢你的关心。

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