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AmyLu grew up on a farm in South China’s Guangxi Province. She dropped out of high school early to go work in Guangdong and help support her family. Present living in Shanghai, AmyLu admits that when she talks she talks a lot, but when she doesn’t she listens, watches and learns. She likes to keep learning and to try new things. AmyLu is flexible and easily contented. When life knocks her down she stands back up and learns from the fall. This is her first time to write down her stories about her life in China, and she hopes to also debate society, culture etc. She says she also hopes to find another missing piece from our CLM mother! :)
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Lucky I Didn't Die On The Bus - 很幸运没死在车上    

By AmyLu
4124 Views | 2 Comments | 4/14/2013 1:42:33 PM

I'm sorry for if someone reading this article feel ill.

Today is the day of departure for shenzhen. a few days earlier i packed my baggage, a small wooden box with daily necessities and a set of uniform some of my own clothes, there is two pants mom gave me hers, cousins also gave me some clothes too. they look kind of new and pretty make me so happy! folded them neatly put in the my small wooden box.

After lunch 1:30pm mom send me to the station by bicycle, i siting on the bike in front of mom, my small box tied on the back of bike. on the half way i feel that is hard for mom to ride me. "Should we change to ride the bike mom?" i say. i am heavy than you it is impossible for you to ride me and you are one of the weakest at home. "we are there soon so no need you ride me." mom say. looked at her is tired really hope i can lose twenty pounds to reduce the burden of her.

Finally we arrive bus station, many people, petrol smell is very heavy, disgusting. We found uncle li he introduces us to who are travel together, this is aunt zhang, aunt li, xiao zeng, xiao huang and there they are from sun village. we are all the same go to shenzhen together. need to wait until 5pm from now still have one hours take some rest and you can talk to each other.

i can see that xiao zeng and xiao huang age same as me they look too young then mother and i went to say hello to them. "how old are you is this your first time leave home town?" they asked. "im almost 16years old - yes this is my first time leave home town." i say, and asked them same question. "im 15 years old xiao huang 12years old, she and i are from the same village, first time leave home also." xiao zeng say. "you are too young." mom and i say in the same time.

"you are all younger should take care each other when get there, if have any question ask who are older. now i need to go buy medicine for my daughter, she have car sick problem. will you two need some?" mom say. "no thank you we dont have car sick." they say.

Except medicine mom bought some oranges and bananas, "here you are daughter take the medicine now after you get in the car wont feel too bad, the oranges and bananas i bought enough for 3 people you can share with xiao huang and xiao zeng." mom say. "ok." i say.

"Shenzhen is far away from our home town, don't try to come back once in two or three month, cant like before you go to boarding school come home less two time during the week. this time are different now. Shenzhen is too far come home once are not easy. many people who are work in guangdong, they wait until china new year come back home town. Bird nesting with family so you too. if really miss family write a letter or use your employers phone call our neighbour village, let the guy know what time you will call back again they will tell us to go answer the phone. do you understand?" mom say.

"yes i know mom." i say.

Bus going to start, through the window i can see mom eyes are wet. the medicine seem like not really help i feel dizzy, nausea. siting in here not dare to move, if i move feel more dizzy and nausea. but i still try hard to turned body to see her before bus go far. she still standing there watching the bus slowly driving away. Strangely my tears flow out. wait the car go far. i lie down close eyes not dare to move.

After a whole night, bus near by suburbs, im so sick of it. all the way on the bus not dare to eat or drink anything. want to vomit but endure not to spit, because i dont want people see that make them feel disgusting. it is 6am we arrived city proper, i heard someone say. too much cars and traffic lights. the bus go and stop go and stop in a short time it make a very sick, finally cant endure it.

fast from own pockets take a plastic bag vomiting hard on inside. done with this i feel better. but dont know how long i vomited again this time is hurt. vomited some yellow water from stomach, nose and mouth very uncomfortable. looking at outside thinking why we are still not arrive destination? be quickly otherwise i will die in the car.

"what time is it? where we are? how long before we get to shenzhen?" i asked uncle li weakly.

"another hour to shenzhen hold on dont worry you will be fine when we are get off the bus. i have some more medicine do you want to have it?" uncle li say.

"no thanks!" i say. In this time of me tired hungry thirsty, but afraid to swallow anything.

almost arrive shenzhen soon, get ready off the car, i hear uncle li calling for. then he walk to me and other say we are arrive soon dont forget take every your own thing with you. im happy to hear that, finally able to get off the bus, dont have to dizzy no nausea no vomit. get off the bus uncle li looking at me not really well. after he initiative to help me carry the suitcase of mine. vomit again this time it almost kill me nothing else comes out, only some yellow water from stomach, the tears follow too.

after this long journey and i know that i was so sensitive to the car, a lot chinese women and men have this problem. in the next ten years if i dont have to i wont take a car or go out by car. every friends ask me go out i always ask them how far take a car if more than 30 minutes will refuse. until two years ago i divorce. want to have some relax with a good mood. bravely again challenges to thailand tourism. miracle happen to me on the way to airport all the carsickness disappeared. start to love travel, sit in the car can look all around, enjoy the view.

thanks uncle li very much! he is the one take care of me on the way pass me paper towel.

when i start to recalled write this story my mother and sisters gave me clothes still smile happily, satisfied and mom used the bike send me to the station left her my eyes are wet again.





妈妈除了买晕车药给我之外还买了一些橙子和香蕉。妈妈说:“药给你现在就吃,这样你上车时就不会晕了。我还多买了一些橙子和香蕉到时你给小曾、小黄也分一点。”我说:“好的。” 妈妈对我说:“深圳离我们家很远的,不要出去二三个月就回来一次哦!不能像你第一次去住宿学校一样,一星期跑回家几次。这次不一样了来回一次不容易的。在外边工作的人都是新年才回来,你也等到过新年再回家团聚吧!真的想家了就写信给家里,或者用你们老板家的电话打到隔壁村去,到时侯我去接听就行了,听到没有?我说:“知道了。”



深圳长城大厦快到了,快准备好下车。我听到李叔在叫换着。然后他走到我这边跟我和几个同行的说快到了,拿好东西,不要忘在车上。听到这话我好开心,终于可以下车了。不用再头晕、恶心、 呕吐。下了车李叔见我嘴唇发白,主动帮我提行李箱,在他接过我的行李箱后,又吐了一次。但这次差点要了我的命!没什么东西吐出来但是每一口都是黄色的液体。连眼泪也跟着出来。


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#2013-04-15 13:21:15 by panda2009 @panda2009

Very good! Please continue...

#2013-04-19 02:29:44 by madmac @madmac

Hi Amylu, I second Panda2009 please continue with this story! You were very brave young girl at the time and now for being able to talk about it. I don't suffer from motion/car sickness myself but I know alot of people who are and have seen how it affects people and it is terrible at the best of times.

I enjoyed reading it very much and look forward to the rest..

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