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我出世在一个美丽的国家,经历了动荡的时代和历史的变迁,终于回到了祖国。当岁月积淀女人的智慧与理性,我终于剥下华丽与虚荣,学会积累生活和人生的体悟,我在这里与大家分享生活的心灵感悟,感悟人生的真谛。I was born in a beautiful country, Vietnam, and lived through the turbulent era and the history of changes, then finally returned to the Mother China. With years of accumulated wisdom and feminine rationality,I finally peeled off the gorgeous and vanity. I am here to share with you inspiration, love, hope and thankfulness and their role in understanding the depth and true meaning of life.
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Love with or without losing and winning? 爱情有输赢?    

By Xin73
6868 Views | 22 Comments | 5/16/2013 5:43:55 PM

Love with or without losing and winning?

Love is tortured people things, let a person broken heart but be fascinated.So, to the end love with or without losing and winning? Who lost to who? Who won to who?In my opinion, not all love need to start and to outcome.Love if there is a probation period, I think it must be a lot of people make an appointment , but, that is love? It isn't love, but a game, more like a bet.

Sometimes, love each other of lovers for some reason to give up other side,the giving up is a loser or winner?When he (she) really belongs to you, realize that two persons have the happiness.But in for a long time to get along with the occasional disharmony is inevitable,more is no ground for blame,there will always be one party's compromise and concessions.Concession is not wronged, not to defeated, but for a loved one's make with efforts; perhaps will run counter to oneself original intention,but when own compromise to let lovers of face arise a smile, that moment innermost feel relieved.I think, between lovers to understand each other and tolerance, there is nothing more comforting than this.

Some people think that love to more deep more to feel own low self-esteem.Love a person,can let oneself become humble and lose self.I think, between men and women are equal, no difference between high and low, does not need to go to compare who had better who,who love who more, who must to pay a little more.Rather than of wasting time to haggle over these innocuous things, is better than use these time to calculate how much love each other deep .

Perhaps love is a game playing, but love is not a war, there is no what is called winning or losing.We can't use love as an excuse to restrict other side and beat other side.If the deep love a person, but the other side put deep love regard as the restrict of the key, to each other perhaps is a very sad thing. Loved ones,can not get respect and to cherish;be loved of person,behind in arrogant get is vanity. Happiness will therefore far across the ten thousand crags and torrents.

In the world of love, there are a lot of people always entanglements in the plot of romance and cruel, to get yourself more dead than alive, every day do not know expend how much energy, to deal with these "shear continuously, manage to return disorderly" of emotions, in the end affect the work,more affect the life.If really let yourself go to this point,lose to out,in fact,is not your feelings, but your own life.

Love has no who to who wrong,nor in order of arrival,have a plenty of love or not love.The reality is the same,this fate and that fate,accumulation and dispersion are sometimes,need not importune.At a time of result,really not ultimate of love!Love has no who lose who wins,have a plenty of appropriate or inappropriate.No everlasting love in the world,also there is nothing can immortal.

Love on the Internet, more have no who sorry who,have no who owes who.The appreciation is mutual, light, but also of each other.Others cannot simplicity with affectionate or fickle give to parties down to conclusions.Everyone knows that in this world the most fickle is one's heart! So I think the love there is no winners and losers. Life is so short, the world is so big, can meet a whole heart of the person you like, that is how not easy.When love comes, I will proceed without hesitation put into love ,who will dare say love deeper and more of that person is loser?And I think that only input sentiment to deepest and most true of man just is the most happiness of people.

Love is to enjoy the beautiful process, rather than haggle over and dispute of emotional weights of heft.In nice the life to experience and thoroughly to love, this is very rare.In any case don't for own to pay to regret,because love never who wins and who loses.

Finally, in here I thank TimG to offer me this blog pretty pictures, at the same time thank TimG and James-father to tutoring in English for me.








网络的爱请,更没有谁对不起谁,没有谁欠谁。欣赏是相互的,淡薄,也是相互的。旁人不能单纯地以多情或者薄情来给当事人下定论。谁都知道在这个世间最善变的就是人心!所以我认为爱情里面没有输赢之分。人生如此短暂,世界如此之大,能够遇见一个全心喜欢的人,那是多么不容易。 当爱情来了,我会义无反顾地投入十分去爱一场,谁会说爱得深爱得多的那个人就是输家?而我认为只有投入感情最深最真的那个人才是最幸福的人。



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#2013-05-16 19:08:09 by anonymous6187 @anonymous6187



#2013-05-16 19:09:49 by anonymous6188 @anonymous6188

爱情,的确一场有输有赢的赌博...... 2008-08-16 13:27:01|

#2013-05-16 19:33:33 by Apinkapple @Apinkapple

Sorry for an unfinished posting because of the problem from the machine.
I dare not say I fall in love with a man without real meet and contact.
I believe love stems from attraction of the souls as well as chemistry.Without face-to-face meet and body contact,how can I know whether I like the man truly or not.

I have not married yet,so I had some blind-dating experiences. I found the men whom I like are those whose chemistry attracted to me firstly.This is the signal emitted by the instinct of our body, we can not resist.

A virtual relationship online ended abruptly should be in our expectations. We should not be too sad.
Most of the women on the CLM maybe had the same experiences as us before they finally met their Mr.Right.

On the other hand,I think love is a very private thing, which should be protected carefully.When the flower of our feelings still in its infancy, we should quietly irrigate and fertilize her until she blossom and bear fruits.

Even if the relationship ended up with a sad story,I prefer to keep it in my heart and appreciate the man who ever gave me some beautiful days.
I don't think all of the men like to be exposed to others without any privacy even though on the Internet.

I think the premature announcement of love will scare each other and will make men or women feel they are urged to recognize a relationship.

I will say I like a man but I won't say I love a man before I meet him really.
Good luck and take care.

#2013-05-17 00:08:06 by anonymous6190 @anonymous6190


#2013-05-17 09:01:37 by anonymous6192 @anonymous6192


#2013-05-17 13:46:38 by 345 @345


#2013-05-17 18:54:07 by Apinkapple @Apinkapple

Hi, Xin,
How are you recently ?

The above posting is the next half of what I wrote yesterday.It was missed because of the problem of the machine.Now I add something to my posting.I just want to share my ideas with you and other friends here.

Judging by your blogs,You are a wise lady with women's sentimentality and men's generosity.That's why I like to read your blogs.

In my opinion,it takes time and luck to meet our Mr.or Ms. Right.Before that we will meet some others who enrich our lives.

We are lucky enough that we live in an age with the Internet,which shortens the distance between people,meanwhile which makes the distance between hearts farther away.It sounds cruel, but we must face the fact.

Dating on the Internet is really like a game where a man and a woman take part in together through some virtual tools. So the relationship is also virtual before real meeting.

The game will be over with two endings. one ending is that one of the parties firstly leave just because he or she doesn't want to continue the game,which is very common. The other is that both sides leave together happily into marriage.You and me both are expecting the latter.

It's true that one of the parties will feel hurt when the relationship has broken up.We have no choice but to go forward with smile.

Some dance to remember,some dance to forget...

Share an English song with you from The Eagles.


on a dark desert highway,行驶在昏黑的荒漠公路上,

cool wind in my hair.凉风吹过我的头发.

warm smell of colitas,温馨的大麻香,

rising up through the air.弥漫在空气中.

up ahead in the distance,抬头遥望远方,

i saw a shimmering light.我看到微弱的灯光.

my head grew heavy my sight grew dim.我的头越来越沉,视线也变得模糊.

i had to stop for the night.我不得不停下来过夜.

there she stood in the doorway;她站在门口那儿招呼我

i heard the mission bell.我听到远处教堂的钟声.

and i was thinking to myself,我在心里对自己说

"this could b heaven or this could b hell".这里可能是天堂也可能是地狱.

then she lit up a candle,然后她点燃了蜡烛,

and she showed me the way.给我引路.

there were voices down the corridor.沿着走廊传来阵阵说话声.

i thought i heard them say...我想我听到他们在说……

welcome to the hotel california!欢迎来到加州旅馆!

such a lovely place!如此美丽的地方!

such a lovely face!多么可爱的的面容!!

plenty of room at the hotel california!加州旅馆有充足的房间!

any time of year,u can find it here!一年的任何时候,你都能在这找到房间.

her mind is tiffany-twisted,她的心为珠宝所扭曲,

she got the mercedes bends.她拥有豪华奔驰车.

she got a lot of pretty,pretty boys.她有许多漂亮的小伙子.

that she calls friends.她称之为朋友.

how they dance in the courtyard,他们在庭院里翩翩起舞,

sweet summer sweat.夏日的香汗淋漓.

some dance to remember!有些舞是为了回忆!

some dance to forget!而有些舞是为了忘却!

so i called up the captain,于是我叫来领班,

"please bring me my wine."请给我来些酒.

he said"we haven't had that spirit here,他说我们这不供应列酒

since nineteen sixty nine."从1969年起.

and still those voices are calling from far

wake u up in the middle of the night.在半夜把你吵醒.

just to hear them say...只听到他们在说……

welcome to the hotel california!欢迎到加州旅馆来!

such a lovely place!如此美丽的地方!

such a lovely face!多么可爱的的面容!

they livin' it up at the hotel california.他们在加州旅馆尽情狂欢.

what a nice surprise,好得令人吃惊,

bring your alibis.使你有来到这的借口.

mirrors on the ceiling,天花板上镶嵌着的镜子,

the pink champagne on ice.冰镇着的粉色香槟

and she said"we are all just prisoners here-她说我们都是这的囚徒

-of our own device".但是是我们自愿的.

and in the master's chambers.在主人的卧房里.

they gathered for the feast.他们为宴会聚在一起.

they stabbed it with their steely knives.他们彼此间用钢刀相互砍杀.

but they just can't kill the beast.但他们甚至不能杀死野兽!

last thing i remember,我所记得的最后一件事

i was running for the door.是我跑向门口.

i had to find the passage back,我必须找到来时的路,

to the place i was before.回到我过去的地方.

"relax",said the night man,守夜人说放宽心,

"we are programmed to receive.我们只是照常接待

you can checkout any time you like.你想什么时候结帐都可以.

but you can never leave!"但你永远无法离去!

#2013-05-18 00:25:58 by TimG @TimG


I agree with you when seeking a marriage partner. The attraction must be there or weakness can appear in the relationship. Infidelity can result. However, there are also many kinds of love. Child love. Parent love. Friend love. (At least in English there is). Maybe there is also internet love? How it fits, I do not know.

#2013-05-18 16:42:13 by Apinkapple @Apinkapple

Hi, TimG,Thanks for your commenting.

Yes,I do agree with you on the point that there are many kinds of love,including Child love,Parent love, Friend love,and love of men and women.

Xin's article talks about the love of the men and women.
I think some men and women on the CLM are also looking for an Internet love which can lead them into a real marriage.

Also,I don't know what an Internet love is like.
In my view ,Internet is only a tool. We just want to meet true love and a right marriage partner through it. However, it seems that the process is so complicated and confusing, but the result is so unsatisfactory and disappointing. So we often read some stories about an infatuated girl deserted by a heartless man.

I really don't know what some west men are looking for on the Internet.Maybe they just want Plato love online, extramarital affairs,one-night stand when a trip to China, or something else.They flirt with Chinese women with their cheap sweet words on the line and make some women fall in an illusory love,and then they disappear suddenly,which makes the women very painful.

To the contrary,the Chinese men are traditional and conservative. They are not good at flattering women with sweet words.It is likely that Chinese women are born lack of immunity to sweet words.As a result,women seems to easily fall in an illusory love just because of sweet words from west men.

Personally,I think dating on the line is a very good way to learn a language and different cultures,also it's an access to know west men better,through which I can grow up well.
Anyway,I'm confident about my future.

Best regards.

#2013-05-18 22:11:24 by ripe @ripe


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