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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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Love in the 'Right Place'    

By Paul Fox
893 Views | 9 Comments | 7/23/2018 3:24:47 PM

There's been much talk, of late, of various topics that have nothing to do with what CLM is all about.

I'm probably the most guilty one, because I was the one who instigated 'alternative ideas' to what we've all been taught.

To be fair, John Abbot has allowed me to have my 'say', yet has kept me within certain boundaries that I am happy to accept.

In my last blog I spoke about the true meaning of 'love', and this time I want to take that paragigm to a higher level.

I'm going to begin by asking you a question, and it's this - 'Who ARE you?'

Of course, John Abbot will say, 'I am John Abbot', and Barry Pittman will say, 'I am Barry Pittman', etc, etc, etc.

My question would be, 'Are you?'

The fact is, we identify ourselves by the name our parents gave us, but is that WHO we ARE?

WHO we are and WHAT we are, are NOT the same.

Let's suppose that you are fat. Whose fault is it that you're fat? I can't make you slim, can I ?

If you are miserable and unhappy, how can I make you cheerful?

It's YOUR fault that you are miserable and unhappy, not mine..........

So, how can we deal with this, and find the LOVE we're looking for?

Let me ask you a question..........Have you ever walked into a room full of people and thought 'Who's died?'

Conversely, have you ever walked into a room full of elation and thought, "Why is everyone so happy?'

In BOTH cases you INSTANTLY KNOW the 'feeling' in that room, yet have never asked yourself WHY you 'know', or HOW you know.....


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#2018-07-23 15:24:32 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Paul, you may be onto something here, and I think I see where you are going with "It's FREQUENCY!", but your title is Love in the 'Right Place' and I sure wish you had gone on to actually tie that title to the conclusion that "it's frequency" by way of an explanation, instead of leaving us to guess what you mean or to solve the riddle of what you mean.

But my guess is that your point is that we find love with someone who is operating on the same frequency as we are. And that fits in brilliantly with my own belief as to how/why the universe exists (the one you don't believe in), why we are here in it and where we are going within it. Within my belief system, which I will explain later, after you've connected the dots to expain your title, thinking that we love someone because they are the right frequency for us really works perfectly for me.

And when I think about the women in my life whom I have loved profoundy and who have loved me back profoundly, I agree that we were operating on the same frequency while we were so much in love. And when the frequency of one of us changed, the love died a tragic death.

So please do tell me (maybe others have intuited it but I have not), what exactly is the tie in of your title?  

#2018-07-23 18:35:07 by Barry1 @Barry1



"In BOTH cases you INSTANTLY KNOW the 'feeling' in that room, yet have never asked yourself WHY you 'know', or HOW you know....It's FREQUENCY !"



Interesting concept, Paul.


Is this the same as the phenomenon of looking at someone, when suddenly they look up and stare back at you, because somehow they sensed or felt that they were being looked at?


This example tends to make one believe in extra-sensory powers.... and if so, then it's plausible to suggest that these powers, this energy, could very well operate at differing (or the same) frequency.


Because Einstein demonstrated that energy can be described in wave form (sometimes particles also, but let's not complicate matters).  As soon as the word "wave" is mentioned, then frequency or wavelength comes into play.


High school physics tells us that the frequency of a wave is the number of waves passing a point in a certain time. Normally intervals of one second are used. Frequency is measured by the unit hertz (Hz). One hertz is equal to one wave per second. Simple, yes?


So in all my past failed relationships, it seems I've ultimately been operating at differing hertz to my loved one. How depressing.  ;(








#2018-07-23 21:03:17 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

@Paul Fox,

"I yam that I yam an' that's all that I yam. Whare's me spinachk (ahehehehehe)".

Vibrational frequency combined with electromagnetism rules all the various dimensions I am currently acquainted with. Change in those frequencies requires receiver adjustments to adequately assess. 'Nuff said.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Peace out, Gongji

#2018-07-23 22:55:50 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


I'm so sorry, John. This blog was not finished. I was still editing it, but of course, you had no way to know that.

May I make a 'deal' with you and say that if I upload a blog without a picture, it's not ready to be published.

I will make a connection, as requested, but until I have time, please do some research on a guy named Pierre Luigi Ighano. He caused apricot trees to grow apples, by using frequency.

#2018-07-24 15:35:48 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Ooops. Sorry, but I did not realize it wasn't finished. How about giving me a photo to add to it, and going on to a part 2 that is based on the changes.

And yes, in the future I will look for a photo before publishing your blogs.

#2018-07-24 16:33:40 by Barry1 @Barry1



Sorry I'm late, Paul.  I should have congratulated you in your last article, which was number ONE HUNDRED. This article therefore is number 101.


You've now joined an elite group of steadfast, hardy bloggers who've reached this admirable milestone. I know John will be mighty pleased also, especially if you'd please stop referring to what he writes as "total BS".   (giggle)(giggle)


Well done, lad! Party time - please have several beers on me and a glass of wine also!  (music)(dance)(ninja)(d)(beer)(beer)(beer)(beer)(music)(dance)

#2018-07-24 21:50:44 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


This example tends to make one believe in extra-sensory powers.... and if so, then it's plausible to suggest that these powers, this energy, could very well operate at differing (or the same) frequency.


Yes, Barry, you're right.

I'll elaborate more in the rest of the blog, which now means in part 2, but in essence, we all have the power to manifest anything we want.

If you haven't read the book called 'The Law of Attraction', I respectfully suggest you do. If not, I think there may be a YT video you can watch that explains it in detail.

#2018-07-29 05:02:46 by autumn2066 @autumn2066

Humans are social animals, it might explain why we always want to find friendship and love. Both of them mean connection and connection might mean aidance. Having some comrade-in-arms was very important guarantee for surviving while our human ancestors living in jungle.

In a modern society while most of survival crisis have been eliminated, friendship and marriage seem to be no longer necessary, and many citizens might be happy and satisfied with the way of living single.In this context,friendship and love seem more pure, the suspicion of use and being used become less.

Still, everyone might feel lonely and depressed without any appreciation nor resonance from other people.

If he has to live with a group of people while nobody gets his jokes or nobody understand his thought, he might feel even more lonely than living alone. 

Sometimes I feel I can live without anyone but I don't want to. Sometimes I feel I can't live without someone. I have been looking for a strong feeling of soul mate.I have been looking for someone whom could make me feel safe, could make me laugh loud often, or someone whom could bring out the best in me.

I felt disppointed time to time, but never truly lost my hope.


#2018-09-07 11:17:44 by Lindajade @Lindajade

Interesting topic! but that's true!

It is something we are living with but alway ingore: who am I and what am I. People are busying chasing what you want for material and power, or even someone you want to love, but never thought deeply why is this. slow down and think about, what you really are and really want, not with someone else standard.  I realized it after my health issue and divorce years ago, I found I have to be a healthy self , trying to do what I like, reading , travelling, live a better life with my effort. then later on, I am happy that I can achieve it.

to find someone with same frequency, is hard but also achievable. it is also a kind of law of attraction. you attract the ones like you or the ones you're always thinking about or talk about, consciouly or not. it comes to you because you youself are sending a kind of message (visula or not) to attract them. There's millions of connection in the universe, even if we can not see it. close your eyes, clam down, think about what you want, make record in your heart, then do something for it. It comes true.

Finally may all of you blessed and find the one you love that also loves you!


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