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Cheng, a divorced single mother, forty years old, loves to smile, was born in a small village in Huangshan. She's been working in Changzhou, Jiangsu, so far as a sales manager in a local company. A quiet woman who enjoys a simple life, Cheng has experienced pain but now confidently optimistic and cheerful. She hopes to share her feelings and some ideas with you here . 程,生于徽州的一个小村庄,并在那里成长。一个四十岁的单身母亲,一个爱笑的女人。定居江苏常州,并任职于一家当地公司的销售经理至今。在经历痛苦和岁月的沉淀后,她现在是乐观的愉快的。非常乐意与您在这里分享她对人生的看法,对爱情和婚姻的期待。
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Love and marriage 爱情和婚姻    

By Chengs
7512 Views | 14 Comments | 5/10/2012 12:52:45 AM
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#2012-05-26 23:05:23 by smile01 @smile01

luck6210,I agee with you ."Two people warm each other in a good marriage,it is all the people's desire! ",good point.

#2012-09-16 19:41:18 by mette @mette


#2012-09-29 11:48:21 by Andypanda @Andypanda

Dear mette, I sympathize with your apparent confusion on why some western men talk about sex so often.
There is often simply a cultural difference between Chinese women and western men regarding this.
You and many others may be shy to talk about sex in the early stages of meeting someone. We however may be much more comfortable to discuss this early on.
There is no way around the fact that to many men and women sex is a important part of a good relationship.
Not the MOST important thing but it I am sure this does to make or break many relationships, especially in the early years.
Besides it can be so damn good.
I have no doubt there are some (hopefully not to many) men here who are just after a cheap thrill, but I believe most are here for the right reasons.
I have brought up the subject of sex with a few women I have spoke to here but this does not make me bad. Does it?
My first desire is she will please my heart (and I will also please her heart)
Then the sex would be much more satisfying anyway.
Maybe you could take a lighter approach to the subject and enjoy a bit of harmless flirting. This can be a lot of fun. If he gets out of hand simply tell him so and if he continues then just refuse any chat with him.
I am sure you will have many other men who would like your attention.
I wish you the best of luck and hope you can also have a lot of fun.

#2012-12-13 14:03:15 by tellher @tellher

i used to think must get married before 30 yrs old.

but now...still single. lucky am still alive.hahaha :)

love and marriage maybe not the same thing.

anyway still hope the miracle will happen in my life. :)

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