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Imi was born and raised in Europe, Hungary. After finishing his school years, he moved to Canada to search for a better life. He lived in Toronto for 13 years and currently resides in Vancouver. He is a romantic at heart with a strong desire to always do the right thing. He would like to give hope to the Chinese and Asian ladies with his story and send a message that love eventually finds everybody.
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Let's Talk about Walls    

By Imi
213 Views | 12 Comments | 9/8/2021 11:28:47 AM

After World War II, a concrete barrier divided Germany into West and East Germany, signifying the beginning of the cold war. Countries east of the wall were under Communist control, with their selected leaders directly taking commands from the Soviet Union.


Born under these circumstances, my generation only knew scraps of tales about the world on the other side of the wall. Travel restrictions were in effect, and permissions to visit countries in the West were only issued for those with political privilege and financial influence. It was basically impossible for the working class in every country east of the wall to visit and get a clear picture of free life.


When people are born in an antagonistic atmosphere that steadily spews negative propaganda about something unknown, the negativity misses its full impact on them because of the nature of secrecy to the slandered subject. In addition, the little news reaching the people through the few visiting tourists from the West can pollinate the right minds to spread a more colorful and realistic view contrary to the dry disinformation of the ruling class. And it depends on the size of the contradiction between the two pieces of information that determines how long the negative propaganda can still bear enough energy before losing its full efficacy for the people to see a clear picture.


Here we are right now, back in time. The elites have decided to build an enormous digital wall that blocks the pollination of minds with the information necessary to have a reasonable decision on Covid and the jabs. People taking stands on the two sides of the wall are fully convinced that the news they've been fed is good for them to make a life-changing decision. Unfortunately, one group is wrong due to receiving only one side of the story, and their choices might have dire consequences in the future.  


In my opinion, questions are the very tissues of the breathing, living truth. The more you question a problem or deceit, the more you realize how intricately they are entangled with the truth to camouflage their misleading lineage. Preventing people from questioning a problem only renders the cause of the problem with absolute power to manifest deceit as truth.


So, we have a complicated fraud at hand right now designed to hide the truth from the world. The fraud makers have to create many lies to hide one ultimate truth and cover the constant breaks in the wall caused by the so-called conspiracy theorists annoying intrusion.


The corrupt mainstream media accepted the fraud makers Covid and jab narratives without questioning their transparency. Thus, they are the perfect tools to fix the cracks in the wall. To see what side the various media are on, we have to pay attention to who asks questions and who tries to repair the wall's slow but steady attrition by discrediting and de-platforming anybody who is not in line with the fed narratives.  


Sadly, many people from different walks of life have no questions on their own and rely on the mainstream media to navigate through this unprecedented global situation. Unluckily, they will be the first casualties of this worldwide information war, which will have more losses than the first two World Wars combined.


As of now, because of the endless barrage of alternative news sites, the mainstream media can't keep up repairing the damage in the wall to cover the lies. The wall is crumbling, and people with questions on their minds are tired of being depressed, having no break from lockdowns and mandates even if they've had received two shots, and have gotten curious about what the opposite side has to say. After living eighteen long months in fear, more and more people let alternative media pollinate their premeditatedly sterilized minds. Too much pressure, anxiety and desperation created a hunger for hope instead of continued acceptance of control and taking a questionable substance into their arms.


Throughout many accounts, history unequivocally proves that oppression creates an equal amount, if not greater, of longing for change. A change that can sweep away the latent system the global elites want to bring upon humanity. More people awakening to the lies means more people will have questions about the false authority these unelected elites have obtained over the world, countries, governments, juridical systems, citizens and our bodies and health.


Frankly, even if they're billionaires, private persons have no right to tell other citizens how to manage their lives. They have no right to satisfy their unsatiated hunger for control to the detriment of us. They will not succeed. The dissidents' numbers are growing by the day because of the elites' incessant abuse of human rights. Without realizing it, the elites strengthen the opposing, growing force against their dystopian scam. They move too fast with their insidious agenda, which gives them not enough time to hide the truth with lies.


A great awakening is happening all over the world against the Great Reset. Every day, people are making decisions about who to believe. Believe in doctors who saved many lives of Covid-19 patients with their early treatment protocol or believe in puppets and talking heads on TV, who have saved zero Covid patients, only echoing the narrative of the billionaire elites who make billions on our sufferings.


What side you choose to be standing on will determine your and your loved ones' chance to survive this dark period of time. We have to do what is right and not what is easy in the present in order to deserve the opportunity to build a completely different free world in the future.  


Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2021-09-08 11:28:32 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Imi, this is another great blog. It is interesting to see the Communist anvil that was the Soviet Union through the eyes of someone who grew up under that crushing weight. When I was a child growing up in the fifties and sixties we enjoyed a world that was mostly happy and positive as our economies were growing, our freedoms were expanding and we were happily still celebrating our victories over the evil "Krauts" and the nasty "Nips". 

We felt sorry for the poor slaves of their communist masters who were starving to death by the millions while we were getting richer and richer and already starting to pudge up from the fast foods that had begun to take over our diet. But even back then many of us had started to find drugs to explore in an attempt to hide the fact that we were becoming bored by it all. The truth is that looking back now I feel as if it was all fake, nothing but a mirage.

Even then, in the sixties, the violent public execution of JFK was enough to open my eyes to darkness hiding behind the facade, and I was far, far from alone. By 1968 Malcolm X had been executed and another Kennedy and Martin Luther King were violently removed in quick succession. These 4 men were symbols of freedom and goodness to almost all of us alive at the time. Of course 2 were more symbolic heroes to people of color while 2 were more admired by whites, but for the most part all of them were looked up to and admired by the majority of us regardless of race or color.

And by then the hue was not just off the rose for some of us, but the rose was dead and buried. We were starting to recognize that the difference between the East and the West was simply that the bad people who ran the East were doing it in full public view out in front of the Iron Curtain while the evil bastards who were running the West were doing it from behind a curtain of pure deceit, one that relied on smoke and mirrors.

Not enough of us saw the truth and most were taken in by the Matrix and happily swallowing the blue pill. But as you say, the awakening seems to be upon us now and more people are opting for the red pill these days. The MSM has had a long successful run but its time is up. The evil bastards are becoming exposed, and as one of them, George Bush Sr., is purported to have once said, "If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched." 

Whether he really said it or not it appears to be prophetic because the slime that are running the world definitely seem to becoming slowly exposed for who and what they are. Let the chasing down the streets and the lynchings begin. It can't happen soon enough. 

#2021-09-08 18:34:20 by Barry1 @Barry1


Well spoken yet again, Imi. You keep hitting the truth ball out of the park, time after time.


I'm in a walking group of 22 people, most aged over 60. Of these, 20 have been vaccinated. The media scare campaign has worked well for the older age groups unfortunately.

Within this group, I'm known as the "conspiracy theorist". They scoff at my warnings about the potentially lethal consequences of getting the death jabs. These people still  believe 9/11 was caused by a bunch of Muslim no-hopers who could barely fly a Cessna.  And that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon after flying through the dangerous Van Allen radiation belts in what looked like a contraption made out of painted cardboard, tin foil and curtain rods!


Personally, I'm appalled at the level of ignorance in the community about the alarming deceptions that are all around us. Just about EVERYTHING we've been taught is a lie. The covid scam is just one of thousands, all around us. Up, down, left, right and everywhere in between!

But more than this, I'm astonished at the COWARDICE possessed by most folk. Covid has a 99.7 percent survival rate - what on Earth is there to be scared of? Don't the lily-livered yellow-bellies in the community understand that we've all gotta die sometime? Yet there they are, queueing up in the thousands, waiting like fearful sheep to receive an experimental chemical cocktail injected into their quivering pussified bodies. Real men and bold ladies are in extremely short supply these days!

It's just pathetic. The whole human race. Maybe we all deserve what's coming to us?

Or am I being overly harsh here?


#2021-09-08 19:33:20 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Again, an excellent blog from Imi, and an awesome comment from you, John.

The ONLY way a small number of people can control a large number of people is through fear.

If we look at the word 'fear' as an acronym, it has two meanings - 'Fear Everything And Run', or 'Face Everything And Resist'.

I choose the latter.

I have already told my bosses that if anyone comes near me with a needle, then one of us will die that day.

Fear is the hardest thing to overcome, which is why we are so easily controlled by fear.

Once you get yourself to the stage in which someone can threaten you at gun-point and you still say NO!, what control do they have over you then?

If you on't get the jab then you can't get on a plane. Cool. I won't get on a plane.

Fuck these 'people'. Who do they think they are ?

If you are vaxxed, and I'm not, then HOW can I be a danger to you if 'vaccines' work?

If you wear a mask then you are protected, so why do yu need me to wear one?

Would you like me to wear sunglasses in order to protect your eyes?

Do you need me to sleep with a condom on in order for you to prevent your wife geting pregnant?

Where does this madness end?

Most people have NO IDEA what this jab has been designed to do, and most people don't even care.

From authenticated sources;

2015-2020 The emergence and widespread use of affordable android "avatars" controlled by a "brain-computer" interface. Coupled with related technologies “avatars’ will give people a number of new features: ability to work in dangerous environments, perform rescue operations, travel in extreme situations etc.

Avatar components will be used in medicine for the rehabilitation of fully or partially disabled patients giving them prosthetic limbs or recover lost senses.

2020-2025  Creation of an autonomous life-support system for the human brain linked to a robot, ‘avatar’, will save people whose body is completely worn out or irreversibly damaged. Any patient with an intact brain will be able to return to a fully functioning  bodily life. Such technologies will  greatly enlarge  the possibility of hybrid bio-electronic devices, thus creating a new IT revolution and will make  all  kinds of super impositions of electronic and biological systems possible.

2030-2035   Creation of a computer model of the brain and human consciousness  with the subsequent development of means to transfer individual consciousness  onto an artificial carrier. This development will profoundly change the world, it will not only give everyone the possibility of  cybernetic immortality but will also create a friendly artificial intelligence,  expand human capabilities  and provide opportunities for ordinary people to restore or modify their own brain multiple times.  The final result  at this stage can be a real revolution in the understanding of human nature that will completely change the human and technical prospects for humanity.

2045 This is the time when substance-independent minds will receive new bodies with capacities far exceeding those of ordinary humans. A new era for humanity will arrive!  Changes will occur in all spheres of human activity – energy generation, transportation, politics, medicine, psychology, sciences, and so on.

Today it is hard to imagine a future when bodies consisting of nano robots  will become affordable  and capable of taking any form. It is also hard to imagine body holograms featuring controlled matter. One thing is clear however:  humanity, for the first time in its history, will make a fully managed evolutionary transition and eventually become a new species. Moreover,  prerequisites for a large-scale  expansion into outer space will be created as well.

 Key elements of the project in the future

• International social movement

• social network

• charitable foundation "Global Future 2045" (Foundation 2045)

• scientific research centre "Immortality"

• business incubator

• University of "Immortality"

• annual award for contribution to the realization of  the project of "Immortality”.

Here's another:


Human Augmentation - The Dawn of a New Paradigm

Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm

Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm 3 Foreword The prospect of using technology to radically enhance human performance has been the subject of intense debate over the last two decades.


#2021-09-09 07:15:58 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


I feel the same, Barry. You're not alone.

I believe this is a test. More and more people arrive at crossroads where their common senses are put to the test. We are all going to learn from this no matter which path we take. The truth always reveals itself in the end and will unite humankind. 

#2021-09-09 09:26:48 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@paulfox1 - I suspect the future laid out in your comment "From authenticated sources" is pretty accurate and it's a future I have no intention of participating in. I am supremely confident that those of us who simply live out our lives quietly watching from the sidelines until we pass naturally, through death, on to the next phase of our being will be advancing to a far superior and far more advanced future than that.

While those fellow humans will be converting themselves from humans into machines we will be transforming from humans into a spiritually pure and cognizant energy form that will eventually join the universal energy that is all good and all knowing that we frequently refer to as God. That's my belief as to where we are all headed if we just follow our natural path and don't get lost or distracted by those who somehow feel that staying in this dark cave is better than moving on out into the light.   

#2021-09-09 10:10:03 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


You are pretty-much spot on, but allow me to elaborate slightly.

You know I am not religious in any way, but I am very familiar with the BuyBull, and especially the deceit therein.

I have mentioned before that 'Jesus' = 'Hesus' = He's Us'

The word 'christ' simply means 'the annointed', or 'to annoint with oil'.

This is important !

Believers are waiting for the 'return of Jesus', but what does that REALLY mean?

It means the return of the 'Christ Consciousness'; the 'awakening and realising that everything here is fake!'

Yet what was the Biblical Jesus' message? Walk the middle-path / take the narrow gate. In other words, Don't Take Sides!

Yet we're raised and indoctrinated into doing the exact opposite. Republican / Democrat, Manchester United / Everton...............the list goes on.

So, the underlying message is obvious - or it should be, yet the level of indoctrination is incredible when you think about it, or can finally see it.

A friend of mine (in Texas) went into a local store in order to buy a chicken that she wanted to cook. She could only find cooked ones in the store.

She went and asked, 'where are your raw chickens?', and the reply was, 'Raw chickens? Why would you want to eat raw chicken?'

#2021-09-09 11:39:21 by Imi5922 @Imi5922

The CDC quietly changes the definition of "vaccine".


Here's the definition the CDC used on 26 August 2021:
Vaccine–"a product that stimulates a person's immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease."


Here is the new definition:
Vaccine–"a preparation that is used to stimulate the body's immune response against diseases."


So, I can get my vaccine passport if I stimulate my body's immune response with vitamin C and D and zinc, let alone Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Great! I can travel.    


#2021-09-09 12:04:51 by melcyan @melcyan

 @JohnAbbot "I suspect the future laid out in your comment "From authenticated sources" is pretty accurate" Paul Fox may or may not have taken these predictions from reliable sources but there are thousands of other future predictions to sit alongside them. 


Will they all come true? History says no. Out of thousands of predictions about the future, only a few will come true. I expect Climate Change predictions are probably going to be amongst the few that will come true. But then again we may develop technology that will farm CO2 from the atmosphere. I hope we do because our present efforts to combat Climate Change are far too slow.

#2021-09-10 02:55:05 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@melcyan - I may be wrong but I think @paulfox1 copied that line ("From Authenticated Sources:") directly from and in the same copy of the balance of the publication he was showing us. Maybe he can advise us on that point.

As to whether they will come true, of course they may not. However, judging by the way humanity is currently racing into total subjugation by the many to the few, I would say we can predict that if it does come true it will only be so for the few. Frankly it reads like something that Elon Musk might have put together and , if so, it will very likely come true since he seems to have a hand in almost everything going on these days.

All I can say for certain is if it does come true it will not be coming true for me!

@melcyan @paulfox1 @Barry1 - speaking of humanity "currently racing into total subjugation by the many to the few", nowhere does that seem to be happening faster than in Australia. Judging by the MSM news we are getting both your Federal and your State governments are going full bore dictatorial. What say you, and any other Aussies reading this, to that accusation?  

#2021-09-10 04:35:42 by melcyan @melcyan


When you copy the words of others, please clearly indicate that you are doing so. Also, please clearly indicate the source of those words.

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