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Let's Polish Reality!    

By Ken Silver About Asia
1620 Views | 7 Comments | 11/4/2016 12:48:06 PM

“A time machine?” The Rajah shook his head. “Not quite… I think of it more as a Peeping Time Machine.  It shows the future, but only the kinky parts. It was created through quantum perversion physics. You know, the mathematics that developed after America outlawed heterosexuality as being a sick misunderstanding of the true dynamics between men and women.  Dr. Bobbit conclusively proved - via voting on social media - that the male organ has been created by evolution so that women have something to chop off when they get angry.”
I watched the scenes on the Peeping Tom Time Machine with mounting awe and dismay. In the year 3030, the last two newspapers, the Times and the Post, locked in mortal circulation battle, had both decided to destroy the other by taking their war into the past. Their battle ground.... the American Presidential Election of 2016!
The New York Post sent back the Gonna Be Great Trump Machine, a female friendly robot designed as a macho, bragging real estate developer with an extensive cybernetic database of locker room talk. The Times sent back the Killary 666, an evil scheming metal demon whose poor fashion sense, shrill laughter, and pseudo warmth helped it pass as a modern American woman. In first debate combat the Trump machine offered helpful hints for weight loss while the Killary observed (wrongly) that it took a whole village to cook a chicken. 
The Killary robot was aided in its scheme by Western feminists, whose silence regarding Islamic subjection of women was truly deafening. Though, true, those same feminists have bravely stated that ‘beautiful Asian women ‘is a sexist term.
How did our democracy get to the point where Trumps roving hand is bigger news than Hillarys’ treason?
The problem with American democracy is that democracy just doesn’t work. You can dress a goat up in a suit and tie but the goat will only eat them. 
Hitler’s propaganda minister - that is, his media advisor - said “If you are going to tell a lie make it big, make it simple and keep repeating it loudly”.  But that was way back in the Stone Age of radio and black and white movies. What we have now, in America, is something no human being or culture has ever seen before. Who knows what will come of it?
Are we creating an electronic pentagram that will unleash actual demons from Hell? Who the hell knows? (Just thought I’d throw that in.)
Try to say or think something in a shape the media hasn’t put in your head. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
The media succeeds at this because of the ephemeral attention span of human minds, the 24/7 news cycle, and humanity’s ceaseless fascination with catching glimpses of other people’s underwear.  
How can it be, that with countless instances of Hillary Clintons lies, criminal carelessness with official secrets, distain for American borders and independence, revolving Wall Street bed partners etc., etc., that an alleged grope by Donald Trump twenty years ago sucks all the media attention out of the room? 
Just like the American air forces control the skies, the global capitalists and suit wearing goats who control America media allow news to be news only when it serves their interests.
News stories are just inflatable Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons, after all. Think Bullwinkle Moose floating along on a bright autumn day. Inflate the Trump Grope balloon with commentary, celebrity remarks, loud theme music, and sad eyed victims. Deflate the Hillary Treason balloon to the status of the nightly traffic report.
Hillary wants to pick a fight with Russia…run that on the weather report, with the announcer smilingly saying the fallout should make for some fine sunsets. And now here’s the Sports Report…wow, those New York Yankees are sure radioactive these past games!
We have come to the point where our actual waking reality and the reality portrayed by the media are two entirely different things. And media reality, well, trumps actual reality every time.
It is polished reality.
The polished reality (Big Lie) of the righteous inevitability of global unity survives the daily news reports just because it is polished reality. 
Globalism is the new Christianity. The more absurd its belief system seems when contrasted to the actual realities of tribalism and basic human nature, the more we must have faith!  We have faith in globalism because we must have faith in globalism! 
The bloodier the tribal wars of actual reality, the more we must be inspired to have even more faith in global unity.
In saner days that was known as throwing good money after bad.
In saner days that was known as a sucker is born every minute.
Ah, but the internet and social media will save us, you say. After all, nobody controls it. Wrong!  Aside from the obvious pressure points of money and legalities, the internet is controlled by human nature.
Humans learn politics, to be on the loudest side, the winning side, from the moment they are born. Billions of internet users will say what the Big Polished Reality says. The rest will be labeled as predictable trolls.
A Frankenstein culture chasing its own last Twitter post. People can’t help but think what they think are their own thoughts. Never mind if it comes from a Pepsi commercial or the talking head on the tube.
Say or think something that isn’t an electronic cliché or a media mental shape. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
I mean, it comes down to the sound of one hand clapping.
Failing that, people are nothing but the last moments news.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2016-11-04 12:47:50 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Damn it, Ken, I am impressed. Once I stopped laughing at the many great lines in the first paragraph alone, and concentrated on the harsh truths laid out between and beneath the humor, I realized just how well you have described what has been revealed about the current status of western civilization through the absurdity that is Election 2016 (USA style). 

Not only are the 'Barbarians at the Gates', but those of us inside the gates are too busy debilitating ourselves by our pathetic acceptance of everything we are fed by a media gone haywire to have any cognizance of the threat we face.

We have become so pathetic that we males will have bled to death from self castration just in time for our women, who have lost all use for us, to turn and face that Barbarian horde that comes though the gates intent on rape and plunder. 

The last thought they will have before the screaming begins will be "Where are our men?" 

Sadly, we will all be suffering a fate we have earned, a monumental, unfathomable, irrecoverable, self inflicted wound.

Ok, perhaps I have gone too black and bleak with the above, but you got me started. (whew) 

Great social commentary, Ken. I hope the others appreciate it as much as I do. (clap)

#2016-11-05 23:07:13 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Ken, this blog is one of the best you have written!

You are absolutely correct when you talk about media manipulation and how our 'ideals' become something we are subjected to, rather than something we choose. Our 'ideals' are essentially shaped by it.

One good thing about living in Asia, it's easy for us to escape the mainstream media back in our home country should we choose to do so.

#2016-11-07 23:51:42 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Today is November 7. Tomorrow the USA will once again go to the polls and vote for the next President.

Someone at work made a comment - 'It's not who votes that's important, it's who counts the votes'. Obviously a remark made whilst contemplating the 'Florida Fiasco' a few short years ago.....

As a Brit/Aussie, I have no preference either way. However, I concur that Killary is a 'treasonist liar', yet remains firm favourite with the feminist lib-dem lesbians. 'Uncle Donny' seems to be more of a 'realist' who is not so 'politically correct' as his opponent. Ask yourselves one simple question though, when was the last time that a US President actually made a REAL difference?

'Dubya' was as incompetent as a retarded donkey, Reagan was a cowboy, Billy-Boy was his wife's puppet, and good-ole Obama has proved to be a narcissistic economy-destroyer. So whether it's 'Coke' or 'Pepsi' that wins tomorrow, I reckon it's just going to be 'business-as-usual' in the Whitehouse. To be honest, this whole charade has been like watching a real-life episode of 'House of Cards'. No-one gets to sit in the 'big chair' unless they are already a rich, powerful, manipulating liar.

As an outsider, my dilemma is this....I don't particularly want Trump to win, however, I desperately want Killary to lose!

Trump is the kind of guy who is likely to drink too much bourbon one night and then sit with his finger on the 'red button' at 3am, just for a 'giggle'.

Killary is likely to be too busy at 3am indulging in sexual encounters with her 'peedo' friends, or sending private e-mails from a server that she shouldn't be logged into.

Meanwhile 'Mr Weener' will be taking pictures of these 'encounters' in order to 'sext' all-and-sundry. (I can't believe this poor bastard has spent his whole life with such a name, lol)


Whether 'Mr Groper' wins, or 'Miss Treason' wins, I still reckon that The 'US of A' is f*cked, and that China will be the world's number 1 superpower by 2018.


Just saying.....

#2016-11-09 12:09:28 by Juanler @Juanler

(giggle) @paulfox1

If you have been to the so-called superpower, you will know what is a superpower; If you have to understand the superpower of people you may know a superpower people what kind of life; If you have understand the superpower economic you will understand the superpower is superpower? Yes, maybe it really is a superpower; A period of the Roman empire superpower; A superpower of slaves and slave owners group; A slave shouted long live the slave owners superpower; An Intranet only superpower. Side is insidious, cunning butchers slaughter sheep blood, the sword and sheep on the cheering butchers to killing her excitement, if someone to stop the slaughter, will be a flock of sheep to drown in the saliva.
The original superpower in compulsory education, English now superpower has abolished the duty of English education system, the future and superpower, you need to work hard to learn the language of the superpower can better communication.
Ha... This is a marvelous superpower!


#2016-11-09 23:01:25 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


The word 'superpower', when used in the context that I used, is just a word used by the media to refer to a country's military or economic might.

America has been recognised as being the world's number 1 'superpower' for many years. My comment was simply that I believe this 'title' is likely to be stripped away in the not-too-distant-future and given to China.

#2016-11-11 11:41:09 by Juanler @Juanler


In my mind, I think the essential qualities of a superpower is: political stability, economic development, human rights, freedom, good welfare, spiritual and cultural wealth. In the five aspects: what do you think the superpower only occupies the second, sacrifice and also depend on natural resources and authoritarian approach. Real superpower is to attract excellent talents, and the high quality resources, rather than the loss of these; The real super large state-owned super innovative consciousness and innovative ability, rather than blindly to copy and imitate others; Real superpower is freedom of thought, freedom of human rights, not been taught since I was a child, just like machines, patriotic must first love the party; The real superpower is rich man respect her, love her mother, Instead of fat of centralization and long-term rental of proletarians.

But I love my country and people, they are beautiful and kind, just now seen by some control.

#2016-11-11 14:24:32 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Let me assure you of something. Day-to-day life in China is a lot more 'free' than it is in Australia, UK and America.

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