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Let’s Chat About ChinaLoveMatch Video Chat    

By John Abbot
1622 Views | 1 Comments | 11/26/2016 2:13:08 PM

ChinaLoveMatch chat window. Click the video button to video chat.

When you are dating Chinese women or Western men online, being able to video chat with them becomes essential at some point, both to assure yourself that she or he is the person they sya they are in their profile photos, and so you can spend time seriously getting to know each other.

People will sometimes have issues with our chat system, so here is a summary of how to deal with problems getting chat to work between two members. We also welcome any complaints, suggestions or further advice about ChinaLoveMatch chat in the comments section.

Technical Stuff

There are a few technical reasons why video chat might not be working. But the first issue to address is that one of the two people trying to chat must be a Gold member. The other member can be a standard (free) member.

Second, video chat requires that both of you have a recent edition of Adobe Flash working on your computer. Almost all PC computers come with Flash and it regularly updates itself, so this is not often an issue, but it can be, and especially with the Chinese ladies because so often they just don't pay attention to the technical issues of upkeep of their systems.

So please be sure you have an updated Adobe Flash on your computer and ask the member you’re trying to chat with if she or he also has it. If either of you don't have it you can download it free from Adobe. Just do a Google search under "download adobe flash" and then download it directly from Adobe.

Third, if either of you have not cleared your system for cookies, cache and history recently that can cause issues with the functioning of many website features on any website. If your system is overloaded with cookies it will not function well and chat is very sensitive to such things.

So please clear your browsers of cookies, cache and history and then restart your computers. Then log back into CLM and see if the chat is now working.

Fourth, and this is extremely rare, it is possible one of you is on such an unusual operating system or browser that our site is not synched with it. If the 3 items above did not resolve the issue, then please write to and advise us what operating system and browser you are using and see if you can obtain that info from the other member as well, or ask her to tell us.

Finally, on the technical end, chat requires an internet signal that is fairly strong. If either of you are on a weak internet service provider (ISP) or do not have a strong connection to your ISP, that can cause issues. This can especially be a problem in rural areas far from the towers providing the signal, but it can also be an issue for people, even in the bigger cities, who have opted for a very low level of service.

Human Stuff

Next, there are human reasons why sometimes video Chat doesn't function, or doesn't seem to function.

First, regarding possible human issues, have you had a video chat with anyone else on CLM yet. If so, did you have any problems with it or was it working ok? If it worked with one person it should work with everyone else, so you may wish to consider the Human Stuff first in trying to resolve difficulties.

Second, sometimes the person you are trying to chat with has some legitimate (to her/him) concern about getting on video with another member at that particular moment, but doesn't wish to admit it. These can vary from she/he is already video chatting with someone else, to she/he is half naked at the moment, to he/she is unclean, unshaved, no makeup, feeling like a slob, etc. Rather than admit to this, she/he opts to say chat isn't working.

Third, the person you are trying to chat with can have some very illegitimate reasons for not chatting. These can vary from she/he is a complete scammer and is not the person in her/his profile photos, to he/she is 20 years older than her/his profile photos, to he/she was actually registered by an agent and is not even aware that she/he is registered with us. In the latter case the agent has been corresponding and pretending to be her, but obviously can't have a video chat.

Scammers and agents are all people we do our very best to keep off of our site, but some sneak past us and you have to be wary of them at all times. If someone is acting suspicious please report them and we’ll investigate.

Possible Offsite Solution: our chat is not as high end a chat as the major chat platforms like Skype, and in China the most popular chat platform is QQ, which is free and has close to a billion users. These platforms will tend to work better than ours in situations where the signals are weak. Chinese ladies will have QQ and Western men can download the English version by doing a Google search of "download international qq".

A Western guy could also prompt her to get Skype, but frankly we much prefer the QQ platform and service to Skype, and she will be more familiar with it and probably impressed that a Western guy suggested it.  

If you’ve both moved to QQ or Skype and  are still encountering issues when trying to video chat with each other on QQ or Skype, then you need to start worrying about some of the human issues we mentioned above. 

Having said that we do wish to be sure your video chat problems are resolved with CLM because it is better for you security wise to do your initial chatting on our site where we can monitor people for being potential scammers. We generally recommend that people only move to an off site chat system when they are comfortable that the person they are dealing with is real and sincere.

We hope this has addressed any concerns you may have with ChinaLoveMatch chat, but please ask any other questions you may have if your problems are not resolved by the above.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2017-01-03 07:33:08 by bmccull @bmccull

Another cause of poor webcam performance can be that security agencies are already using your equipment for surveillance.  Generally they take steps to minimize the inconvenience but if you are on a full-time connection, it is a consideration.

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