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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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Meanwhile, in China......Chinese Customs    

By Paul Fox
775 Views | 2 Comments | 2/2/2018 1:15:19 AM

Before I start on this blog, I want to share with you a rather funny story.......

My mate rang me to say that his wife had won a holiday in Bali, but didn't want to go. He then asked if I wanted to go with him......silly question, lol.


On our first night there, we were in a bar when a woman came over to me and said 'Hi'....

The conversation that ensued was this.....

"Do you want lady?'


"Only one million rupiah" (about $100)

"One million???? haha, no thanks"

"What's YOUR price then?"

"Three million.......NO....FOUR million...."

"Wow, that's a LOT OF MONEY....!" she said as her eyes lit up while thinking all her Christmases and Birthdays had come at once....

"Yes, it is"

After a continued chat she said "OK, we go?"

"Where to?", I asked...

"Your hotel room..."

"Have you GOT 4 million?", I asked....

She looked confused as she said...."What? said you'd give ME 4 million!"

I said, 'Really?....You asked me what MY PRICE was, and I told you 4 million"

She looked at me with glazed eyes as I said.."Darlin', if you want to sleep with ME, it's going to cost YOU 4 million !"

Needless to say she couldn't get away quick enough, while leaving me laughing out loud.....


So, on with the subject of 'customs'......


"I'm not coming THERE !', said my daughter when I asked her to consider visiting me in China.

I guess it was the answer I somehow expected. Like Russia, China has had a bad 'rap' over the years due to the fact that the USA and the UK have always made 'communism' out to be some kind of 'fierce monster'.

I worked with a guy who had been teaching English in Russia for 13 years and loved every minute of it. My 3 years in China was the same....I LOVED it!

Yet for those of you who are Westerners reading this, ask your friends and family if they would EVER consider going to China for a holiday, and see what they say. I have no doubt that MOST of them would say exactly what my daughter said.


I've had a few 'run-ins' with John Abbot of late, mostly due to some research that I have been doing, but leaving that aside for a moment, one has to wonder why China and Russia are often called 'Communist China' and 'Communist Russia' by the mainstream media.

Again, it's as if they are trying to tell us that 'communism' is this fierce ogre that we should all be scared of.

John Abbot lived and worked in China for a considerable time, so he should know that there's nothing to be scared fact it's quite the opposite.


As a Westerner with a Chinese Residence Permit, one has to report to the local police station after leaving the country and returning. Sure, immigration know you're back in the country, but they don't know WHERE you are unless you pop down the local 'nick', passport in hand, and say 'I'm back!'


The law states that we should do this within 24-48 hours after returning, so, being a good 'citizen', I did just that.....

The only issue was that the local police station was closed!

I called my boss and he told me I would have to wait until 'after the holidays' because 'all police stations are closed'......are you kidding me?


'Everyone is at home with their families', he said.


Can you imagine that in ANY Western country? It would be anarchy for breakfast!

Yet here, in this hideous, 'communist' country, it was just taken for granted.


I reckon the cushiest job in the WORLD would have to be a copper in China.....they do less than nothing and no-one cares......why?.....because there's little crime. There's no graffiti, no drunken yobs falling out of the bars at silly-o'clock, and if you exceed the speed limit then you're simply 'late for work' as there's no-one with a uniform and badge waiting behind a bush with a speed camera in hand.

The only 'rule' in China seems to be - 'Do what you like, when you like, just don't HURT anyone' - and you know what.....99.9% of the people abide by it. My mate said that Russia is the same.....


When I returned from Bali I had to fill in a 'landing card'. This is that little form that one must fill in with allsorts of personal information, because they only want to know what 'contraband' you are bringing with you.

Now, I can understand some of these personal questions when traveling to a foreign country, but NOT when I'm going home.

One question asked "Where will you live when you get off this flight?'

My answer = 'At home"

Another question was 'Who is your next of kin?"

My answer = "none of your business"

Needless to say that I got 'arrested' by this fat, useless Customs 'bint' who demanded I 'worship' her and give her the required answers.

I told her that I have an Australian passport and that I could 'live' wherever I chose and that my intended address was none of her damn business.

Likewise with my next-of-kin. I said that it was on my original passport application and that she should go look it up.

"What are you hiding?" she asked....'If you have nothing to hide, then you'd tell me"

"None of your business" was my reply.

By now she was getting all 'authoritarian', so I said...."Go take off your uniform and badge; change into civilian clothes, and THEN we'll see how much 'power' you think you have"

She was furious and went to get her supervisor. He got the same responses from me as his colleague did......


They decided to do a thorough search of my bags and my person - and I MEAN thorough!

They stumbled across a couple of OPEN cigarette packets that took me over the limited number of 25 cigarettes in total.

Remember, these were OPEN packs, so I couldn't be 'traficking' them...


Long story short, I was fined $306.00 because this was my 'second offence' (the first 'offence' being way back in 2010), and I was told that if I get 'caught again' doing such a serious 'crime', then I will be prosecuted for drug-smuggling and may find international travel somewhat 'difficult' due to the criminal record that I would then have.


After 2 hours I was finally 'released' after doing nothing wrong; committing no 'crime', yet refusing to bow-down to an immoral, controlling system that's laughingly called a 'democracy'.


Here's the funny thing though, we have all these Westerners who appear to be scared to go to China because they are told it's some kind of 'evil' place and that communism is so terrible, yet it's a country where you can do WHAT you like, WHEN you like, and no-one gives a rat's-arse as long as you don't hurt anyone.

By contrast, there are many 'women of China' trying to escape this 'terrible' place in order to migrate to a 'FREE' country such as the USA, Australia, Canada, etc.....


There's something terribly wrong somewhere, because no-one in China or Russia gets treated like our beloved Customs officers treated me........


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#2018-02-02 01:15:06 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Everything you say about life in China matches my own experiences closely. I continue to tell friends and family that in my life, I never felt remotely as free to do as I choose without endless rules to adhere to as I felt in China. I'm not suggesting that there were no laws to follow, or that I felt free to commit crimes if I so chose, but just a general feeling of freedom to enjoy life without interference.

As for entering China from another country, which I must have done at least 50 times over my stay there, I do not recall ever having been checked by Chinese customs. That means nobody ever opened a bag of mine to see if I was trying to bring in more stuff than I should.

I was stopped a couple of times to open my bag by Security, because something had been picked up on the xray machines that looked like it could potentially be a weapon. Those checks were very quick, courteous and painless.

I've also made three trips to Australia and never had any seroius issues getting in there, but the last such visit was about 10 years ago. I've never had an serious issues arise when entering Canada also at least 50 times in the last 20 years.

BUT, while when entering the USA from Canada I never encountered any issues, when entering from China to the USA things have been different. It might not be this way now, but several times during the period between 2002 and 2013 I did a layover in San Fransisco to visit friends on my way home to Canada.

On those occasions I felt that the border security was almost Nazi like, especially when dealing with the Chinese. But even as a Canadian I was questioned very rudely and as if I was a criminal, not a tourist about to spend money in the US.

Having lived in the USA for a few years in the1990's, I was shocked by this really abusive treatment that seemed to have been born out of the World Trade Center attack. It sounds like the same attitude may be growing in Australia now too. What a shame.

#2018-02-06 20:32:44 by roughdiamond @roughdiamond

Im with you paul.

i keep telling the missus the kids future is back in china.

oz is just a holliday home.

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