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Learning Chinese Can Make You More Attractive    

By Guest
2206 Views | 7 Comments | 2/2/2020 9:56:43 AM

Learn their language when you're dating Chinese women.

How to Find the Woman of Your Dreams By Learning Mandarin

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” - Nelson Mandela

Learning any new language can be a difficult process, especially if you lack the motivation to make it happen. Luckily, there’s one easy way to stay motivated while learning one of the most complex languages in the world, Chinese (Mandarin). That reason is love. Learning Chinese can make you appear more attractive, helping you finally find the woman of your dreams. 

Being Bilingual Is Sexy

Being able to speak another language is often seen as an admirable quality. There’s something sexy about hearing someone speak your language with their accent. And Chinese is no exception. Showing off your abilities to speak in your date’s native language will certainly take her by surprise. And surprises are sexy. 

Learning Chinese Is a Sign of Respect

Our culture is part of who we are. And our language reflects and communicates that culture. They’re intertwined. When you take the time to learn someone’s language, you’re communicating that you value and respect their culture. In short, that you value and respect them. Your future partner will see that you’ve taken the time to learn more about who she is by learning her language. And that can help you get closer to her.

Learning Chinese for Romance Shows Commitment

Chinese is vastly different from any of the European languages. You will undoubtedly spend years learning and mastering it. But your ability to seek fluency through to the end will show your potential partner how committed you are to her. She will grow fonder of you every day you work towards mastering her native language. And as you struggle and work hard, she’ll see that you genuinely desire to be with her.

Flirt better

Learning a new language is a love affair, one that can get you further in your courtship by helping you flirt better. While it’s possible to flirt in your own language, being able to drop a line or two for your potential Chinese girlfriend will go a long way to making her smile. You can even learn some flirtatious banter to really impress her. It’ll have a double impact: your smooth lines and in effortless Chinese. 

Avoid Miscommunication

Language barriers can create obstacles that shut down conversations completely. Worse, you may actually say or do something that’s offensive in Chinese culture. When you learn a language, you help bridge those communication gaps and break down those barriers. Whether you’re on a date or simply having a conversation with a potential partner, you’ll lower the chances of a miscommunication derailing your efforts. 

Connect on a Deeper Level

Even if you’re not fluent in Chinese, you can connect with your potential partner on a deeper level if you know at least some of her language. Sometimes, we can’t find the words we want to say in a foreign language. If your partner’s first language is Chinese, then she may hit these linguistical roadblocks from time to time. But with enough knowledge of her language, you’ll help bridge those gaps. And at times, this will open doors to a deeper, truer connection.

Impress Her Family

Chinese culture places a huge emphasis on family, and you can gain an advantage with them by taking the time to learn Chinese. Even being able to speak a few words or phrases to her parents will help them see you as a respectable choice for their daughter. And it also shows them how serious you are about your relationship.

Different Is Attractive

Undoubtedly, your potential partner will have a range of men interested in dating her. The best way to stand out against your competition is to do something many other men won’t do: learn Chinese. By putting in the effort, you’ll show her that you’re a much more serious and memorable potential partner. It’s not an easy task. But your efforts to achieve fluency in Mandarin will stand out to her. 

Bond Over the Struggle to Learn a New Language

Language is a diverse, intricate aspect of human culture. As such, it’s easy to have many conversations around all of its intricacies. With a better understanding of Chinese, you can bond over the difficulties you’ve had learning a language vastly different than your own. And vice versa. Your partner will definitely have some stories about trying to learn a very different language.

This Article Was Contributed By OptiLingo

OptiLingo is a language learning application that uses scientifically proven strategies such as Spaced Repetition and Guided Immersion to get you SPEAKING, not typing, your new language fast. By targeting the highest-frequency words and phrases, OptiLingo guides you to learn more of a new language with less effort and no boring memorization or grammar lessons.

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2020-02-03 07:11:36 by melcyan @melcyan

This article is both good and bad. I will start with the bad. It is a commercial for Optilingo. It does not openly disclose that it is a commercial for Optilingo until the end of the article. The good? From my experience the general information here is relevant and useful. I have also learnt that the more language I learn the less it can be trusted. It is healthy to constantly doubt that your words are understood (for both English and Chinese). It is much easier to be confident that your acts of service to your partner are understood. My biggest reward from attempting to learn Chinese is the creation of healthy doubt about my words hitting the mark and knowing that my loving acts of service nearly always hit the mark.

As far as learning a language goes, here is a 2019 review of  language learning software from Pcmag

I have learnt the hard way that language learning must be continuous and happen EVERY day. Unfortunately my Chinese language learning stopped several times for lengthy periods  in the last two years. I am currently trying again and I am using Duolingo Chinese for a minimum of 5 minutes every day. Duolingo is free and motivates you to achieve daily activity.

My primary mode of learning is visual rather than auditory, so Optilingo may not suit me. (Rosetta Stone is very good for visual learners but it is expensive) However, I have committed to giving speech in Spanish in 3 months time. My Spanish is much weaker than my Chinese. I will try the Optilingo Spanish for 3 months ($15) and let you know how useful the program is.

#2020-02-03 12:42:57 by melcyan @melcyan

"undersfotood" -when I read this I thought - I proof-read this twice and still made a silly mistake. Stupid me. Then I looked at my original copy "understood" clear as day. Are there mischievous gremlins in the system? ( Oh no!, I just realised that I am asking for trouble)

#2020-02-04 11:55:56 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


First, regarding "undersfotood" I went back into the system and can confirm that there is no indication of gremlins that I can see. You know, no footprints, fingerprints, candy wrappers or the other things often left behind by gremlins.

However, I have corrected the glitch now, however it was caused. 

Second, the blog is not an advertisement for OptiLingo in the sense that they do not pay us for the posting.

We are approached almost daily by people wanting to post guest blogs in order to have the link from us to their sites.  We rarely accept them (almost never) because their subject matter is so irrelevant or their articles are so poorly written. 

This was that one time that the article seemed clearly relevant for CLM and the content seemed well constructed to us, so we get some good content and they get the link they're hoping for.

The link is not basically for sales, although they may get one or two. The link helps get them moved up on the search engines.  That is their primary interest in getting it. But it also doesn't hurt us to link to a relevant site.

#2020-02-04 13:25:07 by melcyan @melcyan


That makes sense. Good content gets rewarded with a link and a link is not intended to be an endorsement. From what I have seen with the program, it is not worth getting. It comprises 100 non-interactive audio lessons and each lesson is made up of just 15 phrases that you are asked to repeat several times. You get to see the phrases in English and Chinese characters if you download the pdf but there is no pinyin available.

#2020-02-07 09:42:03 by oldghost @oldghost

A word on add-on Chinese tools for the internet.  I use a pop-up dictionary which auto-translates Chinese characters, couplets and phrases as you mouse-over Chinese hanzi embedded in pages browsed.  This popup is free, installable in Chrome and Firefox, and is called Zhongwen Chinese pop-up dictionary.  It shows up as an icon in the toolbar, and can be clicked on/off at will, to prevent it interfering where it is unwanted.

#2020-03-27 08:21:26 by Matingting @Matingting


#2020-05-06 17:47:56 by anonymous20981 @anonymous20981

Learning Mandarin was one of the most difficult things I've ever attempted to do, even more difficuilt than Greek. Recalling the tones, reading the characters and writing are the most challenging. Whille in a unique language program focusing on listening/speaking in Changchun, many times I wanted to quite. Especially, after studying for an exam for about 20 hours and then failing it. One day as I was walking to school and talking to a second year student about my diffiulties, she remarked you're an auditory learner and the exams test someone who's a visual learner. She hit the nail right on the head. Another second year student continued to encourage me to not give up as you're now dating a girl that I met here on Chinalovematch and it will help you in your relationship. Two years later after graduating from the program, my memory began downloading what I'd learned over those two years, which made the struggle worth it.

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