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Richard James Blogs on Cross Cultural & Long Distance Relationships, Chinese Women & Chinese Culture. Richard is new to blogging, new to cross cultural and long distance relationships, new to Chinese culture and a newlywed to a Chinese woman. His blog is about learning and growth for Richard, and offers a unique opportunity for you to learn and grow too.
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By Richard James'
4270 Views | 4 Comments | 5/14/2010 1:10:38 PM

Love knows no distance pattern, Photo courtesy of Photo of flowers copyright Richard James

Okay, hopefully you've read part one of this article! And if you haven`t please do so before reading this one, now if you're new to the website or have been a member for a while I want to make you aware of the hurdles you will have to overcome to really have a chance at something magical. Something magical is what I would like to discuss in this article. Now I have not met my girlfriend yet (the time of writing), but will soon, because I am taking a trip to China! I will end up staying for ten days to get to know her, her family and her city and in turn, she will get to know me better.

So lets back up a little bit. Didn't he just say something magical, but he hasn't even met her yet! The truth is I feel closer to her than any woman I have ever known and I am no spring chicken when it comes to women or relationships but I`m certainly no rooster either.

I have known for a long time that I have something special with my girlfriend! Moreover, despite the fact that we are seven thousand miles apart, that our cultures are different or that we have that whole language barrier thing going on I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life.

I have found my equal! Someone who understands you mean what you say and you say what you mean, once we started falling in love with each other, we both knew the hurdles we would face if we were to build a life together.

So you`ve met someone special on here and now what. Well if your relationship is getting serious and you don’t have the assets or the available time to take off from your job to meet your special lady, you can mail each other gifts! In addition, that really is a unique way to keep things special between the two of you.

I sent these flowers to my girlfriend! (Who took the picture for me).

I have also sent a package of gifts to her for her Birthday! The fact that you have picked out and have touched these gifts and now she is touching these gifts is a subtle reminder of the unique bond between the two of you.

Is it as good as the real thing (being able to be in each others presence) no! However, it activates her sense of touch and when she sends a gift to you it activates your sense of touch and the fact that she took the time to carefully pick out a gift for you with her own hands and her own money and carefully packaged this gift is in its self special.

What was special was the gift I received from my girlfriend! A beautiful pair of Chinese slippers! Which she got for me for Christmas, and believe me I am not a slipper kind of guy, but once I slipped my feet inside of these soft comfortable slippers I did not want to take them off, and if you live in a colder climate especially in the winter they will definitely keep your feet warm.

The writing on the slippers is Chinese for fate
Nuff said!

I would like to add a post script here.

I wrote these articles in early January of 2010 before I even met my girlfriend ,who is now my lovely Chinese wife! And I have seen some comments in regards to long distance relationships, that they are an illusion,that it doesn't serve either of them them well and you cannot maintain a long distance relationship. There are challenges in a long distance cross cultural relationship but both my wife and I feel that any differences we have are opportunities to learn from each other,not obstacles to overcome.

It is each persons own perspective and perception of what they view as reality. My reality is, that at some point in the future we will be together,side by side! now if I had let fear and the distance between our countries dictate what I should do I would have thrown away my chance at meeting and marrying my wife,and that is a reality I just can’t comprehend.

Best wishes

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2010-05-07 13:03:09 by ice820 @ice820


From my heart may you always be happy.
May the birds always sing there love song to you and your wife.

P.S. Does she have a sister?

#2010-05-12 18:41:14 by angela123 @angela123

how sweet! what a romantic couple! hope you guys happy forever. best wishes.

#2010-05-14 19:51:18 by butterfly688 @butterfly688

Very touching. You are a sweet gentle man and you are ready to approach her. Wish you be good and happy all the time.

#2010-10-08 11:17:46 by grasschen @grasschen

so happy for u

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