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Judged a Winner by the 4 Great Beauties, But Do You Members Agree? - The Mooncake Challenge Entry #2: Anonymous    

By Guest
4211 Views | 20 Comments | 9/16/2014 1:13:25 PM
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#2014-09-20 01:15:29 by anonymous11931 @anonymous11931

So this is opponents trashing and becoming a defend mooncake lawyer contests too?

should have told me earlier, lol

my killer pet dog love to come forward and do that (rofl)

#2014-09-20 14:44:58 by zqy2014 @zqy2014


First I am sorry to say that the answer of my questions actually have been mentioned in your 1st article related with this contest. I did not completely read all your articles, then I should not have right to make a vote but the outer appearance of the @anonymous's cake is do pretty although we don't know how it taste.You three are heroes for us who would like to spend time and brave enough to have a try...

Thanks for all your efforts and masterpieces!


#2014-09-22 19:48:35 by zqy2014 @zqy2014


I see you are more released and enjoyed the current moment now.It is good to say you have stepped out from the previous"depression mist" and show us your humor traits on your comments. Congratulations you on this big transition!

For John, we all know he has been living in China for over 10 years right now and has a Chinese wife, so it is not strange for them to behave like some Chinese people as the "bribing"... Obviously, I am not one of bribing assertors from my comments so you could count on objectivity of my comments or judgement.

First, as I said previously, all you three are heroes for us other members here. You did have a best try and then you are already successful from this point. As we almost could take John as "Chinese", then we could only take his masterpiece to be one of fun ingredients of this contest due to he is the boss of this website and the initiator or sponsor like the year-end of lottery draw held in the enterprise. So the winner will be one of you or Anonymous.

Talk to the "moon cake", It is obvious for us that both you two have paid much attention and efforts on your masterpiece... As you could admit, the outer appearance including color of the Anonymous's cake, it is the best of you three (John's more like a normal cake). Besides, outer shape of Anonymous's cake is more close to the real Chinese one especial the traditional Guangdong type moon cake. So he more should be for the winner. However, when talk about the prize, when you both are for normal (not golden) member, I would like to strongly suggest John to seriously consider to give the prize to the one who is expecting a serious relationship or marriage here. If you both are looking for serious relationship or marriage here, the prize should go to the Anonymous basing on the two points I mentioned above.

The last question for you is if my comments and suggestion help you to gain the prize, if your prize to me including round-trip air freights? If yes, my time costed on writing these comments will be much much worthy... I really expect have a chance for a free sightseeing in Vancouver. Are you really serious?(rofl):D!

Look forward that special moment for you!

#2014-09-23 03:13:01 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@Imi5922 - I am sorry it's taken me so long to respond, but I needed time to recover after reading your comments. I was shocked that someone we have all come to respect and admire for being such a nice man would resort to such a personal attack on me just to cover up for the fact that his entry in the contest was so woefully inadequate.

However, even your own comments reveal the entire problem with your entry and why it can't win, and probably should have been rejected.

You see I did not make a pancake at all. I made an American Mooncake that was inspired by the American pancake. You on the other hand, in your own words, made a "PANCAKE", the same thing you've been making repeatedly since you were 13, long before you've ever heard of a mooncake. You yourself keep referring to it as a pancake.

So who is really the "dirty player", me for merely graciously offering people a ride in my new car if I should win. Really, what kind of a bribe is that? Or you, for knowingly trying to sneak a simple pancake, without a single change, into the contest and trying to sucker the poor voters into believing, for no good reason, that is is somehow miraculously transformed into a mooncake.

I can assure you that these Chinese women are no fools, and will not fall for your skullduggery. I only hope you have not tarnished your good reputation beyond repair. (wasntme)

@zqy2014 - it has not been easy but I have forgiven you for voting for my mooncake and then to have so callously withdrawn that vote and cast it for Anonymous. This was a cruel and unjust decision, but I know you are so confused by the whole Swedish man, cultural barriers issues that you're not thinking straight. So I do forgive you. :@

@Violaine - so it appears that, contrary to Imi's pretence to be winning, that the vote stands now at 1 vote for Anonymous and 1 vote for me. However, I suggest that Violaine's vote should count as 2 votes because unlike some other voters, she is not so fickle and would never withdraw her vote once it has been made. (handshake) So far I don't count any votes for Imi.

@anonymous11876 - Your Mooncake looks the best (by far) and likely tastes pretty damned good too, but I think that whole 4 beauties charade is going to cost you. I think that calling on dead people as your witnesses was a big mistake. I just want to point out to everyone that I remain the only contestant who was able to call upon living, breathing people, beings attest to the gastronomical delight aroused by my American mooncake.

Se really, Imi is virtually a non-entry, and you and I are tied, but really I am winning (muscle)

#2014-09-23 10:22:09 by Imi5922 @Imi5922


John, I need you to recount the votes because something is fishy and the smell is not coming from my pancake.

Frankly, my fellow blogger, good friend, buddy and mate Barry, voted for my pancake which in his words "looked like a moon!"

And also my very wise, intelligent and beautiful Grace172 at one time you John,
called a "monkey" if I remember well, voted for me, quote "I vote for Imi's pancake."

That puts the counting to : Imi.................2

This is really a big embarrassment that a pancake was able to beat two so called "moon cakes" in a moon cake challenge.

But just to prove to everybody what a gentleman I am, I withdraw myself from the competitation and leave either you or anonymous to win the first prize.

You are right! My cake is only a pancake that beat your moon cakes.

#2014-09-23 10:48:52 by anonymous11970 @anonymous11970


The 4 Great Beauties are not as 'dead' as you and Imi think

Check your source, From Wikipedia (you can't argue with wiki :P)

Point 1
"It is believed that despite the death of a loved one, the original relationship remains intact, and that the deceased possess more spiritual power than they did during life. In a sense, the ancestors became thought of as deities who had the ability to interact and have an effect on the lives of those still living.[1]"

= They have MORE spiritual power = meaning wiser in observation and judgement of my mooncakes,When they say 10 out of 10, who could argue with those wise deities.

= they have the ability to INTERACT= so they can say what they say, don't look at me again, i don't say the testimonials, , ask them if you want confirmation, make Great Beauty mooncakes yourself, and prove it yourself.

Point 2
"It is thought that the soul of a deceased person is made up of yin and yang components called hun and po. The yin component, po (魄), is associated with the grave, and the yang component, hun (魂), is associated with ancestral tablets . According to this belief, at death the components split into three different souls; the po goes with the body to the grave, one to judgment, and the hun resides in an ancestral tablet. The hun and po are not immortal and need to be nourished; it is the offerings that feed them. """

They are NOT dead and gone, their "HUN" still resides around...... in my 4 mooncake tincans.

Those Great beauties NEED food to be nourished, so they are rushing to come, especially when the mooncakes are so Great Beauties too,
Don't look at me again, they come by themselves.

Great Beauty mooncakes attract Great Beauty.not-so-dead-Deities
Beautiful smell, beautiful feel, beautiful look, beautiful touch, beautiful taste mooncakes Attract the Great Beauty China Deities

the meaning of Great, means it is Greater than 100 millions of others not-so-great people
since i got a witness of the Four Great Beauties Deities who are not really dead as the wiki said above....


My mooncakes has the witness power of at least 400 millions of beings - (the wise dead people but still resides around in mooncake tincans) who vote it is the greatest beauty mooncake ever invented. in all shape, form, texture, sensual orgasmic experiences ever

it is much much more more accurate and wiser judgement and evaluations than other beings such as 'dog' and ''normal alive people'' and 'oneself''


Who could argue with an army with 400 millions followers.of the Four Great Beauty Deities

I would like to thank the Four Great Beauties and their 400 millions droolers / slaves / ass-licker / fans to make my mooncake, the CLEAR winner here (y)

#2014-09-25 00:05:05 by anonymous12004 @anonymous12004

i wait for couple of days....

I don't realized I got such a talent to be a crooked Lawyer
making up a bullshit (maybe, lol) story in defending the dead and the mooncake :D

in all seriousness,
the mooncakes was eaten by me and a friend after the photo session, few hours later,
my dog like it too - the leftover un-sugared jelly and some of the pudding

the real eating story is just the usual normal thing, with added plenty of 'oohh aahh' 'yum yum' '
added some berry yogurts make it even better taste and eating experiences.


highly recommend to make the easiest homemade pudding mooncake next time there is a moon to celebrate with friend/s or family or dog

#2014-09-28 16:10:09 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


Imi and I have briefly discussed the situation, and all the trash talk aside, we've agreed that there really was only one legitimate entry in the Mooncake Challenge and that was Anonymous. Therefore we are both casting our votes for Anonymous.

So Anonymous, it's time to make your acceptance speech and get on with enjoying your new gold membership.

Personally my favourite Mooncakes (by far) are the ones made by Hagendaz, which really are an excellent treat, but yours look like they might be a close second. They both look and sound like they would be very tasty.

#2014-09-30 02:28:36 by anonymous12076 @anonymous12076

Thank you John of CLM, other contestant Imi, and Lily who voted for me and Prana who also comment nice things.(y)

I didn't see it as a 'contest', as in the beginning just to save John's butt to have someone to make a homemade mooncake and an opportunity to have a bit of fun, play and creativity for me.
And it turns out, not just a bit, it is a Lot of fun, play and creativity experience with just mundane ordinary objects, and silly fun words play.
Other members should try too, if there is another event such as this, or in their lives.
as ""We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw"

Now i won the gold membership as a surprised bonus, I'll be using it wisely and enjoying it. (sun)
Thank you again :P

#2014-09-30 16:44:03 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@anonymous12076 - There will indeed be a follow-up Mooncake Challenge next year and I will be counting on you, as the reigning champion, to outdo yourself with an even better entry than this year. And next year we will enlist 3 Chinese members to act as the judges. We will also start well in advance our attempts to shame the slackards we call male members into participating.

Enjoy your Gold membership to the fullest. You were a great sport, you did save my sorry butt, and you earned the prize.

Cheers, John

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