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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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It's Getting Out of Hand - Part 2    

By Paul Fox
6249 Views | 36 Comments | 7/24/2014 1:23:14 PM

Firstly, Thanks John for your comments in Part 1 - I completely understand when you say that 50+ (year-olds) don't necessarily COME here to find a woman much younger than they are - they kind of 'stumble' across them and the rest comes 'naturally' (so to speak)

But that was not the real intention of the blog. Whatever our INITIAL reasons may be, we often find ourselves hooked-up with a woman much younger than we are, and there is a potential problem looming, thanks to the first-class-bitch that we call "Mother-Nature"

So the whole intention of these blogs is to try and highlight this fact and give some guidance to members who face this situation right now - or may potentially face it in the near future

During some recent 'research' that I was doing, ( a long, long story so please don't ask), I came across a stunning-looking Asian girl at the ripe old age of 35. She already has one daughter who is now 17 years old (do the maths yourself) and she told me that she is looking for a foreigner so she can marry and have a 'half-breed baby'

When I told her that I was 52 years old, she was ECSTATIC !!!! - I already have 9 grandkids with another on the way!

Is it ME, or do others agree that a 52 year-old guy who gets together with a 35 year old girl with a 17-year-old kid should be concentrating on  some 'quality time' together as opposed to starting a new family and raising a new baby ?

I would be 70+ by the time that kid got to 18 and I would perhaps be seen by my peers as his/her Grandad - not the father!

BUT..... as I have said many times before, there seems to be some kind of crazy attraction for an Asian girl/woman to want to give birth to a 'half-breed' - and I really wish that one of our Chinese women members would try to enlighten us as to what is the 'attraction'?

But let's get back to the original intentions of these blogs.......

Life, (in general), moves on as the years go past, and quite frankly there are many things that escape our notice - possibly due to hype etc, or possibly due to subtefuge, but whatever the reason - we don't notice it unless we LOOK !

For example:

Grandad died in 1953 and was buried

Suppose that YOU died 'yesterday' and were also buried

Your body will take 3-times longer to become a skeleton than your Grandad's body did !!!

I am not being morbid here - I'm trying to state a fact and a reason......

Why ? .......  PRESERVATIVES !!!!

Modern food is full of them! Whether fast-food, restaurant food, or supermarket food - everything we eat is full of them - so we simply cannot escape unless we literally grow our own - which is not always possible

So maybe we do our best to stay away from fast-food or processed food in order to keep the E-numbers at bay.....??

The advent of fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds etc who are selling burgers for $2 each etc, are they trying to tell us it's QUALITY FOOD ?

Come on..... a bread bun, a meat pattie, cheese, sauce + profit for $2 ?????? Obviously it's excellent 'quality'..... right ?

Then there is enemy #2 - PESTICIDES!

The W.H.O (World Health Organization) actually condones the use of no less than 37 different pesticides within the farming industry - and each one of them will contribute towards depletion of male teststerone!

Take that nice juicy peach that you bought from your local supermarket. Probably grown in Argentina (or somewhere), took a million miles and 25 days to get here and has a 'shelf-life' of 2 weeks - Oh so delicious! - Oh so good for you ! - Oh, so healthy !

After picking, a normal peach has about 5 days before it turns into something totally rotten and in-edible! - So how do they keep them so 'fresh' for so long ?

Easy - they feed us with 'POISON' !!!!!

Pesticides and Preservatives are part of everyday life, and quite frankly it's GLOBAL so there is nothing we can do about it - we cannot escape them!

Those 37 pesticides all have the same effect on male testosterone. They 'naturally' deplete it !

Preservatives make our bodies decay longer after death and growth-hormones (fed to chickens etc) make 16-year old girls look like Dolly Parton!

So if Mr 50 is going to keep Mrs 35 happy in the bedroom, he needs to take serious action - NOW!!!!

According to research, testosterone molecules fly around male bodies and make us the man that we are. But pesticides, (all 37 of them) essentially have 2 side-effects on testosterone -

1) They con our body into thinking it has enough (or too much) so we make less

2) They encourage testosterone molecules to stick SHBG cells which renders them useless (SHBG = Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)

3) Lack of Free Testosterone encourages a build-up of the female hormone oestrogen, which is why you see guys with 'man boobs'

Testosterone molecules that are happy to roam around our body are known as 'FREE Testosterone' - but if they are stuck to SHBG then they are essentially useless!

So the 'He-men' ( like Barry and IMI) have little to worry about (as they have gym equipment and personal trainers - lol) - but what about us 'couch-potatoes?

'What about the little blue pills ?? ...... Viagra, Cialis etc ???

No! - These may work in the short-term, but if we want to embark on a long-term relationship we need a little more than a 'quick-fix' from a little blue pill

In a response to Part 1 of this blog, it was suggested that testosterone injections COULD be considered (even for LIFE). The USA may condone it, but here in Western Australia, it is illegal ( although I cannot understand why !)

I have a friend who is a trained medical doctor. He lost his license for 5 years for giving testosterone injections (He was NOT "struck-off" - he just lost his license to practice for a few years)

My friend then told me about a naturally-grown product and my ears immediately pricked-up, because this was the same product that I had also heard about from the older guy that I spoke about in Part 1 of this blog.

Here's where it gets interesting.........

The product comes from the root of a plant native to Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It has a weird name = TONGKAT ALI - some of you may have heard of it before and some of you may not

You can check it yourself on the internet, but I have done lots of research into it and have also been trying it out for myself.......... It WORKS

Personally, I would much rather use a NATURAL remedy for anything (rather than a chemical one).

Tongkat Ali works by boosting the male body's natural ability to make its OWN testosterone. Bodybuilders also use it because male testosterone helps build muscles, creates the male 'deep-voice' as well as assisting in the bedroom department.

It's also not a quick-fix. It takes time for your body to wake up and start making more teststerone with the help of this herb extract. But like anything, we should take it in moderation and at the correct dosage. If we take too much, our body will become reliant upon it, so the recommended way to take it is a few days on and a couple of days off. The old guy in Part 1 would take it Monday to Friday but not on weekends. Others recommend 14 days on and then 7 days off - whatever your choice, it's essential to give your body a short break so that it can naturally recover from years of not producing enough testosterone.

In order to save you heaps of time doing the same research as I have done, there are some key points that you should consider when choosing this product

1) Don't bother buying it in anything LESS than 500mg tablets - it is a waste of money to buy 200mg tablets and take three times the dosage

2) Do NOT use it everyday. Instead, take the recommended dosage (1 x 500mg pill in the morning and then again mid-late afternoon) for 14 days and then take 7 days off

3) Try not to take it in the evening as Tongkat Ali may cause restless sleep for some people

If I had to sum up all the research I have done, I would put it in the proverbial 'nutshell' as follows -

Tongkat Ali is a natural way of boosting testosterone while also reducing SHBG and oestrogen levels.

Tongkat Ali fulfills all the necessary criteria for boosting testosterone naturally while being completely safe with no dependency.

Tongkat Ali doesn’t contain any testosterone or testosterone replacement, but works on activating the body's mechanism of natural testosterone creation.

The ideal product is what is called 200:1 (or 1:200) - which essentially means the STRENGTH of the extract. In this case 200:1 essentially means 200 kilos of root produces 1 kilo of extract

I was told that it takes approximately 4 weeks to take effect (2 capsules per day), but after 3 weeks I have already noticed a huge improvement 'downstairs' (so to speak)

I have done some painstaking work on the actual product I have been using and, using various ways and contacts, I have actually managed to track down the manufacturer. The extract comes from Malaysian Tongkat Ali and is 200:1 as mentioned above - so it's the ideal strength

One months supply is 48 capsules (you can buy a bottle of 60 on the net for about USD$49.00 plus postage) and I have managed to convince this manufacturer to give me 2000 (1 kilo) capsules free-of-charge (I just needed to pay for postage)

(31 days in one month using the 14 days on and 7 days off method means 24 days usage = 48 capsules)

Since the number 50 divides nicely into 2000 it means I will have enough supply for 40 months !

Well I intend to keep my own supply for me and my friend and give away 30 months supply

Therefore the first 30 men to contact me can have a free trial (just pay postage)

John can arrange contact

Then we can compare results on CLM

John - over to you !

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-07-24 13:30:10 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Well Paul, when you're being so generous with this product, it's hard for me to say no to assisting with the logistics a little, so I will ask anyone who wishes to partake of Paul's generosity to please note in a comment here that you wish to be included in the participants. I'll then gather up the email addresses and we can go from there.

However, Paul, can you advise of an estimated costs of shipping the product to various countries from your location in Perth, and how it would be handled so that the receiving person is paying? People might need to know that before making a decision.

#2014-07-24 14:45:46 by Belle77 @Belle77

Interesting article Paul, the first time i learn that some women want to find western men for half-breed baby, i don't think the baby would be happy when she/he grows up and learns that her mom create her just because she wants so much a half-breed baby

Personally I think all kids are angels and nothing special with half-breed baby
If a woman really wants a baby who is half breed, there are so many foreign people living now in China, just find a man from other ethnicity and sleep with him, that is easy and quick to have a half breed baby, isn't it?

#2014-07-24 18:24:27 by Barry1 @Barry1


I must say that every thinking man over about 40 years of age would read your article and be somewhat concerned by what you said regarding preservatives and pesticides. Testosterone diminution is no laughing matter. He then would jump on the computer and do his darndest to subscribe to your offer, just as I'm doing now.

Please count me in, mate.

What have we got to lose (except maybe, our virginity!). :D

Well done, Paul! (y)

#2014-07-24 19:01:54 by Runelabs @Runelabs

For health and detox, really healthy living - the Chlorella and Spirulina supplements are also very good. Funnily enough Vegemite and Marmite also contain staggering levels of health beneficial components like Niacin. Australian scientists made some amazing discoveries last year - see .

I like reading about transhumanism, longevity and nootropics, science in general, so I also do some deep plunges into similar subjects as you, Paul.

Well, the experiments with NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and effects on mithocondria are really interesting with stunning results jut like the Telomerase, which a few years ago was rewarded with Nobel prize in medicine, that also prolonged mammal life when modified and allowed cells to regenerate for longer. Some cells in the male human reproductive system replenish their Telomere supplies, while most of the body suffer from cell aging and apoptosis.
Interesting with NAD is the Tryptophan, where Spirulina really is a phenomenal source.

The brain needs "exercise" just as the rest of the body, and to help get it going sometimes it is interesting to see the effects of Theobromine on the brain. It helps in the signaling between neurons, by inhibiting the rapid destruction of so called "secondary messengers" between them. So, by ingesting a lot of cacao (e.g 70%+ quality dark chocolate) you also get a boost in the signal levels of the pre-frontal cortex, where rational thought and concentration resides. To get a new definition on "brainstorming" (don't try if you "hear voices" in your head on a regular basis) - you should try 5 full spoons of pure cacao powder in a smoothie to sweeten the bitter taste, you would have something like a Redbull effect - but only in your brain and not giving a full adrenaline dump to exhaust all the body organs like caffeine does (which seem to be a frequent fatal mix with alcohol and stimulants with seniors on "vacation" in Thailand).

There is a lot of interesting neuroscience related info on how the pre-frontal cortex works and how different memory cells work - on in Trondheim incidentally.

In Brazil they often swear to Acai and Guarana as boosters, but I think the benefits of Spirulina and Chlorella are far greater. The smell and taste of these algae products is fairly repugnant, but powder form gives greater availability than the tablet forms. Lots of great info from sites like in the US. It seems the Hawaiian Spirulina has some higher levels of some of the main components, but I think they also produce it in Australia and India. I guess the detoxication effects from Chlorella in particular are well worth the discomfort of its odor.

Ah, and just for kicks - if you want to go "balls out" so to speak (or "all in") - see about Yin Diao Gong. It is a stretch of both imagination, soul and parts to say the least.

But a holistic approach to health and longevity never really "hurts"... :-)


#2014-07-24 20:10:55 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Hi John

The postage will depend on the recipients address and whether it is sent by the likes of DHL or just 'normal postage'

I do have a paypal account which should make things easy (hopefully) - but the main purpose of this is to TEST the product and see the results

It can be used as part of a body-building programme or simply as a way of replacing 'lost-libido'

My main interest here is to find the effects on different lifestyles

EG, a guy who smokes 50-a-day and drinks 2 glasses of wine every night may see a different result from a non-smoker and non-drinker

The ONLY possible side-effect (that has been reported) is possible restless sleep - so I take my second capsule around 3pm each day and not after dinner - How many people will notice this effect (if at all) and if so, when are they taking their second capsule?

If it works for CLM members after doing a trial, then maybe we can place a bulk order and get it out to them at a fair price

As I said before, they can be bought openly on the internet for USD$49 for 60 capsules - PLUS postage

The ones I have been trying (along with 2 good friends) - I can get them for half that price - PLUS POSTAGE

So let's see who is interested - because right now I have more than a dozen people eager to try them

They seem to be working on me, with no side effects - and I smoke and drink, so I am happy with the results so far (I use Monday-Friday and skip Sat and Sun - which in one recommendation)
The same supplier also produces Garcinia Cambogia which is HUGE in the USA and is used for weight loss

Again, I can get these at a fraction of the cost of internet suppliers, so I am sure they can be supplied to interested members at a much cheaper price

Happy to help!

#2014-07-24 21:03:15 by Jaguarguy @Jaguarguy

HAHAHAHA........ love this! So Paul, seems like perfect product placement to me. Older guys looking for younger women, what's better. I used to take a mix of natural goodies when I was regularly working out but that all got shelved in the last 18 months because of life. What I find funny is you have a large amount of 50+ guys here Im sure looking for a bonus when it come to relations with what will more likely be a younger Asian "friend". Makes logical sense to me, we get older and try to turn back time anyway we can.

Your initial post I have found very true in the years I have been on here, seems each younger woman I had met wanted to have a mixed race child because they make the most beautiful children. My current wife (who is 20 years younger than me) wanted this also but my being 57 I absolutely refused to agree (snipped anyhow) and early on told her if this was truly her intent that maybe she needed to find a different man. I raised my children...... now they have children. I have gotten to a place in life I want to enjoy other things than marveling in a childs first word or steps. I understand them wanting this but I also agree that I surely don't want to be 77 when my child is 18.

Jumping back to the bigger (haha) part of your post. I do no gym workouts at all anymore, I have a settled belly (that I hate and she loves) but lets face facts. She is 20 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME and IMHO very attractive. So........all I need is to look at her and Im ready to workout in a different way if you get my drift. This brings to question, do we really need all this or does the love and affection of a beautiful woman makes you think you are 20 again ? In my case its the latter.

#2014-07-25 05:19:59 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hello John,
I've been doing some research on the Tongkat Ali as well.
Reports are favorable !!
I would like to participate depending on shipping costs.
A quick call to the local post office gave me some ballpark idea.
From my zip code to Perth, for a 1/4" thick uniform "Letter" of 3.5oz. would cost $4.11 US.
A "Large Envelope" or "Flat" of 4oz. would cost $5.10 US.
I have no idea what the shipping cost is from Perth to my zip code but gosh,'s only 48 capsules.
If you and Paul decide on a means of shipping, please inform me.

#2014-07-25 07:00:53 by YinTingYu @YinTingYu

Hello Paul,
Nice blog article. Good research.
It is true that adequate, nutritious, food source has become a challenge.
Pesticides and GMO crops are serious concerns.
It seems that certain organizations within the so called "New World Order" wish to keep the general population just dumb enough to still follow instructions and just sick enough to work and pay taxes but, dependent on pharmaceuticals.
If not indeed reduce the world population !
What's the easiest way?
Hit the food and water supply.
I don't mean to sound like some paranoid "Conspiracy Theorist" but,............hmmmm. (think)

Now,...I have been doing some research as well on this plant and results sound favorable to me.
I'm curious if you are aware of the manufacturing process?
Is it what is known in the supplement field as "Standard Process" or something else?
There are many ways of extraction and some are more effective than others,... just asking.
In the last 15 years I have become very conscious of what I ingest.
I'm sure many of us have.

Anyway,...I've sent John a request to be considered in your offer.
Hope I made it in time for the free month trial !
You guys figure out the way for shipping and let me know.
Thanks again for your time and research.
Keep writing,

#2014-07-25 14:36:53 by anonymous11192 @anonymous11192

Preservatives do not survive the digestive system. There is no scientific evidence that bodies take longer to decompose due to preservatives in the diet. This is just another urban legend.

#2014-07-26 01:01:03 by anonymous11194 @anonymous11194

Great work mate. Always a good read.

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