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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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Is She My Type Part 7 - The one you have all been waiting for! - The Perfect Woman RMB100    

By Paul Fox
4080 Views | 14 Comments | 1/11/2014 2:18:12 PM
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#2014-01-17 23:45:33 by Marrisa @Marrisa

Very interesting. RMB100 and RMB50. Which one will you choose? It will always be a dilemma.
To: Paul
It is very interesting that you confest that you lie about your age. It is quite ironic that you fiercely criticized and emphasized that women are lying about their photos. (giggle)
Though I don't quite agree with your category of chinese women. But as you have explained that your blog is aimed to help the guys who have never been to China. Your whole blog series are still informative. Though the sampling is not typical and sometimes they are the very very very small portion ones. Anyway, thanks for the effort to be help.

#2014-01-19 23:24:08 by anonymous8710 @anonymous8710

Ha Ha... Now that you let the secret out of the bag, it won't work.....
She will be online every day, checking to see when you were last online....
You check her.... She checks you.... "Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander"

And, what if she enjoys the blogs and forums? Now that I have found my 1000RMB note, I'm just here for those, She may be here just to read your blog.

I think the clue that you have found one that is committed to trying with you is when she hides her pictures, and you should do the same. You may be online, but hiding pictures at least stops attracting new people.

#2014-01-26 02:46:32 by JianadaYangGuizi @JianadaYangGuizi

I know people who are on-line just to read the blogs including my ex-girlfriend. Well that is what they say anyhow ...

#2014-02-26 04:37:50 by alasdair @alasdair

@Paul Fox.

Very informative Paul. Your an honest man despite the little lie over your age..Barry1 mentions this and questions why your lady did not accept you when she found out your real age. Perhaps she would have since I dont think it was the actual 15 years age difference that really concerned her. If she liked you that would not change her feelings. No, it was the fact that you told her a lie. A hard lesson to learn no doubt. Women tend to expect very high standards of honesty from men even if they don't always live up to such high standards themselves. Afterall women crave security more than anything else, being the weaker sex as it were. But time does heal and your 100RMB note will be found.

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