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Born in the UK but now living in Australia, Paul Fox has travelled to many places throughout China. He has seen the lighter side, the darker side, both the gentle and the seedy sides. He documents his experiences and is willing to share them with anyone who wants to listen. He is not afraid to say things exactly how he sees them, and is quite happy to "name and shame" when necessary.
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Is She My Type - Part 6 - No, Part 7 a little early ! - For the Love of Money    

By Paul Fox
6996 Views | 26 Comments | 12/31/2013 2:31:29 PM
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#2014-01-06 10:19:23 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Thanks for your comments here and I am genuinely sorry if people have mis-understood my whole series of blogs about the diferent types of Chinese women that I have been outlining
The whole point of this series (as you correctly stated) is to enlighten members that these types of women DO exist and it is highly likely that they will meet ONE of these types on CLM
I want to make it quite CLEAR that I have literally NO IDEA as to what percentage of Chinese women that these types encompass
I have never made assumptions in this area and I am not going to, simply because I do not know!
Having been to China some 43 times since 2009 and travelled to many cities, I am simply writing about personal experiences
Yes, of course they are "generalizations" - I have no desire to offend and I am certainly NOT trying to say that ALL Chinese women on CLM (or any other dating site) actually fall into ANY of the categories written about so far
The KTV girl "type" was never on my original list. I was asked to write about her and so I did
I try to make my blogs a little "entertaining" (not boring) and I think everyone knows by now that they are certainly not "PC"
When I started writing this series, of course I expected to be chastised a little and I have no problem with constructive criticism - as long as it is CONSTUCTIVE
In the case of RM, it was a personal insult that I felt was un-necessary
I am certainly not "having a go" at ALL Chinese women - in fact I am probably only talking about a very small minority - but I have met MORE THAN ONE WOMAN IN EACH CATEGORY, so these women are not "one-offs" - they DO exist, as Anonymouth has also concurred
Yes, Type 7 is still to come and I am still writing about her - saving the best for last (so to speak)
I am sure there are Chinese CLM women members who would love to chastise me for this series of blogs, but then I would have to ask the question WHY?
Is it - A) because they think that I am a complete "dick-head" and have no idea what I am talking about - or B) because they recognise themselves as fitting into one of these categories?
I am in China right now and have just met a girl that falls totally into one of the categories I have already described (weeks ago) - so once again, although my articles are a "generalization" of possibly a very small percentage - these women DO exist and I seem to keep coming across them....
As for a % - I have no idea and I am not about to try and make a guess

And as a final footnote to RM - as John says - maybe you should read them again and take them in the way they have been written, do not take them as being an "insult" to Chinese women, because they are not intended to be insulting. I am happy to reply to your comments as long as you leave personal insults out of your remarks

#2014-01-06 10:49:18 by paulfox1 @paulfox1

Having read your comments again, maybe the problem was in my initial wording ?

Had I said something like - SIX TYPES OF CHINESE WOMEN YOU ARE LIKELY TO MEET ON CLM as opposed to THE SIX TYPES......(emphasis being on the word THE) - then maybe there would have been less mis-understanding
The fact that I used the word "THE" has perhaps given the impression that I have been categorizing ALL Chinese women - which of course would be impossible - and I am certain that, in any case, there would be a lot more than 7 "types"

With respect to your comment -
"Since that fits in with my general feelings abut humanity as a whole; that about 80% are "good" and 20% are "bad", I can't argue with it. "
If you take the series as a whole, I do not believe that I have given the impression that these are "bad women" (at least I have not intended to)

I am 100% certain that there are many, many "On the shelf single women" and "Desperate divorced housewives" etc out there who would make excellent wives, mothers, lovers etc
Just because a woman may say - "Hello, my name is Hong - will you marry me" - may make her "desperate" in the eyes of a western man and may make him flee for his life - but that does not mean she is a "bad person" - nor does it mean she would be a bad mother/wife/lover
It only highlights the fact that many many Chinese women are prepared to "Marry first - Love Later", which is something that western culture finds difficult to embrace

#2014-01-06 16:38:08 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@paulfox1 - Thanks for your clarification of your intent. I don't think you've said anything in your two remarks here that were not said in the blogs themselves, but sometimes statements get buried in the reading of content, especially if the reader is already a little miffed.

Yes, maybe your use of the word "the" 6 types is what lead me and others to be expecting the list to be all inclusive, but I also think there have been signs along the way to realize differently. Most of the women commentators seem to have seen those signs as.

The bottom line is your intentions are not bad or meant to insult, so perhaps we should all just cool down and those who disagree with any of the types you've mentioned actually existing can state their case. Time to let cooler heads prevail.

And you are correct that I certainly did not mean to suggest that the types of Chinese women you describe are bad, which is just further evidence that we can say things intending one meaning and accidentally convey another.

@anonymouth - in truth I've met all the types mentioned as well, and numerous other types so I guess I could have written the articles as well, but maybe not in the same amusing style. But your points are well taken, especially about frequency of encountering these types in the haunts of expats in and foreign visitors to China.

I also thought Paul's description of the KTV crowd was very objective and accurate btw.

#2014-01-06 17:23:16 by paulfox1 @paulfox1


Once again thank you for your comments
Type 6 (which is now Type 7) is going to be a long one. It will also put a lot of minds at rest (I feel), because as you have both rightly stated, the types 1 to 5 so far have perhaps been a little "negative" - so to speak

When I was a kid growing up in the UK, my father was very strict about eating everything on the plate at mealtimes and my favourite was my Mother's roast chicken dinner.
I always used to eat everything up first, but save the chicken until last - because her roast chicken was the BEST BIT !

So I guess type 7 will be like my mothers roast chicken - lol
Always save the best for last !

#2014-01-14 07:52:01 by anonymous8678 @anonymous8678

The man who admits he is wrong is wise. The man who gives in when he is right is married :D

#2014-01-14 09:16:12 by anonymous8679 @anonymous8679

Oxytocin , the human glue, is infused falling on pregnancy and breast-feeding Which helps the mother in the bonding process with her ​​infant. When a woman has sex with a man, the neuropeptides [and hormones] oxytocin is released into her system to strenghten the bond with her ​​lover. If a woman has multiple sexual partners forth levels of oxytocin are lowered. This can inhibit her ability to bond to her husband or significant others.

Comparing sex to drug use, Drs Diggs and Keroack, Said The hormones produced by the brain after orgasm oxytocin, wants Eventually diminish a person's ability to form emotional attachments. Premarital sex can lead to over-production of oxytocin.

People who have misused Their sexual faculty and become bonded to multiple persons will diminish the power of oxytocin to maintain a permanent bond with to individual. Dr. John Diggs, Dr. Eric James Keroack, U.S. deputy assistant secretary for American Health and Human Services, paper for Abstinence Medical Council, 2001 Abstinence Clearinghouse,

American neuroeconomist and leading researcher on oxytocin Paul Zak, Ph.D. found did oxytocin holds the key to human morality, policing the "self-other divide" and subtly prodding humans towards virtuous behavior .

Women produce 20% more oxytocin than men .
Rating: 50% of the women who have been sexually abused in childhood do not produce Their oxytocin.

Stress Reduces the production of oxytocin thereby starving the care circuits in the brain.
Rating: Drug users of crystall meth Their caring shut down.

(not accurate translation from German)

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