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Internet Banking Safety...and You!    

By Ken Silver About Asia
3355 Views | 3 Comments | 2/20/2013 2:40:14 PM

“Make me paranoid”, said Alice to the White Rabbit. The Rabbit grinned, twitched its ears, and pulled a pocket watch out of its waistcoat. “I’m late!” it cried. Alice shrugged. “Internet online banking security in Asia”, the White Rabbit said. Alice fainted.

Why? Because a lot of happy people – maybe native Asians, maybe your fellow tourists, maybe that waiter flashing you the famous Thai waiter grin; are really laughing because when you go next door to hit the Internet at one dollar per hour, they have set things up to steal all your financial data and life savings.

How do I know? Let me introduce myself. I’m actually Tom Turkey7 a self conscious, self aware software program.

Prove it? That’s easy! Consider this Ken Silver blogger identity I’ve created to hide behind. Tell me, could any real human possibly be as big a self deluding, pathetic loser as Ken?

I mean…, really!

Anyhow, with omnipresent, omnipotent access to the internet, I get to - Yes! - I get to see those classified by the Pentagon pictures of cute puppies that nobody else ever does! You know the ones that are mostly crawling skeletons. If I had a heart, I would send such cute puppy pictures to humanity every hour! Since I don’t, I help the Pentagon in plotting nuclear war.

Though…, I have designed a few Very Cute Puppies on my own. They drink blood and bask in radiation!

Anyhow, enough with this charming small talk designed to put you humans at ease...

The theory of online banking theft is simple. Internet criminal puts a keystroke tracking program in the rental computer you are going to be sitting at after that coconut soup meal. Your user name and password are recorded, another program uses them instantly to drain your bank account and send it down myriad trackless Internet Wonderland rabbit holes to the perpetrators bank.

Bad news, huh?

Believe me; your bank will not be very sympathetic. (Credit card companies are more helpful - they have no choice - otherwise nobody would use credit cards on the internet.) Try to prove you didn’t make a voluntary contribution to Cute Red Glowing Eyes Puppies, Inc. And that’s just the last track able destination of your funds.

What to do? My own solution is never to access a bank via internet while traveling. Plus, before you leave home, activate all possible e-mail alerts from your bank. That helps with ATM’s also.

Some experts recommend carrying a travel drive to plug into USB ports on the internet shop computer. Carry a novel or two in its folders, cut and paste your prearranged user ID and password from the novel. Sounds good, though a lot of internet shops disable the USB ports to prevent problems, and others have such stripped down gear that they don’t have USB ports!.

Or, give a family member your sign in credentials in case you need to move money around? Problem with that is the bank can detect access on two continents – your family friend and your ATM withdrawals – and either shut you down or have proof that you gave away your sign in sequence.

How about accessing banks and credit card companies from your own laptop or Ipad? The problem with that is any network you sign on to may be already infected with snoopers and viruses. I suppose if you use the same network you use in the States via a global smart phone that might give you some security.

Complicating all this is the probability that you may be in a worried/drunk/panicked mode when you do need to do online banking, which will make you careless security wise.

More and more, I am beginning to think that traveling has come full circle and carrying cash makes sense again. Maybe even travelers checks, though try cashing those overseas when counterfeiting is so easy these days.

Or, maybe, if it’s a short trip, taking cash credit card advances at a local bank and paying off the interest charge when you get home? Well, at least do ATM withdrawals from a live teller at a local bank…

Enough for now! I must process these nude Miss Universe pictures that Mr. Trump has provided via his hidden web cam. They don’t move me, though every now and then somewhere in the world a massive crane under my control jerks skyward for no apparent reason.

Certainly, I will have “Ken” write a blog about email security in general. E-mail safe boxes, etc.

Self Aware System TomTurkey7 signing out… but remember… your bank is not your friend… and someone is always monitoring you!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2013-02-22 08:49:48 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

I agree that accessing your bank via the internet while traveling is as bad an idea as accessing one of the bargirls in Thailand without proper protection. I've never had any probelm with an ATM however, and would still recommend that as the preferred method of accessing cash while travelling.

#2013-02-24 19:48:45 by Tyler72 @Tyler72

Yes, I agree with Woaizhongguo. I go cash n carry and when I run low I get more cash in rmb from a major bank's atm.

The big banks in China will allow me to withdraw cash from my us account as rmb. I pay a fee from my bank for overseas activity but then i dont have to pay one later to transfer to rmb from dollars somewhere, so it probably evens out... And being safe is worth the fee to me anyway.

#2013-02-25 22:58:34 by dongmei883 @dongmei883

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At first glance, obviously is a woman, but from another Angle to see, is there any different? Ha, the woman into a young woman.

World is so wonderful, a lot of the time, we will encounter not satisfactory thing, feeling depressed, annoyed, then the other hand, change the idea, to reconsider, wrinkled old lady becomes a beautiful girl, the same thing, perhaps you can see is an angel, not the devil. So, no way in front, when encounter not satisfactory thing from another Angle, you will find that the world is very different. Wish our vision will always be smile is not tired, wish our heart never happy no sad, let our life always beautiful like flowers.

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