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Ryan Hendry is a former detective and lawyer from the UK. He is now a freelance writer living in the Philippines. Ryan has a Filipina partner and hopes to be married to her later in 2016. He has traveled extensively in Asia and is a veteran of the Asian online dating world. He has experienced online, and physically met, some scammers, including unscrupulous ladies from Thailand and the more obvious scammers from Nigeria. Ryan is keen therefore to share his experiences and uses this platform for his blogs as CLM and ALM is committed to hunting down all scammers. Ryan, despite some of his experiences, respects Asian culture, loves Asian food and is now happy in the Philippines!
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International Dating: My Story - The Beginning of the End    

By Ryan Hendry
1928 Views | 33 Comments | 3/28/2018 1:28:03 PM
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#2018-04-09 22:12:23 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


Glad to hear there is a happy ending. :)

Your style of writing is natural and smooth with good rhythmic,you have a gift in writing. It is a pleasure reading your story.And your kind heart and your sense of old-fashioned gallantry which still alive in the kid's courageous soul,I appreciate it even more indeed.

Best wishes for you.:)

#2018-04-10 00:52:16 by anonymous17020 @anonymous17020

Personally RWByrum has it said quite closely, but: we all know that a majority of the women are looking for your money not your love...dont believe me then that is your loss. When reading these types of true stories we sympathise and think of what we would do in this situation, or hoping that we are also not being used by the women we are involved with.

Lets get real and realize that many of these types of women have done it before and are trained from a young age by parents and grandparents in the wicked ways of using a western man for financial gain. If 1 western man learns from these kinds of blogs/stories then I think it is most beneficial and a successful imparting of knowledge.

I have also wondered why very few people respond to this blog and even more baffling is the last of female input from our female members here. Imi was in a relationship with a woman who eventually used his lack of money/security as a way out of the relationship, Barry was involved with a woman who ened the relationship essentially over money/security via QQ, these blogs had far more input from members here with many heated debates. Ryan is one of the real honest men whom are looking for a real, loving relationship resulting in marriage and he gets used for money for his efforts...

This all makes me think more and more that being a single unattached man is the best way to go.....

if any woman is thinking of using a western man for money may I remind you tha "karma is a bitch"



#2018-04-10 13:57:23 by RHendry @RHendry


"If you want to teach something, write a textbook" No thank you.

"Nor do I claim any insight into your motivation for writing." You could have fooled me.

Over to you for "the final word." Geez to you too!

What really gets to me is it's OK for you to pass comment but you seemingly take umbrage if someone has the "temerity" to respond. I'm sure Proust had something to say about that. 

I would also add if you wish to compliment someone perhaps try to do it in a different way in future. 

#2018-04-11 22:36:36 by anonymous17028 @anonymous17028

@anonymous17020 That sounds very cynical.

#2018-04-12 17:28:32 by autumn2066 @autumn2066

hi, boys, count to 10.:x

If anger still there, count to 100. (giggle)

If it doesn't work, ok, call your ex wife,you two will enjoy the endless fight, much fun than with any other people in this website.:P 

What can I say? Something I found that so many times people should tell themselves that those angry ( or sad or picky ) people doesn't truly anger with us, but angry about their own life. They just need to find a way to let off what have been pressuring themselves in their real life.

What we talked about here (sad about/ angry about/ glad about here), are not about the truth (the sole criterion ), more likly a reflection of our inner world. When we finally could forgive our failure and be satisfied with our life and ourselves, we could over the shadow of our wound totally, and then bravely embrace our outside world again.

Guys, watch our words, choose the right way to speak, because  "karma is a bitch", the way how we treat other people, will come back to bite us in the future. Language has its power, it could bring spring to everyone, or bring winter back to us.It all depends on how we think about ourselves and how we decide to treat the world.

Best wishes to everyone here.:)

#2018-04-12 20:49:00 by cuby @cuby


Good for you Ryan, this woaizhongguo - guy sounds like a proffessor who got lost allong the way, turning something simple as enjoying and learning your story into a complicated mess. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see the next episote.

#2018-04-13 08:09:02 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Yikes!:o I would laugh:D, if it didn't make me wish to cry.;(

@woaizhongguo @RHendry 

I am stunned to find the two of you crossing swords and commencing a duel. It seems so totally out of place for either of you. There are a couple of bloggers and several members who I can almost count on to stir the pot with a hand grenade, but I never expected to see it from you.

First for those who may not be aware, @woaizhongguo  is otherwise known as blogger Peter V, who was one of the very first bloggers to post on the CLM/ALM Blogs, and who has been by far the most prolific. To date he has posted 146 articles, which is 20 more than anyone else. In all that time I cannot recall Peter ever having intentionally insulted anyone, nor having written a word in anger. Nor do I think he intentionally insulted anyone here.

Second, @RHendry, while a much more recent blogger, has done his blogging, and told his story, at my request. When I heard from him about his experience I felt it was a great experience for our members to read and I asked him if he'd turn it into a blog series, which he has been kind enough to do. So I knew, and can so verify, that in this case Ryan did "write this blog so others could learn from his experiences". I know that because that is exactly what I told him when I asked him to write it, that I thought others could learn from his experiences.

Over my time in dealing with both of these individuals I have come to admire and respect them both greatly, and to count them both as my friends.

Let me say the following, and take it as my view as to what transpired here, which maybe mistaken, and is offered only by way of an attempt to turn down the heat a little.

To Ryan, as Peter was not aware that you were penning your biographical experience at my behest, he was bound to have assumed that, like so many bloggers before you, you were writing your story at least partially to "purge" your soul. My best guess would be that most of your readers probably have also leapt to that conclusion. It is a normal reaction to having read such a vivid baring of the soul as you have provided.

With that in mind, I suggest that Peter's words can be seen as not insulting, but from start to finish as really being intended as congratulatory. I think that when he concluded with "I do think commiserating in the suffering of other's through reading their writing makes us see our own burdens in a different perspective, lightens our load, and perhaps even allows us to forgive ourselves our misfortunes. And that for me is that this account has done.Thank  you for writing it. I look forward to the "happy ending."", he sincerely meant that your series had helped him see his own burdens in a different perspective, lightened his load and allowed him to forgive himself his misfortunes. And I am confident that his overall message was that those things are of far greater import than simply helping others learn from one's own mistakes. 

Perhaps his words were subject to easy misinterpretation, or perhaps not, but I think that given the final expression of both admiration and gratitude, it is easy to see that overall, his comment was well meant and intended as a sincere compliment. You may have been having a dark moment while reading his comment, or you may have simply failed to connect the ending of it to the beginning, but I think you have overreacted on this occasion in a manner that I've not seen you do since the moment we met nor concerning any other comment on your blogs, nor for that matter, to any one who has seemed offensive in your described experiences.

Your reaction in anger seems out of character for you, and in that sense, again, it seems a bit of an overreaction. Is that a possibility?

To Peter, I might add that as Ryan's series unfolded, like you, I too was helped to "see my own burdens in a different perspective, lighten my load and allowed to forgive myself my misfortunes".  But isn't that really just another way to say I "learned from his experiences"?

To you both, knowing you as I do I am quite confident that if you were to meet you would each much appreciate the personality and character of the other, so can I suggest that a truce be agreed to.

Perhaps I myself am overreacting to the apparent discord, and the matter is basically already settled, but the comments of others tells me that I am not alone in seeing it as unfortunate and a little unsettling.

#2018-04-13 11:46:22 by anonymous17033 @anonymous17033

Hi Ryan, I am @anonymous16981, thanks for your explanation of those documents. I apologize if my first comment sounds rude.

I am one of keen readers of your story. Sometimes, I even can’t help myself trying to write to you and push you for the next part.

I admit the moment when I posted that comment I felt a little disappointment, yes, at your behavior. Let me explain.

You and Noi were married couple, right? When couple have disagreement, should they sit down and have some talk?

But you slept with another woman, in Noi’s eyes you did that. That turns the problem beyond couple. Noi may think what she do is right because you betrayed your marriage first.

You may say when Noi said she would not sign those documents, you were too angry. You were angry at her or yourself that you knew she was a liar and you still trusted her? You had been living with her for not a short time, you do think she is a hide liar?

I was a keen readers of Barry’s story too. The end of the story seems be related to money too. Noi and Lily were angels at the beginning, they seem turn to a money digger in the end. In my opinion, everyone has both an angel and a devil inside. In angel’s eyes, they are angel, in devil’s eyes, they are devil.

A story for reading for fun is no problem, but I hope all of us know who we are before we close our eyes and leave this world.

I am not intention to judge anyone, those are just my personal thought. I apologize if I put them too straight and offend anyone.

#2018-04-13 15:21:35 by RHendry @RHendry

@JohnAbbot I have no desire to cross swords with Peter V or anyone else or to carry on this disagrement between him and me.

However, I have to say for such a prolific blogger he should choose his words carefully. I did thank him for the comments he made at the end of his reply. And that for me was the end of it.

Okay, his comment about "learning from experience" did rile me. I'm human and I still think he was out of order writing that.

Then he came back with the snarky writing a textbook comment. Sorry, but I don't tolerate that BS from anyone.

Thank you for your comments and I appreciate you 'tell it as you see it.' 

I also thank @cuby and @autumn2066 for the supportive comments. I'm sure Peter V is a nice guy and I am equally sure we would both enjoy a beer together so let's forget the whole 'storm in a teacup.' and get on with life :)

As his friend Proust said, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes."

If I have enabled some to see with "new eyes" then my mission has been accomplished. 


#2018-04-14 00:12:16 by anonymous17036 @anonymous17036

@anonymous17028 "@anonymous17020 That sounds very cynical"


Prove me wrong........


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