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Neil Yaun prides himself on knowing a little about everything, despite no formal college education. He is self-educated, with a love of Chinese culture focused on their history and traditions. Growing disillusioned with the direction America is taking and his negative experiences with American women he is seeking a new path in China. He plans to teach English in China. This blog is about the journey to China and all the pitfalls along the way.
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Independence Day    

By Neil Yaun
2369 Views | 1 Comments | 7/5/2010 2:17:47 AM

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Well, it is Independence Day here and I figured I would blog today about what makes America great since I had my rant about what pisses me off about America. I think the biggest and most important thing that makes America great is freedom. It is something that most of the Chinese women I speak to tell me about when they say they like America so much. It is because we are a free people and even though we take that freedom for granted at times it is a fact that we have more freedom than any other country in the world.

America was founded on the ideals of freedom and opportunity. I have the ability to choose to stay or leave this wonderful nation because of that free choice that is my God given right as a U.S. citizen, and though many would scoff at leaving America. I think it is essential for every American today to learn not to take that freedom for granted. So I will see America from the outside, who knows maybe I will be so appalled at what I see that I will come crying back home. If I know me though, I will probably just gain a better understanding of why people see America as they do.

This International dating website has many women who wish to come here to America because of what we stand for in the world. We stand for a better, happier life, and even though I don’t necessarily agree that you are assured to find that here in the U.S. I respect the idea because it is only human nature to want to live a better life. It makes me think about all the people who came to this great country in the past with the same hope.

They came to this country hoping to find a new life in a new world. Some of them hoped to marry and raise a family here and many of them succeeded. Of course it was a simpler time and now things are much more difficult, but back then it was still not an easy thing to do. They came here with nothing but a dream and a willingness to work hard for anything they would get. It sounds very familiar to me.

The same forces that drove those people to seek a better world are pushing me as well and though I know that I live in a great nation. I feel it deep inside my heart that it is time for me to seek out something new. Like those who came before me, I choose to step into the unknown and strive for a better and brighter future. I want a simple happy life with a family that loves me and it seems to fit quite well with the Chinese women of CLM because they all seem to be seeking the same thing.

So, now it is time for me to sign off and enjoy the fireworks and the barbecues. If that don’t smell like freedom I don’t know what does. Happy 4th of July everyone.

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#2010-08-13 10:48:03 by lifehurts @lifehurts

As a chinese, and don't learn much about America.I don't know yet what exact freedom is people are talking about.
However, when I get off from work and drive on the path, enjoy the breeze, I really feel free. And happy.. (is that Neil telling that a Happier and Better Life ? No, of course it's not to most people.)
Yet, when I was staying out of china, I felt most of the time that the world is not fair to us Chinese.....

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