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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off - GUARANTEED! Part 2    

By Barry Pittman
1728 Views | 27 Comments | 9/18/2018 1:26:34 PM
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#2018-09-30 11:40:46 by newbeginning @newbeginning

Re female cop gropers: here yah go, just one of many...

#2018-10-01 07:26:57 by Barry1 @Barry1



Maybe some guys would LOVE to be groped by a female cop, mate!  (rofl)(rofl)



#2018-10-01 22:06:08 by autumn2066 @autumn2066


haha, Barry, sounds you are one of them.Good for you! (y)(rofl)(rofl)


Sigh! I can't open any link of you guys post here! (headbang)

Have to admit that I admire those female policewomen, of course they were hateful and low, but they....sounds brave for what they want in a handsome man.:D I can't promise that I won't do that to you if I was a USA female cop.:P

Sorry, I can't help laughing like Barry did.:D Reading your comments here, I feel much better.Thanks for sharing your experience with us. (coffee)

Your story remind me something ......To make my ex feeling safe, I had been forced to change my nature personality and mean to dressed ugly.But I still heard many times my ex blamed me like this :" Why those strange men look at you and smile to you? That must be your fault! If the male neibours say hi to you, you should ignore them like they don't exist at all!" 

Now,I ignore my ex like he doesn't exist at all.

Through some harm and lessons, I have come to realized that those people who doesn't respect me in the same way I respect them never deserve my time.I need an adult partner, not a boss nor a big baby.

Best wishes for you.:)

#2018-10-01 23:48:20 by newbeginning @newbeginning

your a funny guy, regardless, it proves female cops need to be held to the same standards as male cops. 

hurry up and submit your part 3 on losing weight will yah! krikee!

#2018-10-02 14:21:06 by Barry1 @Barry1



"Barry, sounds you are one of them. Good for you!"


You are a very smart lady, @autumn2066!  (giggle)(giggle)



#2018-10-02 14:23:15 by Barry1 @Barry1



"hurry up and submit your part 3 on losing weight will yah! krikee!"


I submitted it a week ago, buddy.  I suspect the editor of this highly rated website hasn't noticed it sitting in his inbox yet!  (giggle)(giggle)



#2018-10-04 04:48:48 by newbeginning @newbeginning

@autumn2066, I can't believe your ex would want to hide you away, he must have been very insecure. If you looked as good as you say you do and took care of yourself he should have been proud to have such a lovely woman on his arm. Personally I would never hide a good looking woman, especially one that says if she were an American police officer she would have no problem groping a male suspect. (sun) 

Alas, if only.

Cheers (d) (dance)

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