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How should we love like we've never been hurt?    

By Jasmine Huang
3520 Views | 5 Comments | 6/5/2010 12:58:19 AM

Love like you've never been hurt.

Dance like nobody's watching.

Sing like nobody's listening.

Work like you don't need the money.

Live like it's heaven on earth.

--------Alfred D’Souza


A university professor went to visit a famous Zen master. While the master quietly served tea, the professor talked about Zen. The master poured the visitor's cup to the brim, and then kept pouring.

The professor watched the overflowing cup until he could no longer restrain himself. "It's overfull! No more will go in!” the professor blurted. “You are like this cup,” the master replied, “How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup?"


A distressed people went to a monk to pour out his frustration.

He said, ‘I can’t put down some things and some people’.

The monk said, ‘There is nothing which can not be put down.’

He said, ‘But I just can’t put down these things and people.’

The monk then asked him to hold a tea cup, and then poured hot water till the water overflew.

The distressed people loosened his grip the moment he got burned.

The monk said, ‘There is nothing in the world that you can’t let go, once you feel painful, you will put it down naturally.’


A week ago I watched the movie ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ and was inspired by what the Italian man told the American woman, ‘Between Austria and Italy, there’s a section of the Alps called the Semmering. It is an impossibly steep, very high part of the mountains. They built a train track over these Alps to connect Vienna and Venice. They built these tracks before there was a train in existence that could make the trip. They built it because they knew someday the train would come.’ What a perspective! And there came the spontaneous thing. There are always dreams and passions in our heart and they look for the outlet and chance.

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#2010-07-08 01:16:19 by geliasi @geliasi

The heavens where with you when you wrote this.

#2011-02-07 09:34:40 by thewheeldeal @thewheeldeal

Plot 2's example i recgonize only too well

#2011-03-12 20:39:32 by jie2011 @jie2011

‘There is nothing in the world that you can’t let go, once you feel painful, you will put it down naturally.’

It made me smile, thanks!

Yout topic drew my attention to read its content for I am in great need to know the answer.

I believe there's love in every heart. But, it seems harder to reach it. I am sort of knowing the reason, being afraid to feel hurt blocks the heart, but it is a natural reaction, isn't it?

So, let's be brave to try again, just be careful not to hurt or be hurt.

#2011-12-09 20:41:16 by pingcheung @pingcheung

experience life

#2012-05-16 21:11:54 by gaspasser @gaspasser

I had been with my wife for 31 years. About 4 months ago she left me, telling me she felt too young to grow old with me. I am 71 and she is 51. I told her she would grow old with or without me. She will find that to be true. The separation has caused me considerable pain, sadness and depression, and it has been difficult to let go, all the while hoping against hope that maybe she would change her mind in light of our long history, but I have not been sitting around waiting for it to happen. In the meantime I have been corresponding with a "real" Chinese lady and we are planning on marrying in China after my divorce here is final. I don't want to be alone and neither does she. It will be quite a shock to my family and friends, but at this stage of my life, I don't really care. They are happy...why shouldn't I be? I may be old in years, but I am young in heart and spirit. I was not aware that the marriage vows I took had a statute of limitations on age. My current wife will one day realize the big mistake she has made, but by that time it will not matter...she has moved on with her life, and so am I. Yes, it has been hard to give up a 16 year marriage and being together for 31 years and I did not think I could do it, but I was wrong...if I can do it, anyone can......

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