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Sarah Wang, a native Chinese, who could let you know more about Chinese culture and traditional custom and the way how Chinese female think and etc via the blogs. With these information, you might understand your Chinese spouse easier and reduce the clash between you and her. Certainly, I also would like to see more cultures from you through CLM platform. Everybody is my eyes.
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How many people are really devoted to date online?    

By Sarah Wang
4509 Views | 5 Comments | 5/26/2010 12:41:19 AM

At the other side of the sea, is your Mr/Ms.Right there?

As known, the internet has made the world into a global village since last decade. It has brought a great change of people’s life. Online course, instant chatting, free international calls, free movies and e-books, all the stuffs are available via the internet. Meanwhile, without exception, online dating has become more and more prevail for abundant selections and mysterious feelings. The survey data shows: at the beginning, it has had a higher success probability of cyber love than nowadays. Why? The internet hadn’t been so penetrated initially. Also at that time, only a few people could afford to have own computer. Those who started online dating had the simpler minds and better breeding themselves and treated cyber love as a new and excited experience with their efforts.

At the present day, online dating is one of the prevalent manners to seek for the mate. On the one hand, people expect the romantic thing would happen to self. On the other hand, people always suspect online dating, who are fearful to fall into love with the game player, the scammer or not Mr./Ms. Right. After all, nobody would like to be HURT. Most of them stay in a shell to observe the others till they are sure when it is safe to be out of the shell. But sometimes it is too late, the chance fade away like the wind if the others lose the passion. Therefore, there are fewer and fewer people to be really devoted for the online dating. But even like this, please do not be pessimistic, cauz it is not a zero percentage for making the successful online dating. How to improve it?

1. When we scan the online dating webs, the photos of extremely pretty women or handsome men are very impressive to us. We have no idea how to select. Cauz we know that the best one doesn’t mean the suitable one. Many homepages with these pictures, it makes us have an illusion that we enter a beauty pageant or an appearance show web. But there are few words for the profiles after clicking in each photo. It is true that good-looking appearances could have more attentions, but it couldn’t make the successful match increasingly. Back to the realistic life, everybody need a soul mate rather than a beauty. No doubt, it is perfect if you could have both. However, the inner beauty is more prominent than external beauty.

If the web owners let the members sort their information by personalities so that it may make the matches easily and successfully, such as:

a. rational type, affective type, willpower type

b. Introverted type, extroverted type

c. theoretical type, economic type, sociable type, aesthetic type, religious type

d. independent type, obedient type

For most members not only have one kind of personalities, then they can mark the major one which mostly presents themselves. So other members can select the match, either similar or opposite personalities as they wish. In this way, it might avoid to search the mate as seek a needle in a haystack.

Also the members ought to make their profiles completely, it may use translation tool if there is a language barrier. Leave the messages even a little but better than none.

2. To be honest, someone registered the online dating webs just for killing time or out of boredom or for fun or cheating the others’ emotion and possession. So we need make the appropriate judgments prudently. Sometimes we could ignore the boring persons if they are not your cup of tea. There is no reason to be blame for the webmaster if anyone encounter the involved situation. In China, someone were deceived by the persons known via QQ (the most popular chatting tool here), but no one would accuse the owner of QQ web. Anyway, the adults are capable of handling such a case. And the philosopher Mr. Georg Hege said: “What is rational is actual and what is actual is rational.”

3. Long distance will become the inevitable issue for cyber dating sooner or later. It’s better to make a plan and schedule for the future together once your relationship is fixed. As told, someone are celibates even they keen to find a life partner but not for having a marriage. Please clarify the point before your relationship will be kept moving on, especially in the long distance communication. Otherwise, it wastes time and energy.

4. “Love me, love my dog.” Everybody knows it. If you and your mate aren’t able to communicate with a same language, then please go ahead to begin learning her/his language from today. It is only helpful no harmful to your relationship.

5. Please don’t frustrate if you always failed the online dating. One more failure, one more step closer to the success. You could figure out what the problems for the losing and don’t make the same mistake.

Sometimes we lose for the online dating, not because we aren’t good enough, only for we are in a wrong position just as the gold concealed among the sand. But the premise is that you have to be devoted to your right cyber love. Don’t you agree?

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2010-05-27 18:34:29 by panda2009 @panda2009

It is no doubt that cyber has become the most influential electronic matchmaker who can help us to find matches efficiently.

#2010-11-01 04:09:27 by rgk1048 @rgk1048

Online Dating is just another tool. It can be perplexing looking at so many pretty women and trying to choose. So, I choose them all, knowing that 90% won't reciprocate. Thats ok. The remainder become my contacts for when I go overseas and then I will meet with them. At least once. It only takes one date to know if you should have a repeat date.

The alternative for us guys is hanging around bars. Smoky, noisy, and full fo scammers. Ok, if thats what you like. I prefer non bar women. So, for me, Online Dating is a great way to meet different women without spending any money...until I actually meet them face to face.

#2012-04-09 12:06:30 by rashidas @rashidas

Dear Sarah: Does it make sense to hire a private detective agency or other similar agency to check the identity of a lady I am corresponding with on ChinaLove (

#2012-04-28 04:11:50 by gaspasser @gaspasser

To Rashidas: is a scam. I was involved in it and just got off of it after spending more money on it than I should have because I didn't check it out before I got infatuated by it. You don't need to spend money for a private detective agency...just go online and google the evaluations of chnlove and you will see for yourself that 90% of comments about it by men who have been taken in by it like me are negative and indicate that it is a scam. Thehy keep milking you for more and more money to keep on buying credits that they charge you to send and receive a translated letter from a lady of your choice, or from other ladies you might be interested in or who are interested in you and write you. They also charge the ladies, so they double charge both men and women on their website. They don't let you communicate directly with your all has to go thru they have complete control and keep charging you for it. There is no way to verify that the lady you are talking to is real or is who you think she is as they do not allow the women to do that. All the photos of the women are glamour shots of cleveage and some underwear shots as well...notice that there are no shots of real women in real situations. Get out of chnlove before they take you for every dollar you have...F.Y.I. A great legitimate alternative is as you pay one membership fee up front and you have access to everything...and the ladies are real. I just signed up and I am very satisfied. Plus they police themselves for scammers. Just some advice from someone who was taken in by chnlove...good luck......

#2012-10-28 14:47:02 by TimG @TimG

I have just read a number of your Blogs, Sarah, and what a lovely mind you have. Thank you for reminding me of optimism and that the shell not only keeps hurt out, it can also keep love out. I have not been successful on this site yet, but I think it is because I am clumsy in communication and I am too suspicious. My suspicion might have been created by experience with sites such as Before that I had been on Western sites which, in my experience, have a large population of women looking for men for reasons other than love. Or perhaps I am poor at choosing ...

I would also like to say that this site is the first one I've been on that feels like it is largely a community of people seeking love and I find it very refreshing.

I enjoy your writing, Sarah.

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