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Love to smile, born in a small village, enjoyed the farm life with my family before leaving home for schools and college, have been working in cities so far, being interested in history, music and sports, dreaming to fly all over the world, hoping to share my feelings with you. I believe great friendships or even really happy relationships are based on good communication. What are you chasing after in the world, my dear friends? Anyway, I hope you are not lonely during your search.
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To Be a Housewife, Would You? 做家庭主妇,你愿意吗?    

By Meg
11183 Views | 23 Comments | 8/3/2012 2:38:51 PM
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#2013-07-04 03:12:04 by RobertB @RobertB

I would say, the most important thing is some sort of stability.
If your husband loves you and is very reliable and has stable income, then it is nearly normal that a woman becomes a housewife. It does not mean, she cannot pursue her studies, some projects, or hire maids or even men to do some house work. In capitalistic world, what matters is the job done.
So, you can clean yourself because you cannot afford a maid, or you like to do it yourself, or you do not trust others that much.
Does not matter. Who is richer? A millionaire in Tokyo, who has maybe 200 square meters of living space but pays hefty price for it and is always busy or maybe an Indian in Amazon river area, who has plenty of space and time and no worries? This is only huge approximation, yet it shows that nothing is that very simple.
Also, if a woman is very good at pleasing her husband but bad at doing things outside , she does not have to work that hard, essentially for nothing. On the other hand, if she likes to follow her professional dreams then there seems to be no obvious reason not to. All boils down to two main factors. First so called necessity, second ability to balance activities so what matters most for that person is not jeopardized by something that can be worked around.
At first sight I do not think it is a healthy family, where a woman works in Dubai and her husband stays in Malaysia. I met that situation so, well, it is their choice and situation and it was long ago. Still I think, normally successful people do what they want. Within reason. So, they should live together and do what they like, so both are happy. If they cannot figure it out then maybe they are not the match?
Still, I look at this world and seeing so many people and so many products I realize that something has definitely gone right on this planet.
If it is not working then why so many people? why so many products?
We just have to find our place. There is a place for every man and woman.

#2013-07-04 03:39:05 by RobertB @RobertB

Education is great, because it teaches us how to move in the world that exists. That education can even make you rich. (Being rich is ability to live without debt, to afford food and some accommodation and have access to most not all, available resources and products. ) Bill Gates cannot buy an aircraft career, not because he cannot afford it, just because he cannot. Well, if he could, then we would be back in the days of private armies! Like in the past.
Vive La Democracy!
Yes, yet if you want to teach someone to create something, how do you do that? It does not exist yet.
The only thing you can do, is to teach your child things like:
dreams, imagination, logical thinking with ability to transcend obstacles,
communication skills, faith, searching for problems and offering solutions,
ways to work with projects spanning engineering, social sciences, law and other areas. Importance of luck and how to use it. Adaptability. Ability to be both alone and to cooperate to take other people needs into account.
What else? The list cannot be full as creativity is limitless.
Only creating new reality can make you go beyond being rich.
I think many people are rich without realizing that.
It is not being rich that is talked about, it is being creative.
Like Bill Gates, when he started there was no Microsoft.
There were some operating systems but they were literally stagnant.
Computers were not serious stuff. largely useless.
Now, the ability to see the opportunity, start the process and ability to foster it to some sort of completion is what makes people stand out and ultra rich. Most people will not transform the civilization on their own. Still this does not mean that they are useless. Some positions are nearly one person "flukes" (destinies). I mean, now you cannot really repeat same success of Bill Gates. Yet, if you can manage to fly to the Moon and mine its helium 3 and then distribute it to fusion power plants in China, US and Europe.. Earth, then Bill Gates fortune will shrink in comparison to less than 10%. How would you contribute to most of Earth's energy production and distribution? Such would be your wealth.
Some say, flying to the Moon. It is very hard. Officially never accomplished on a scale needed for business. What I am saying here, you would need the ability to fly on one day's notice. Ability to ferry cheaply at least 10 tonnes of stuff at a time. Ability to guarantee health and safety of the workers and anyone else involved. Has not been done yet. I believe that we will do it one day.
So, business is done on a grand scale or seemingly small scale like new type of coffee shops or creams for skin care. Or even doing something useful for people around you.
Men tend to work outside, women inside, and do not get fooled by so called emancipation. It hardly changed a thing!
Still mostly men work on oil rigs, fields, building sites. Women work in offices(sic!) shops and so on. It is funny, when you realize that actually nothing changes in a way.
We all need money, love and health. Has ever been different?

#2013-07-04 03:44:28 by RobertB @RobertB

You as well said something very true! To have peace in your heart!
This is what we are after, never mind if we are looking for a spouse or business or job or else. Expanding energy and shaping the environment in some way is another way to be happy, but then you need that someone you can say -- it is my family.
How do you recognize that is another thing. Not easy, although sometimes you suddenly realize!

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