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Love to smile, born in a small village, enjoyed the farm life with my family before leaving home for schools and college, have been working in cities so far, being interested in history, music and sports, dreaming to fly all over the world, hoping to share my feelings with you. I believe great friendships or even really happy relationships are based on good communication. What are you chasing after in the world, my dear friends? Anyway, I hope you are not lonely during your search.
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To Be a Housewife, Would You? 做家庭主妇,你愿意吗?    

By Meg
11184 Views | 23 Comments | 8/3/2012 2:38:51 PM
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#2012-08-11 11:33:48 by julia2049 @julia2049

Simple life is comfortable life. Love your own already.

#2012-08-12 23:04:34 by Mellisa @Mellisa

if your friend doesnt care if her husband call him or not. that means she only care about hwo much money her husband coulg bring her and support her kids , even her husband cheat on her. she is a blind but try to be happy in front of everyone that she had so relasxed life but she doesn't care her husband call her or not. it is bullshit of her marriage.

#2012-08-12 23:10:35 by anonymous4075 @anonymous4075

you should feel sad about your friends who share their so called happiness but their husband dont go home or leave home on the second day of long holidays. you only see how happy they are just like many wives and husbands, uncaring their husband home or not but only give them money or support their family but you admire them, i dont undersand why you write their sad story here.
just think ,thye dont care if their husband home or not, or leave ealier or not but both just cheat on each other. i am sure that could happen.
i dont want to read such sad stories , the same stories with fake happiness.

#2012-08-13 17:40:03 by yolandan @yolandan

Being a housewife? NOW? in such a complex changing country which only value ugly money and unfair power? ------- sounds much more mournful than worth admired.---------- only worthy admired is those housewives' weakness of courage and low self-respect.

Chinese women, U really don;t need a cheating husband to make ur life wonderful. There r so many things u could do to make ur own life more sunshine, more valuable.

Women should not be the moon, waiting for the sunshine from men, but a planet as running as men.

#2012-08-13 21:01:38 by meg @meg

To anonymous,

You should read my blog carefully,every word,every sentence.

I have many feelings for my friends here, but I can not write them all down in words, exactly, I can not find the right words sometimes. I respect them, they respect me. I wrote this blog, just show what I see from outside, I can not see through their hearts with my eyes. But I am happy they would like to share their happiness with me. They are my teachers in some ways.

In reality, every one has her own feelings for life, sad, happy, ...... If you are in difficulty in life, you can not show your long sad face to other people, others don't own you anything. I think. That's why I always like to smile in public. But I say My Smile is not fake. Because I need to smile to myself,too, to encourage myself.

If you don't like to read the sad stories, it means you don't want to face the real life. Unless you are a very lucky person all your life, and you never see or meet unhappy things.

Anyway, thank you for reading my words and share your thoughts here.

Best wishes to you!


#2012-08-14 08:57:03 by anonymous4085 @anonymous4085

I personally know a Chinese woman who is in a marriage where the husband travels and is never home. She has to be one of the sweetest women I have ever met in my life. It breaks my heart that she is in this loveless marriage. The husband could care less about her and probably cheats on her. I am almost positive she has never cheated on him. She is so amazing to me and deserves so much better. What can women do in this type of situation?

#2012-08-15 16:15:10 by Indonesian79 @Indonesian79

Yolandan, I think women like you really don't understand the seriousness of having a role in your family. Both parents work full time will neglect the children's mental growth and will result in bad mentality generation.

However though, if a woman think she wants to take the role of the bread and butter of your family, want to work hard and make a lot of money, she should find herself a househusband. Children don't grow up being great by itself unless it has an exceptional drive to be successful and make the bad parents as the opposite example.

#2012-08-15 22:41:27 by aussieross @aussieross

I have personally witnessed groups of ladies just like these whilst in China.
They gather near shopping centres and apartment blocks and dance or just exercise together. Many times I have wondered " why are there so few men with them". At times there are no men there at all.
While walking past and observing a particular group of fifteen or so ladies and two men one night dancing near the apartment block I stayed at, my sweet lovely woman explained to me that the women would be unaccompanied for any of a few reasons.
Some women would possibly have husbands working away from home. Other husbands would be with their male friends drinking and gambling while others would rather just stay at home and relax. All of the ladies were appropriately dressed and behaved very respectably. I couldn't help but think how nice it was that regardless of their station in life or how happy or unhappy their marriages were, they were able to enjoy each others company for an hour or two each evening.
I live in Australia and unfortunately I think most of the womenfolk here in an unhappy marriage would rather sit in front of the TV and feel sorry for themselves instead of getting outdoors and socialising like the Chinese ladies I watched that night. To me they showed a real strength of character as they attempt to make the best of their lives.
In response to Anonymous Member and Yolandan, you have read a brief description of these ladies as seen through Meg's eyes. I think it is unfair to judge them or their situations without really knowing them yourself.
Besides I think the blog has shown us that maybe a housewife can have some life of her own away from her family in a healthy, respectable way.
I enjoyed the blog Meg, thank you.

#2012-09-05 03:43:58 by xiaodongxi @xiaodongxi

I agree with Indonesian79, having a child also means taking their emotional interests and education seriously besides just providing financial security. If I had the choice I would prefer to work part-time so that I could dedicate some time to guiding and educating my son, especially that in mainstream schools children are often brainwashed and as a result they lose the ability of independent thinking. Maybe that is the reason more women and men work from home these days.

#2012-10-29 11:49:38 by papaya1972 @papaya1972

I had never fancied of being a housewife before give birth to my daughter. I had considered it as kind of down grade (sorry to housewives, and that opinion is proved to be incorrect now)
After moving to a new country, I felt the burden from life, had to learn new things to adapt to the new environment, to work hard to build up the family, and to study for profession. So seems there was not even a room to fancy about being a housewife.
But ever since my daughter was born, I stared dreaming of being at home all day to take care of her, to experience her progress everyday. But unfortunately, I had to carry on with my job and profession, and to leave her with her grandparents in China.
The luckiest is now my daughter is almost 12, doing excellent at school here in Singapore, she is healthy, happy and smart. Almost everyone likes her.
She once had ask me after she moved to Singapore shortly for education: mum, why can’t you stay home with me? I don’t want to go school, I want you to teach me.
I really would love to if I could.
And now, I am becoming a house mum instead of housewife. But I really enjoy the time spending mostly home. Cooking for her, watching movie with her, listening to her stories at school, watching her dancing ballet, planning holidays for her, company her to violin lessons…..

I am happy being a house mum.
So why not those who have a complete family try the career as a housewife?

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