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Love to smile, born in a small village, enjoyed the farm life with my family before leaving home for schools and college, have been working in cities so far, being interested in history, music and sports, dreaming to fly all over the world, hoping to share my feelings with you. I believe great friendships or even really happy relationships are based on good communication. What are you chasing after in the world, my dear friends? Anyway, I hope you are not lonely during your search.
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To Be a Housewife, Would You? 做家庭主妇,你愿意吗?    

By Meg
11366 Views | 23 Comments | 8/3/2012 2:38:51 PM

Perhaps I am a farm girl, so in my impression, no matter how poor or rich, girls or women are hardworking,and many of them work really very hard, in my hometown for many years, I had never met a real “housewife” till I moved to Guangdong 10years ago.

My new friends

They are my new friends, they are all housewives.

A-- Fashion woman, outgoing and kind

Her dance is really funny, so I remember her first among the women. Especially her walking, make me guess she was about 50, though she likes fashion dresses very much. The night before in the garden, we three women were chatting in the garden for more than1.5hours,she spoke about one hour. While she was talking about herself, I asked her, “when were you born?”, “sixty-nine”, I couldn’t say “exactly we are the same age”, aother had interrupted. Her husband is a main manager in a company. She said, she has stayed at home for more than eight years. First, she looked after her son, now her son has studied in high school, so she is really relaxed. Every day, she buys food and cooks, then gooes around friends’ homes or enjoys cooking or shopping, then in the evening gooes to dance in the garden with other women. “ I don’t like to draw in or fond of gossip. Now I don’t care my husband like some years ago,I won’t be excited too much if he goes out, if he gives me a call, it is OK. If there is anything to do, I will let other family do it, I just relax….” She can make wine, and cook nice food with wine,too.

Listening to her, I felt jealous. Not bad! I will try to taste her wine some time.

B -- Excellent dancer, less smile

I met her when I was playing taichi in the morning. Her husband and she came from a small village.They had business about making curtain,then her husband changed to sell cars. She moved to Huizhou with her children from Shenzhen, her husband works in Foshan now. Her children study in senior high school. Her son’s study is very bad, and has bad character, he feels difficult to commuincate with his parents. She said, her husband warned her not to dance so much, and stay at home to help their children with study. She only studied in primary school, she said it is impossible for her to help them. She was interested in dancing for three or four years, every day, from 7:40pm- 9:00pm, it is her dance time, every piece of music, never stop. In the day, besides buying food and cooking, she likes watching TV and eating snacks, and learning to dance. Her husband seldom goes back home, even in long holidays, he will leave the next day if he comes back..Once in my teaching meeting, her son showed his hate from his father in public. It made me woried about him.I have been tried to talk with her about her son’s problem, but she always avoids. But, anytime,when I appear in the dance, she will come over to invit me to dance. Her dance is excellent. I admire her.

C -- Petite woman, Smart and pretty

In Cantonese, I call her Liang Nv. Her son studies in senior high school. Her majiang kongfu is quite good, she often wins hundreds or several thousands yuan each time, sometimes she lost,too,but most of time, she wins. This year, she became interested in dancing, every night, in the square. She even bought pairs of dance shoes. Last two months, she went to a park early for learning dancing, it’s quite far from her home The enthusiastic made me smile. She always blames me for I don’t have time to teach her dance. Seeing her smiling happily every day, I guess she has harmoney life.

Dream to be a housewife?

Some years ago, a good friend tried to introduce a typical housewife to me , her sister-in-law , a 30s years old woman with two children. She said we should study from her, not work so hard, try to find a rich man and stay at home as a housewife. “ Don’t you have a housewife dream?,” she asked me, it made me feel funny, then I even didn’t know I should cry or laugh. In her mind, maybe “housewife’ means enjoying life for a woman?

Tell the truth, I didn’t know the meaning of word “hosuewife” till some years ago. It is said, in western countries, housewife is a job? I wonder, how many western men would like to have a housewife at home? And If you are a woman, would you like to be a housewife?





A 穿着新潮,开朗友善

刚认识她时,是看她跳舞的样子很有趣,特别看她走路的样子,猜她有五十了吧(只是我个人的眼光)。前天晚上在花园里,三个女人聊一个半钟,她一个人几乎占了一个钟,我冒昧问了她一句,“你哪年出生的?”“六九”,我还没来得及说,“其实我们俩同龄”,另外一个早已插话。丈夫是一个公司的高管,据她所说,她休闲在家八年多了,开始是照顾儿子,现在儿子上中学了,她也闲得乐。每天买菜做饭,然后约上几个姐妹,东家聚聚,西家聊聊,有时做些好吃的一起分享,晚上在花园或广场跳舞。她说,“我不喜欢分帮结派,说人长短。几年前,很容易激动,对老公不放心,现在,什么都不理,他出门只要给个电话就OK。遇到什么事情,家里只要有人能做的,我就让他们去做,省得一身轻松。。。。。。” 她会做葡萄酒,会用葡萄酒做美味。


B 出色舞迷,很少微笑


C 小巧玲珑,聪明伶俐



几年前,一个朋友曾经特别向我介绍一个学习的榜样—— 一个典型的家庭主妇,她的妯娌,一个三十多岁,有两个孩子的女人。还问我,“难道你没有做家庭主妇的梦想吗?”让我哭笑不得。好象“家庭主妇”意味着享受生活?

确切的说,我是几年前才明白“家庭主妇”这个词的含义。据说,在西方,家庭主妇也是一门职业。那么,我想知道,到底有多少西方男人愿意自己的妻子在家做“主妇”的? 如果你是一名女的,你愿意做家庭主妇吗?

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#2012-08-03 22:46:57 by novanythao @novanythao

yes, if i havd a very nice husband, i will give up what i hold already and became a housewife for him and our kids,some of my student's mothers all the housewife, they are fashion and happiness, as the most important teacher for their kids, it is very good because the parent is the first teacher of kids, and i saw them teach all the subjects for kids.

if i have lovely kids, why i do not raise our homeschool for my honey kids?and look after my husbend in a best leave?

#2012-08-04 08:24:45 by danruble @danruble

When I was a child, I lived in a small town of about 5,000 People. The town had a few good sized manufacting plants, but was mainly a rural community with processing plants that served the fertile farms surroundind the town. At that time, back about sixty years ago, I can not recal of a more than maybe a half dozen or so housewives that worked outside the home.The vast majority of married women were the The typical Mrs Cleaver.( A stereotype based on one of American television families,"Leave it To Beaver" , wherein the mother was always well dresed, well coifed and the perfect hostess mother, wife and cook) It seems like another world now, with two income families being the norm. Where back then, The husband earned the money, the wife did the shopping, cleaning, child rearing and the general day to day tasks required in running a home. The workers that were female, were younger mostly that would soon " catch" a man and start a family, and she would be a house wife.. A few widows or spinsters, or divorcees perhaps in the workforce..But by FAR the majority were stay at home moms.. Housewives if you will... This has all changed. Some change is good,some bad.. But I would say, today, that nearly every woman in this neighborhood, is a working woman. I can not imagine what it would be like to be a housewife,staying home watching TV and napping and snacking...I think that a woman that her own interests outside the home has got to be a much more agreeable companion and conversationalist. Think about it.. " what did you do today?" "I fed the baby, washed dishes, did some shopping and cleaned the bathroom. I also watched 6 hours of TV and gained 4 pounds!" I think a woman that has her own choices, interests and acomplishments is much more interesting..Unfortunately, without the mother at home to provide guidance, input and love to a small child during the crucial early years of child delelopement, is so unfair to the child.. But i digress...

#2012-08-04 14:50:50 by 410eva @410eva

每个人对家庭主妇的定义不同,我所认为的理想的家庭主妇是这样的:用心的做好一日三餐;每天固定锻炼身体和看电视新闻;晚上看自己感兴趣的书 教育孩子和辅导孩子作业以及在丈夫回家后过甜蜜浪漫的生活;除了这些外就把白天大部分的时间投入到自己热爱的绘画上,我是美院研究生部工笔人物画专业毕业的,有着很扎实的绘画基础,对创作有丰富的想象力,一直很想成为中国的“提香”,可惜单身的自己每天要出去工作养活自己和孩子,做个专业画家的梦想总是没有时间去实现,找个理想的丈夫更是可遇不可求,所以做“家庭主妇”只是我的梦想而已。

#2012-08-05 00:21:01 by phonix001 @phonix001

Follow your heart...
Do what you want to do!

#2012-08-05 22:36:25 by anita20099 @anita20099


#2012-08-06 23:25:45 by meg @meg

Having a good life companion is every person's dream, I think. No matter what you do or what you like,as long as you feel happy and calm from your heart.


#2012-08-08 09:53:30 by sisi0923 @sisi0923

The best love, to pass the insipid chance, do a xiangfujiaozi dear is also a blessing

#2012-08-09 20:21:12 by connie315 @connie315

life is short~~~We should do a beauty and fashion lady everyday ...

#2012-08-10 12:23:44 by Indonesian79 @Indonesian79

People have their own strengths. I know there are people who are the "Achiever" type that need to do a lot of things in a day to feel good which suits as a career or business woman. But there are the types that will excel being at home as a housewife. So in my opinion just do what you love to do.

As for me I need a housewife because being a housewife is one of hardest job in the world especially if you plan to have a lot of children. Being a housewife means you will have a lot of responsibility.

Why I say this job is the one of the hardest and the biggest responsibility? Because you will need to grow a lot as a human being. To be a good parent nowadays you need to lead by example. Meaning if you want to have great children, you need to be great parent in the first place. You can't tell your children not to eat unhealthy food when in reality you do yourself, that is not how leadership works anymore. Children mimic their parents.

No other people want your children to be successful as you are as the parent, no friend, no relative, not even their teachers can give more impact as you do as parents.

That is why a lot of mediocre family stay mediocre because they follow the broken system of sending their children to normal school, both parents work so hard for the family and have minimal time for educating their own children, it's just sad.

When you research the top 1% of the successful people in the world you will find they are home-schooled by their parents. It's the perfect cycle. Who can teach Bill Gates' children to be successful than Bill Gates himself right? Why would you let unsuccessful people at school to teach your children how to be successful anyway?

My point is if you want to have best potential in your life, understand your role first in the family. Money earner or housewife, like in a company when 2 people understand their role and work together will get things done a lot quicker because they are more efficient than 2 people with no job description working together.

#2012-08-11 00:09:33 by panda2009 @panda2009

The American drama had told us, that housewife is a horrible career. "Why I say this job is the one of the hardest and the biggest responsibility? Because you will need to grow a lot as a human being." This guy is very clear. This career is not really simple as some women said, cook three mealls for husband, or xiangfujiaozi. There are 2 years' domestic economic Universities in Japan, if you want to be a housewife.

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