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Hot Sex, Hotter Sex, and My New Comic Novel    

By Ken Silver About Asia
6009 Views | 10 Comments | 6/17/2012 12:58:50 PM

The world economic meltdown is old news! The World Elite (of which you are, sadly, not a part) is up to even greater mischief! The World Elite doesn’t want you to read my new comic novel about Southeast Asia! It’s called “String Theory-the Novel”; and not, (in all modesty), since the Bible has there been anything like it.
I wrote it, I’m obviously impartial, so I should know!

String Theory - the Novel", by Ken Silver an e-book only $2.99 on!

Like the Bible, “String Theory-the Novel”, has fascinating characters, unbelievable and spectacular situations, beautiful, exotic locales, a group of talking animals, and of course pretty women in tight shorts. Unlike the Bible, “String Theory” is very, very funny and no character has problems with the Devil for more than 2 or 3 pages.

String Theory - the Novel” tells the story of a plot to destroy the universe initiated by an imaginary creature –King Jackalope! Being imaginary, he wishes to get rid of all and everything that actually exists!

The hero, Johnny Local – (based on me, but cleverly recast as a good natured loser) –wants nothing more than to drink good coffee and hang with bad girls in Bangkok. Unfortunately for Johnny, he (or rather, his death) is somehow the sharp little pin by which the entire universe will go “pop”. Jackalope knows this, and sends a series of assassins –including the Circus Bear and Mr. Whiskers the Hell Bound Cat- to kill him.

String Theory starts off in Bangkok, heads to Cambodia and the temples of Angkor Wat; moves on to the beaches of Bali, and then, for a believable climax, vaults 2000 years into the future where our hero fights a pitched, alcohol and coffee cake fueled battle with the very same evil Council of Seven – Jackalope, Peacock King, Rat King, Grandfather Raven, etc., -who have cynically kept you, dear reader, away from the vast economic wealth and romantic happiness you so richly deserve.

You’ve always known that, haven’t you, dear reader?

That a Secret Council of evil animals lead by the Jackalope has been responsible for all your difficulties in life...

No? Well, now you do!

Believe me, it is all too funny for words, yet somehow I’ve managed to put it all into words.
And yeah, I challenge and mock all concepts of reality and time and space while delivering a uplifting, escapist, entertaining read also!

String Theory - the Novel” isn’t lacking when it comes to exotic locales, soaring cynicism, clever social satire, and the occasional flash of panty either!

But… sinister imaginary forces-some perhaps real! - are conspiring to prevent the vast readership it deserves…
I was sitting on the patio of a Bangkok hotel reading my latest text messages from Steven Spielberg, - “must film your novel or I will kill myself!”–when a massive black limousine pulled up. Out jumped six Secret Service agents and their paid female escorts. I was taken to an unidentifiable building whose plaque said something about “American Embassy”.

In its basement, I was soon face to face with Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Bill and Hillary Clinton!
Romney gave me a very nice smile. I could tell he cares about working people.

“We and the Jackalope have the world just the way we like it, Mr. Silver. You must not interfere.”

“Ken Silver, brilliant author of “String Theory-the Novel”, Obama added.

“Y’all see, Ken”, Bill Clinton drawled, “We just can’t have your e-book upsetting things. The Jackalope says so. Hillary, take a moment off from your ongoing negotiations and attach the electrodes to Kens’ testicles, would you honey?”

“Stop!’ I screamed! “No need for electrodes, Madame Secretary of State! What do you want?”

Well, they told me what to say, and I’m saying it now…

“Dear readers, a secret council of evil talking animals from the future, led by the imaginary Jackalope, is NOT responsible for all the bad things that happen to you in your life.”

Anyhow, just click on the title “String Theory - the Novel” and go grab a copy for only $2.99 U.S.A.!

You can hardly get a dog to bite you for that little money, these days!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2012-06-17 19:24:45 by xin73 @xin73

Maybe my English comprehension ability,I do not understand the content of your article. It is a pity.don't know what you want to express?

#2012-06-18 02:11:53 by anonymous3781 @anonymous3781

xin73, I am a native English speaker from the US. I have no idea what he is talking about either. I think he is dizzy from hanging out with the bad girls in Bangkok. haha

#2012-06-18 22:01:05 by EddieG @EddieG

The book can't be downloaded as an e book directly to a computer?

#2012-06-19 04:31:03 by twilightsmith @twilightsmith

Your English is fine!
I was saying people would enjoy reading my novel, and get a good number of laughs out of it.

#2012-06-19 15:39:00 by twilightsmith @twilightsmith

Yes, the book "String Theory" is an e-book that can be downloaded directly to a computer.
Just click on the links in this blog post, the orange colored "String Theory the Novel".

#2012-06-22 16:32:33 by JohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Hi Ken and EddieG. I'm not actually sure you can just download the book directly to your computer, at least and read it. When I went to Amazon and bought a copy I found it only available in Kindle version. Maybe I missed another version. However, EddieG you can download Kindle for PC for free, and then download the book and read it with Kindle for PC. So unless you are on a Mac, there's no reason for you not to be able to download it as a Kindle and read it. Just download the free software that Amazon provides for that purpose. Hope that helps.

#2012-06-23 19:55:53 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

You can download a kindle reader for Mac (at least for iPad))

#2012-12-14 11:37:26 by hello141 @hello141

Nothing better than reading about vibrating strings that resonant to create our existence. When is the next edition coming out? :)

#2012-12-15 11:15:22 by twilightsmith @twilightsmith

Well, String Theory the Novel has been pretty popular on as an e-book, so I guess I should start on a Part 2. Maybe a Hemingway "For Whom the Bell Tolls" crossed with a Full Moon Party in Thailand and a talking mule who is no better than a mule should be. But who gradually rises to the challenge of smashing a fascist state without being offered a carrot. Course, we need a role for Taylor Swift.

#2013-03-29 05:47:28 by mjsweet323 @mjsweet323

Wrong grammar?

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