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Hey Tourist! Pay for Sex?    

By Ken Silver About Asia
5042 Views | 3 Comments | 11/3/2011 11:20:56 PM

Don’t read this! Thank you! It’s actually being written not by me –a God fearing Unitarian Universal Polar Bear Christian –but by the most disreputable man in Asia, the self-styled “Rajah”.

I had one experience with paying for sex in Mexico when I was a traveling lad of 18…the upshot was that the brothel owner took a look at the pitiful pesos in my trembling hand, looked despairingly heavenward, then shouted “Jose! Grease up the cat!” I bid a hasty retreat from Puss and from there on have been a sincere seeker after true love. Which, yes, gets me screwed regularly.

Anyhow, here is the report of the most insensitive man in Asia, the Rajah… at a restaurant in Phnom Penh:

“Sex for sale is a business, just like making blockbuster movies. The basic principle is the same – make sure the customer is smiling as they exit the door.

The second thing to understand is the first thing you notice is how happy all involved are to have a job. The maids, the ladies, the bouncers, the bartender, the bosses; everyone is happy to be gainfully employed. That’s a feeling Americans are just starting to understand.

And the third thing to understand is the second thing you’ll notice is that nobody seems to think the business is not legit.

The fourth thing to understand is that the third thing you’ll notice is that hope springs eternal, even in the Asian mind. There will be women sitting around who look like your fantasy of a fashion model, and there will be women sitting around who look like Tugboat Annie after her barge went down. Both are equally hopefully of a payday tonight. And, even more. A chance encounter that will get them out and into a happy marriage and a home. A real testimonial to the human spirit. Say Amen “.

I wasn’t sure if the Rajah was being cynical or not. Maybe not. After all, in the Third World a desirable future husband is one who:

A-doesn’t beat his girlfriend
B-doesn’t drink like a big fish
C-actually contributes his financial share.

That is, an American or a European.

That’s a big reason why younger Asian women like much older Western men. Sex on the hour is still way down on the list of survival necessities for them.

“Well”, says I to the Rajah as the waiter refilled our drinks. “That sounds all right. Comfortable sofas, everyone hanging out… mix and mingle…”

He laughed. “How inefficient. The women are sitting behind a big glass window with their number pinned to their blouse. Time is money. This is Southeast Asia, not Mexico.”

I was horrified! I would have bitch-slapped the Rajah - at least twice – but I don’t start fights if the other guy isn’t at least four days dead. (You never know, but 4 days sounds good.) I did give him my most withering stare. (When he turned to beckon the waiter.)

He shrugged. “O.K., that’s one end of the spectrum. Other places, especially Thai bars, do look like a fraternity party. And hell, maybe it is wilder in Hispanic countries. When I was a kid, I went 8 rounds over two nights with this Mayan wild cat.”


“Ah, she won on a technicality. Slapped my face with her panties. But the crowd gave me a standing ovation.”

We pause now for desert… More to follow…

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2011-11-04 22:56:51 by woaizhongguo @woaizhongguo

I confess to seeing no significant difference between the bar girls in Thailand and the porters of Nepal. In both cases members of a given sex are using the main characteristic of their gender—strength for men, beauty for women (we’ll leave the ladyboys out of it for now)—in order to make a living. It is a living no one in the West would want to do, and certainly not want to see their child engaged in. Both occupations are primarily for the young, who wear out their bodies in a relatively short period of time. There are certainly abuses in each institution—I have seen young men carrying loads in Nepal that make me cringe, and bar girls in Pattaya going with old guys that give me a very similar reaction. For this brutal work, each makes a better living than is probably otherwise available to them in the culture. Both occupations come about in response to human needs and in an ideal culture, neither occupation would exist. People would be strong enough to carry their own loads up mountains and good looking enough to get laid without having to pay for it. Alas, the ideal world is not the one we live in.

#2012-01-26 11:46:05 by nurpin @nurpin

yes it is

#2012-03-05 04:50:14 by raybaby40 @raybaby40

I would suggest that both sex workers and their clients are victims of our cultures. Young women (and boys) are "turned out" by pimps who use deception, threats, beatings, rape, and murder to coerce their victims, and who bribe the police and the judiciary to maintain their operations. The clients are men who are deprived of more satisfying relationships by the dynamics of the interplay of government and religion (via marriage laws) to control their sex lives.

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