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Hellcat and Rajah. A love story...    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2473 Views | 0 Comments | 11/12/2011 1:03:48 AM

It was a love affair for the ages. Born of the oldest of human desires, and the newest of inferior nuclear technology. The whole world now knows the story of the Rajah and the Hellcat. He, an entrepreneur who had made a fortune designing low sea walls around a Japanese nuclear reactor complex. ‘To merge the beauty of the sea with the glowing heart of the sun’ had read his sales pitch.

She, a 19 year old from the slums of Bangkok. Didn’t know a bump from a grind, but still she dreamed. Their eyes had met when she served him a Happy Hour beer at the ‘Sexy A Go-Go’ on Soi 8 in Pattaya. Right then she knew he was the man to take her to the top. To win the contest title of “Miss Sexy Dancer Thailand”.

As events had happened, it was necessary for the Rajah to disappear for a while from public view. (And definitely not fly through Tokyo.) But he never figured on love radiating to him from the unstable heart of the atom. He never figured on coaching that crazy kid on the art of the dance. When she won that first contest round that hot tropical night at Beavers, the papers said it was beginners luck. It took the judges’ standing ovation at Boys Town to show Thailand (and the entire global sex industry) she meant business.

(Note to readers – Boys Town is misnamed, as all participants are actually over 20. And actually, most of them are straight and simply earning, ah, “side money” from foreign tourists. You won’t see Father Flannigan there…; well maybe you will. But you definitely won’t see Santa Claus . At least, not unless you pay extra.)

Note on the above note… If you are in Pattaya, looking for a wife, you need not go into a bar called ‘Cowboys’.


Sure, Boys Town was what made the world take that crazy pair of lovers serious. But their triumph at Tiffanys Lady Boy Cabaret brought it all together. The Lady Boy Dancers magnificently clad all in feathers, forming the shape of a huge gold and white swan, the wings slowly opening to reveal the Hellcat and the Rajah holding hands…

Well honey, all of Thailand was rooting for them after that.

But it was that final contest night, that crazy triumphant return to the very bar where it all started; that showed the world she had the right stuff. There, at Sexy A Go–Go. The television floodlights like nuclear heat, her friends cheering, the Rajah with his vodka bucket in her corner, the world turning around and around like a strippers’ pole; in that final dance she almost collapsed but a kiss from the Rajah brought her awake and she spun her way to the title!

For a brief week, they were happy. Then the waves of the world crashed through their heart walls again. He had to leave. The Japanese government was stiffly, yet humbly, asking him to return for a polite apology. (He does stiff, but he doesn’t apologize afterwards, the Hellcat had quipped).

At the airport, their final kiss seemed to last forever. Past Security, the Rajah realized the Hellcat had stolen his Rolex watch and diamond ring during that last embrace.

He only smiled.

She had meant to leave him smiling…

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