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Love to smile, born in a small village, enjoyed the farm life with my family before leaving home for schools and college, have been working in cities so far, being interested in history, music and sports, dreaming to fly all over the world, hoping to share my feelings with you. I believe great friendships or even really happy relationships are based on good communication. What are you chasing after in the world, my dear friends? Anyway, I hope you are not lonely during your search.
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HK- Not Easy To Say 香港,不好说……    

By Meg
4469 Views | 5 Comments | 5/24/2012 1:27:34 AM

One of my favourite singers,Deng Lijun

Dreaming -

I stayed in Hongkong airport several times, but never traveled around HK till this May Day. Now one more dream has come true.

1.5 hours – 4hours

It takes less than 1.5hours by bus from my home to HK, so I thought it would be easy to go and back, I even planned to travel around Hongkong and Macao during two days.

But,I was wrong. I checked my Visa again when I was ready to book the ferry to Macao, MY GOD! I found my visa only for HK, not include Macao. It made me shocked, because I told the Visa Officer I planned to HK and Macao, what happened?

Anyway, we began our trip happily on time. Acordding to our plan, we could go to Disneyland the first day, then we could have more time for visiting around and shopping. But at the custom, just crossing the custom took us 2.5hours! I never imagine about it! Too many people were waiting for crossing it!

Entertainment Heaven?

All the time, I am not really interested the stars from Hongkong, except Kungfu star, Jackie Chan. I haven’t found any singer better than the ones from Mainland. For example, many people like the singer Liu Dehua. Only compared to Liu Huan or Wei Wei, I think, he has little power.

We were looking forward to Disneyland. I thought we could stay there for many hours. But only about 3.5hours, we said goodbye to Mickey Mouse. Maybe I traveled to different parks too much before, so I felt HK disneyland is really small, and the games are not so exciting. Baby said he prefered GZ’s Chamlong Happy World. Just watching the Magic Show, we always feel excited and never feel enough.

We are still very happy.The best feeling is visiting the Wax Museum. I was happy to find my favourite singer Deng Lijun’s wax there. I will visit her hometown Taiwan some day.

Shopping Heaven?

Most of my friends like to buy cosmetics and clothes in Hongkong. They always said Hongkong is shopping heaven.

Maybe my life is too rough, I am really not interested in cosmetics. I won’t make up except for Art Festivals and need to perform. But I do like nice dresses. So we chose to stay in the hotel in Causeway Bay, then we could visit around Honkong island easier and hoped for good shopping. I even wore a pair of high heels when we left home,I thought I could buy a pair of slippers easily when we got there. I had been trying to look for a pair of nice leather slippers since we got there, but I was wrong again! Poor Woman! When we got back from the Museum, I was too tired to walk any more that night. But I really didn't want to pay about 1000yuan for a pair of slippers. It made me think of Guangzhou,again. It’s OK. I got a pair of Mickey Mouse slippers in Disneyland. Not too bad.

Not easy to say ….

It’s still a very good trip for HK,though we had a little trouble in custom.

HK, I love your beautiful mountains and bays. I love your food. I love your kind people.

But….I have no words to express some feelings in my heart.




1.5小时 - 4个小时










也许,我的生活有点粗糙。我对化妆品真的不敢兴趣。我不化妆,除非艺术表演的需要。不过,我喜欢美丽的衣服。所以,我们选择住在铜锣湾的酒店,我们可以逛香港岛和购物。我甚至穿着高跟鞋出门,想着一到香港,就可以买双新的拖鞋。但是,我又错了!好可怜! 当天晚上,当我们从博物馆回到酒店,我累得动不了了。我真的不愿意花一千多元买一双拖鞋。这又让我想了起广州。还好,在迪斯尼,我买了一双米老鼠拖鞋。




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#2012-05-24 14:59:38 by bridget @bridget

Wow, based on the last picture here, I guess there are more stories behind this HK story. Should I say congrats, Meg? :-)

#2012-05-25 07:06:04 by meg @meg

Yes, there are some common and natural stories happening. I would like to share with my good-kind friends here.

Thank you. :-)

#2012-05-25 11:40:13 by danruble @danruble

Yeah, the lovely Bridget said,"What's up with that?" Is that Baby? That sure ain't Mickey Mouse!

#2012-05-29 12:10:34 by xin73 @xin73

I have already been to Hong Kong,Hongkong left me with the impression that the building is high, the streets are narrow.I often go there to work and to visit relatives.Often go to Hong Kong do not feel anything.

#2012-08-26 16:54:01 by WANGLINYAN @WANGLINYAN


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