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Green Flows (千山外 水长流)    

By Annie
16756 Views | 91 Comments | 4/22/2014 1:59:11 PM

Then have 30 days, Annie going to retire. In this company, you doing very well, doing very take seriously, does not mean you will have a very good remuneration.

The deep eye sockets, high nose, a very Western style appearance.

Such a that people would often asking Annie: Where are you from?

Annie were born in Hainan.

Annie grew up in Sichuan.

Of that year, the mother out of the small courtyard, go to school, teaching, marriage ......

But, Annie has never seen the biological father.

Annie one years old, the biological father passed away.

Mother bringing Annie back to her hometown.

Annie Sichuan unaccustomed cold, sweat shirt weather.

Annie is sick, has a fever: the body temperature 43 ℃.

Annie still remember that time: I want to sleep, I want quiet.


在这家公司, 你做的非常好,做的很负责,并不代表你也会有非常好的报酬。












Annie's mother was frightened, holding Annie went to the hospital. Hospital the doctors customary using a lot of antibiotics - gentamicin, Penicillins.

From then on, Annie has for some time suddenly not hear sound.

Annie studied at the a normal the school.

Annie "reading" the teacher's mouth type to learn.

Annie is also often involved in school theatrical performances.

The college entrance examination the final year, Annie Textbooks, this item of a sudden can not find it.

Annie no complaint, because that person is a good friend of Annie.

After the departure of the school, Annie temporary workers in his father's unit, the town's culture of also enroll in study classes. 

Annie arranged to municipal civil affairs departments to do a temporary typists

that people of that era, Kind-hearted, honesty, they call Annie Little girl.











Annie also naive as to think that she would have been stay, in government agencies. 

But Annie was wrong, Some people found a relationship, formally replaced the Annie typists work 

Annie went to a printing plant. 

Annie learned the the printing plant bookbinding, learned the use a computer, learn graphic design, learned the PS printing plate making ...... 

Are here, Annie is also know, It turned out that of the world does not only the red - love! 

There are other colors: Jealousy, Hypocritical, Indifference, Steal ...... 

Are here, there are many of the opposite sex.




在印刷厂Annie学会了装订,学会了使用电脑 ,学会了平面设计,学会了PS印刷制版……




Annie 36, at the time, "sand" came.

"Sand" is to rent an apartment, is responsible for municipal districts All schools in the printing business.

"Sand" in Annie's printing room office.

"Sand", a the successful people, young, handsome man and long.

Tang kindly big sister said: Annie, you should to find a boyfriend ............

The married, the unmarried woman with their, all like Annie's office to running.

There is a girl's of parents, the conniving colleagues Yang: Do you want a way to let Annie get out of here!

The Management Production of old accountant, also Annie "rush" to the workshop to go ............

People say: This is impossible.

Then, the "sand" on Annie said: We are not possible.

"Sand," the staff told Annie: "Sand" this time, and the appointment went.

Annie's heart pain pain.

A mysterious voice telling Annie said: "sand" to be married, but that person will not be your!














All of sleeping pills no longer has a effect. 

Annie secretly threw away the drugs. 

Annie forced himself to take a deep breath: quiet, relaxation; relaxed, quiet! 

Over some time, Annie's body feeling better 

Annie suddenly discovered that 

She Has a slight consciousness the auditory nerve. 

If everything can continue like this, then it will be a miracles!









This year's winter, "sand" married. 

"Sand" That got married, did not invite Annie to drink wedding. 

That night, Annie learned that the original that person she has been looking for, is the "sand." 

But Annie can not turning back. 

Annie said to himself: "let go, me not to it!" 

Annie hospital. 

Somewhere, there are a very powerful forces but she could not to commit suicide!








Old retired the accounting.

Annie registered the Garden of Eden.

In of that summer, while the implementation of the management of Yao Yao, the requirements Annie the completion of typesetting, platemaking, binding, proofreading, but also within four, five days, finished 5000 of kraft paper bags, Annie to protest, Are also resigned.

Annie tired.

Annie I miss, there's a quiet place, there are a solid shoulder to make themselves a good sleep.

After the his mother to know, and Annie began to bickering, crying.

In fact, Annie working unpaid salary, typesetting - proofreading - a film - plate burning - binding, is piece rate of.








Company when business was good, Annie can there more than one thousand yuan RMB wages

Yao Yao an error occurred on the management, Annie will also be been implicated, a part of of the salary deduction.

Mother refused to believe are unwilling believe.

Mother let Annie's brother, younger brother friends arrived to convince Annie.

Annie younger brother say to the boss, but also to Annie dumbfounding: to go to the workshop to make binding, How many be able to do, On How many to get to the salary.

Annie's mother, younger brother, regarded think things is too simple.







In the workshop, Annie folding, collating, gluing, saddle stitching, folding bag packed ............

Annie to do there is no other people to do more.

Annie doing very slow.

Those paper tiger scratched Annie fingers.

Annie also found typography, design errors.

Yao Yao did not recognize their own laziness, carelessness caused.

Yao Yao also wants Annie returned to the design department, Annie turned her down.

Annie is annoying some of the Chinese people to do the civil service,Doing business,

Driving a car.

Yao Yao is such a person, just a small financial accounting, suddenly made the company's senior director of, people the incredible proud of the: "! Do not to do it for me to go home."

在车间,Annie折页、配页、胶粘、骑马订、折袋子、 打包…………









Some employees find it very funny, deliberate slowdowns, deliberately said the paper is not goodversion of type is not good, machine is broken ......

Yao Yao also really believe.

Annie too sleepy to, often late work in the morning.The mother said enough able to get the pension.

But the mother did not know, and sometimes, the company will not delay the purchased of insurance to their employees.

Annie themselves have to purchased a part of the pension.

Yao Yao and sometimes an angel, sometimes suddenly the devil.

Annie suddenly said can not be to purchased 80% of the insurance.

In to do stapling workshop time, Annie wrist pain can not be sleeping, cervical are also stiff.

Annie never cried.

Now, Annie cried.

Mother never understood Annie.

Including that "sand" the betrayal.














Mother has been saying Annie auditory is not good. 

But the mother they hear not many things. 

Annie suddenly wake up, At that time, if Annie little patience, That another what would the result? 

Many things can not blame other people. 

Annie only hope that, In this world, there is such a person, listening to the voices of her somewhere in the. 

Love is the way does not need to say anything, only phase, as the moment 

Do you understand me,  I also to understand you ...... that's enough.







Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2014-04-22 19:59:00 by prana @prana

Thank you, John! Worked hard! Gratitude! (beer) (beer) (beer)

#2014-04-22 20:55:49 by Barry1 @Barry1


Hello Annie. It is wonderful to see you here again. Especially when being able to read such an interesting description of thoughts, reminiscences and occurrences from your life.

I can see also the improvements in your English ability. Slowly, slowly you are getting better and better. Most people on this website can only speak ONE language, so your multilingual ability here is a marvellous testament to your overall hard work and determination. Oh, you must be pretty smart too! (clap)

"The deep eye sockets, high nose, a very Western style appearance."

I think you look very pretty, Annie. :)

"Annie one year old, the biological father passed away."

I'm very sorry to hear this, Annie. My father died when I was 38, so it makes me feel very privileged to have been able to be with him so long.

"Annie is sick, has a fever: the body temperature 43 ℃."

Wow, normal body temperature is 37 degrees C, so if you reached 43, your fever was very severe indeed. All of us here are lucky that you survived this terrible time of life threatening illness!

"From then on, Annie has for some time suddenly not hear sound."

Oh no! The acute fever affected your auditory nerves!

"Annie Textbooks, this item of a sudden can not find. Annie no complaint, because that person is a good friend of Annie."

Did this person take your text books, Annie? If so, why would she have done this, if she was a friend of yours?

"Annie is also know, It turned out that of the world does not only the red - love! There are other colors: Jealousy, Hypocritical, Indifference, Steal"

It sounds like at the printing plant where you worked, you learnt a lot about life, Annie. Both good and sadly, bad things as well.

"Annie's heart pain pain. A mysterious voice telling Annie said: "sand" to be married, but that person will not be you!"

I'm sorry you felt so sad at this time, Annie. I didn't understand everything you wrote here, but it seems you had a crush on this person - you may have even loved him - but unfortunately the feelings were not returned?

"Annie suddenly discovered that She Has a slight consciousness the auditory nerve."

If you have even a slight ability to hear, there are hearing aids around now that can do a very efficient job of magnifying what you hear into normal sounds, so that people who were formerly almost deaf can now lead fully functional lives, not needing to lip read. A hearing disability no longer is the big problem that it used to be, given these technological advances.

"Annie said to himself: "let go, me not to it!" Annie hospital. Somewhere, there are a very powerful forces but she could not to commit suicide!"

Oh no, I hope you don't mean what I think you mean here? I hope you didn't try to commit suicide? I've written elsewhere on this website how I was visited by the "black dog" of profound depression at one stage of my life, so I know how terrible and emotionally devastating an experience like this can be.

"Annie to protest.... also resigned.... Annie tired..... After the his mother to know, and Annie began to bickering, crying......In fact, Annie working unpaid salary"

You've lead a life of enormous challenges, Annie. Yet you've overcome most of them with true grit, determination and fortitude. So please remain strong!

"Yao Yao an error occurred on the management, Annie will also be been implicated, a part of of the salary deduction."

Your salary was reduced, Annie? But it seems unfair, if the management error was not part of your doing?

"The mother said enough able to get the pension..... sometimes, the company will not delay the purchase of insurance to their employees......Annie themselves have to purchased a part of the pension.....Annie suddenly said can not be to purchased 80% of the insurance...... Annie wrist pain can not be sleeping, cervical are also stiff.....Annie never cried.....Now, Annie cried."

It sounds like you've been cheated out of some of your pension entitlements, Annie. Terrible to hear. Especially when combined with the increasing wrist and cervical pain you were experiencing, that was in turn causing sleep problems and probably making life almost intolerable for you.

"Love is the way does not need to say anything..... Do you understand me, I also to understand you ...... that's enough."

If there's any fairness, justice or equitability in this world, Annie - you will find the love that you've been searching for your whole life and that you deserve so much. I sincerely wish you well, Annie. If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know.

What a truly inspirational and uplifting story you've presented to us all here. Through the strength and power of your words, seared and anguished as they have been through the harsh blowtorch of life - what a wonderful gift you've given to us here on CLM.

Xie xie, Annie. Thank you. Bless you.

#2014-04-22 23:51:58 by QinQL @QinQL


看到了你的努力,英语提高得很快哦 !(y)

#2014-04-24 14:48:37 by Barry1 @Barry1


By the way, Annie - as you would know already - according to Buddhist principles, both the joys and hardships we all bear in this life are necessary parts of the evolutionary process of our souls.

Every major experience is essential to the learning process of our consciousness. As we go through our lives, how we react and deal with things teaches us all invaluable lessons that are essential for soul development.

Buddhism teaches us that we all have many lives; many lessons to learn. As difficult or as cruel as it seems in some scenarios, nothing of any significance happens without a reason. We thus have choices to make at every step. The optimal choice of course, is to deal with the situation; grow from it; then move on.

There's genuine peace in a life lived with gratitude. Though all of us need to find this within us, despite external circumstances. Having found it though, we can be assured one of the very greatest lessons has been learnt - sought by many, achieved by few. Those that can accomplish this are well advanced on the journey of their souls.

Please never give up on your dreams, Annie. One day, I believe they'll come true. :)

#2014-04-24 19:52:40 by prana @prana

Thank you. John's also have of hard work, thanked John amendments.
Because it is the bilingual, so I try to written in a very simple.

Thank you. 也有John的辛苦工作,感谢John的修正。

#2014-04-24 20:52:49 by prana @prana

Hello! Mr. Barry!
Because of your incentive I can to write this blog post.
I think these are also a abundant wealth of sophisticate.
And it gave me a lot of wisdom.
Thanks to God!
Your trip to China to get started? Everything going?
Blessed are you!

#2014-04-24 23:36:06 by janethenderson @janethenderson


#2014-04-25 13:51:08 by haifeng @haifeng


#2014-04-25 14:02:12 by haifeng @haifeng


#2014-04-25 17:00:49 by Barry1 @Barry1


Hello Annie.

In answer to your question, yes, my China trip is still going ahead - I arrive in Chengdu late next month to begin my adventure.

Let me say though, that of all the blog blurbs I've read on this website since I arrived here eight months ago, yours is the BEST article that I've read so far on this website, including my own.

It summarises the compelling and somewhat heartbreaking story of your life, replate as it is with a wide selection of joys and happiness; frustration and achievement; sadness and despair.

I'm both amazed and disappointed though that at the time of writing this, not one Chinese sister has responded to it - except for our good friend QinQL. This is made even more perplexing in that it was written in bilingual fashion, both English as well as Chinese.

What is wrong with all you Chinese ladies out there? And Western men, for that matter? Can't you recognise, understand or appreciate a truly sincere, genuine and heartfelt true life story when you see one?

Are you all so caught up in your own little worlds that you can't at least give thanks to sister Prana for writing this extraordinary, honest article?

Prana is a BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING both internally as well as externally. She deserves so much more than what she's so far received in this life. Yet where are all the sisters who should be saying this to you, I wonder? I know Chinese ladies are not so selfish as this normally, hence my surprise at their glaring absence.

I sincerely COMMEND you, Prana on having the courage to write these captivating words. The fact you chose to do it in two languages makes the achievement even more important in my eyes, given that learning English as we all know is not easy. And if you're over 40, it's downright difficult!

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