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Panda, a common typing and binding worker in State Grid for 21 years. Own a bachelor degree of Chinese Language and Literature, and a certificate of teaching Chinese. She is pursuing a Master of Chinese Classical Literature in HuBei University, and studying the novels of Ming & Qing dynasties.
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Grandfather Passed Away    

By Panda
3510 Views | 5 Comments | 5/14/2010 1:10:38 PM

At 11AM, 9/11/2009, our grandfather passed away. I hurriedly went to ChangSha from WuHan. I calmed in the train, just liked to visit my grandparents as common days.

My grandfather died at the age of 95. On the morning of 10 November, my aunt and I companied my 95 years old granny at home. My father, younger sister, uncles, aunts and cousins went to arranged mourning hall. My granny looked no sadness, she just recounted my grandfather’s faults to my aunt: “He was intolerable, always hid my audiphones, never complied with me…”

My granny is a woman of tenacity, she quarreled with my grandfather throughout his life. She was the earliest nurse trained by American in XiangYa Hospital and with great ability. She worked for Disabled Soldier Hospital after 1949. She is very pure. If she was appraised an advanced individual, it would stimulated all her working enthusiasm.

My grandfather used to study in American church school. Many courses were taught in English, so he can guided my English course when I studied in middle-school. He was a vegetation expert. He love smoking, tea. The red rape and the tea of HuBei were his favourite. He practiced calligraphy and watched traditional Chinese opera of CCTV every day on his late ages.

It is the most important thing for me that my love of BeiJing opera resulted from the influence of my grandfather. I can enjoy the aesthetic interest from the singing melodies and pleasing charm of BeiJing opera… Grandfather also told me that he was an amateur performer of BeiJing opera. When I went to ChangSha on the winter of 2006, I watched BeiJing opera "Yang Jia Jiang" two evenings with my grandfather, I had known the famous performer of playing the part of SheTaiJun. I gazed at my grandfather’s vivid face, suddenly I understood why grandfather had a natural affinity with us!

My sister companied granny instead me after lunch. All relatives went to the mortuary to pay our last respects to grandfather on the afternoon, except my sister and granny. The ceremony was very simple. We refused any gifts by grandfather’s last wish. There are only relatives and several colleagues of grandfather who attended the ceremony. The relatives lived far away would be told later. I was the oldest granddaughter. I touched my grandfather’s face. I had never experienced any relatives’ death before.

On the morning 11th, we four grand daughters and sons put our grandfather into the hearse, My father and uncles and aunts sat into another two cars, we went to cremation place. Just the youngest sister stayed in home with our granny. In fact, granny had never seen my grandfather since grandfather lived in hospital before half year. She is very clear to care herself, she is still able to take care of herself in daily life now.

At 9:00 o’clock, grandfather’s bone ash were given out from a small window. I hurried to get the bone ash when I heard my grandfather’s name. The white, hot bone ash were put into a box made in white marble. My older brother held grandfather’s big photograph, the younger brother held the bone ash box, we took the cars again, went to a cemetery where is located the suburb of ChangSha. We passed through all the places where grandfather had lived or worked. The cemetery is just near by The Agriculture Science Institute where grandfather used to work, and the grave of my grandfather’s mother. Here are green hills and limpid waters, the scenery is very beautiful. There are not any terror of death.

The cemetery is named “Bai Zi Tang”. It was raining when we placed the bone ash into the grave. Several farmers helped us to fire a paper house and lots of paper bills of nether world. We four grand daughters and brothers as knelt down the wet and cold ground as the master of the ceremony chanted scriptures. “Do the people have soul after they die?” I talked with my grandfather in my mined. I believed that my grandfather could hear my words. Our souls would have conversations forever, We can talk about many many words…

The train leaving for WuHan was delay at that night. I couldn’t repress my feelings to cry as soon as I went into the train. I was not willing to leave ChangSha and my grandfather. I sent my sister messages, told her that the train was delay, grandfather was not willing to leave from us. My sister said to me, “ Don’t be sad. We still have granny.” I said, “ Granny is too simple to communicate deeply, but I always have new grasps of life when I stay with grandfather.” My sister answered, “ Granny has her wisdoms. She loves simple life.” “ Yes, we should learn to Granny, tenaciously face up to the reality.” Owning the grandparents, how happiness we are!

The next day, when I had returned WuHan, it began to snow, same as ChangSha. The winter came so fast this year.

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#2010-05-03 10:13:02 by kahnsfury @kahnsfury

Once again you have reminded me of how powerful the love of family is in China. Thanks for sharing this.

#2010-05-03 17:55:30 by panda2009 @panda2009

Because I own a lovely family. Thanks.

#2013-09-29 21:05:00 by Barry1 @Barry1

A touching story.

It reminds me of the saying that what we have done purely for ourselves during our lives dies with us when we pass.

But what we have done for others remains immortal.

Thank you, Cao Hui.

#2013-09-30 17:38:28 by panda2009 @panda2009

I gave a birth to a child. I thought everyone would be happy for his birth.

#2013-10-01 18:38:59 by Barry1 @Barry1

If the child is as high quality a person as you are, Cao Hui - as I am sure that he is - you and everyone around him will have every right to be both proud and pleased for your son's existance.

I know that I am personally happy for you, simply because I know that you yourself are happy. Well done, my friend, for helping to make the world a better place.

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