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Goddesses and Gods of tropical Asia    

By Ken Silver About Asia
2437 Views | 0 Comments | 6/19/2010 12:54:10 AM

They have pretty swell Gods in Southeast Asia. Much more cheerful stories and world views also. In Southeast Asia the gods and goddesses work to help everyone to have as good a life as possible. And they fight their own battles. Particularly popular in tropical Asia is Lord Ram, a Divine Incarnation of the warrior prince.

His wife is kidnapped by King Devil Ravana; who intends to add Lady Sita to his world class harem. Lady Sita - God's wife - is a nubile royal forest beauty. No, that is a poor choice of words…Sita is a white hot bundle of concrete melting femininity; chaste as any nun save for her husband. Can you imagine the God of the Old Testament leading an army of monkeys into battle, as Ram does, to rescue the beautiful Sita?

Why does the King Demon make the supremely conceited mistake of thinking he can out muscle God and steal his wife? It's possibly excessive twirling of his mustache - or far more probably his raging erection - which blinds him to the fact that the wronged husband is Lord Ram. God with elite military training. I often ponder this foolish egotism of the King Demon, who was so full of himself that he thought he could get away with it. I ponder his folly carefully, then go out and make equally stupid mistakes. You can lead me and my horse to water... but you can‘t make us drink.

The above tale is from the Ramayana, an epic story which traveled on ocean voyages from India to Southeast Asia a mighty long time ago. I tell you the tale because if you travel to any degree in tropical Asia you will run into these deities and this tale fairly frequently. The Ramayana tale is danced, sang, acted out, and sculptured in sand and stone from Cambodia to the islands of Indonesia. It is simple. upbeat, heroic, immensely colorful. The peoples of southeast Asia are also like this to a good degree, which is perhaps why this Hindu myth has taken root so far from India.

You will see other Hindu deities around, especially in Bali, where the elephant God Ganesh is the subject of innumerable portrayals. Ganesh is cheerful, likes pastries, and helps you and me overcome obstacles. You will see him at a lot of upscale shopping malls in Buddhist Thailand. It seems he moves the merchandise better than Lord Buddha.

There is also a Ronald McDonald statue - complete with surfboard - on Kuta Beach in Bali, but I don't think he counts.

The Hindu god Vishnu is the presiding deity of Angkor Wat. You'll see him around also. The Kings of Angkor used to worship him for strength and endurance before ascending the temple where they would have sex with celestial maidens "as many as the stars in the sky".

What about Buddhism, you ask? Yes, Buddhism is pretty well everywhere. Thailand is an officially Buddhist country. Laos and Cambodia are Buddhist.

Islam prevails in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a "relaxed" form of the religion, far from the cauldron of the Middle East.

The Philippines - the parts you as a devotee of this internet dating site, in search of a honest Asian woman, will visit - are Christian. Dare I say, a more relaxed form of Christianity.

In all likely hood the beautiful Asian women you court will be a member of one of these belief systems, but will probably not be very intense about it. Hopefully not, because intense interest in spirituality and having a normal married life are not really that compatible.

Anyhow, I'll devote a full blog to South East Asian Buddhism later on. Buddhism doesn't deserve its reputation as an austere, colorless, depressing religion. If you have ever watched a lovely Thai woman offer flowers and bow gracefully to a Buddha shrine, you know it can be very visually beautiful!

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